Sunday, November 11, 2007


UMNO’s ability to lead this country since independence was its ability to capitalize on Ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy. Each time when there was a political crisis in the country, UMNO would come out to paint a picture that Malay rights were under seiged and has to be protected. The raising of the Kris in UMNO General Assembly was in the hope that Malays will forever be united under UMNO. If this could be the idea behind it, I would say UMNO Youth would be wrong! Both Hishamuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin are wrong in their way of displaying of Malay Supremacy over other races with the hope that all Malays could be united under UMNO. They are wrong because there are increasing numbers of Malays who do not wish to be united under UMNO despite the show of the Kris and despite the inflamatory skills of the orators in UMNO Assembly. The show of Ketuanan Melayu to them which they knew had and will not give them equality and justice and will also not make them Tuan or Masters over other races because the evils of NEP had haunted or deprived them of their rights and instead they became more bold to challenge UMNO.

Hishamuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin must understand that it would be bad and ugly if each race comes up with their own traditional weapon - the Chinese come up with a Kwang-Tow and the Dayaks with a Parang Ilang, Penans with the blowpipe (and so other races) in gatherings and assemblies and come to say that they were only showing off their cultural heritage and tradition. By showing and wavering these weapons they can like UMNO Youths tell people that it was nothing more than a symbolic gesture that they regarded themselves as protectors of their own race when knowing very well these could be very provocative and are symbols and show of aggression.
We don't need Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah, Rentap and Huang Fei Hung to rule this country! We need leaders like Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahatma Ghandi who could unite people of all races and people of all walks of life, gained independence without bloodshed and be respected internationally.

In past years from the beginning NEP was formulated, UMNO had always used the National Economic Policy (NEP) to pull the malay population together to support UMNO, but can UMNO continue to fool us forever? You can fool a person one time, but, not all the time and you can fool some people, but, not all people and people are not fools at all times!

The NEP was supposed to help the bumiputeras, but, the real questions are who among the bumiputera that had benefited from this NEP? Was there equal distribution of the economic cake among the many indigenous bumiputera people of Borneo from the NEP? Then, again, who among the malay bumiputera should benefit from the NEP? Were those who benefited from the NEP belonged to UMNOputeras only or to only certain UMNOputeras in the corridor of power?

NEP was supposed to take care of all the bumiputeras equally, but, this NEP had failed. If there had been equal distribution of wealth and opportunities under the NEP then, there could not be any reason why in recent years many left UMNO with some joining other political parties or organizations and with PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and many Malay intellectuals coming out openly to criticize the NEP and seeking the NEP to be abolished. The only conclusion for this is that they saw no equality among the bumiputera to benefit from the NEP.

To the Chinese and Indians and other indigenous races in Borneo, to them NEP was supposed to eradicate poverty irrespective of race and colour, instead, NEP had made them very disillusioned that made them to call for the protection of their rights which saw some support from the Malays that were marginalized by UMNO and by those in the Corridors of Power.

A distinguished Dayak leader some years ago said that the Dayaks were very much lagging behind other races in Malaysia! Why this was so? If NEP did play a big role to raise their standard of living and livelihood, such a remark should not be forthcoming! It is a matter of time that Dayaks may rise up to demand better rights and to clear the rot! Dayaks are nice and obliging people, but, if we cornered them to an extent that they could no more breath, we may one day be sorry for Malaysia!
At the moment Dayaks always stood firm behind BN and UMNO must know Dayaks and other indigenious people in Borneo always in each election helped BN gain two-thirds majority in Parliament. UMNO should be thankful to them!
Sarawak has thousands of dayak longhouses and many of their native lands had been taken away and despite having joined Malaysia for 44 years, I could not find a single longhouse that has been given a title under the Land Code by the government! They had been left out politically and are squatters in their own land!

Now it is clear that the present crisis and problems in this country that sucks into the judiciary, police, Anti-Corruption Agency, Attorney-General's Office, the civil service and people in high places including Ministers was due to the failure of the NEP. UMNO should by now realize that the raising of the Kris would not help Malay and Malaysian Unity.Instead, it will further create disunity among races and among the Malay themselves.

Other races in Malaysia, especially, the Chinese had wanted the NEP to be abolished as it was not only seen as having the smell of apartheid and inequality, and inequaltiy is not only to other races, but also inequlaity among the malay themselves.It is a policy that will divide the many races in Malaysia further apart. UMNO should know that the NEP was a policy that created many Malay anti-establishment groups that now saw them marching with Chinese, Indians and other marginalized races to Dataran Merdeka yesterday demanding Malaysian rights, not Malay Rights and definitely Not Ketuanan Melayu and Not the showing of the Kris!
UMNO should know that these Malay anti-establishment groups will not forgive UMNO and will take the lead to challeng the Malays in UMNO. UMNO should realise it is no more an issue or race, but, an issue of rights, equality and justice for all.

The march to Dataran Merdeka which was successfully organized by Bersih is now a hope to all Malaysians irrespective or race, religion or creed to see People Supremacy challenging UMNO Supremacy which we hope can in the very near future change the political landscape of Malaysia.
A day will come where every Malaysia will respect Ketuanan Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia, where there would be equaltiy and justice among Malaysians and where everyone be treated the same irrespective of colour, race or creed.
To Bersih and those who put put your lives in danger and who braved the rain and arrests, congratulations to you!!
Save Malaysia, save the rot!

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Wong Ho Leng said...

Well done. Msians need more education of these sorts. All must rise to stop the rot.