Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ground Assessment & Visit to Serian DAP District

I and a few comrades from Kuching before Christmas went to Serian to make ground assessment of public support for the Party. The people were poor and needed much help. It was a bleak Christmas for them.

It was also our finding that the people in Serian District were not happy with the BN incumbents in the District. Few months ago I received complaints from villagers in the district that they were not given agricultural subsidies because of their support for the DAP, which, led to my intervention. I was told that a state minister was not happy with them in supporting the DAP. The relevant authorities responded immediately and subsidies were then given to them after some protests made.

Despite having ruled the country since independence, the Alliance (now BN) government has failed to uplift the standard of living of the rural people. The poor had remained poor and in each election, the BN government will just come with subsidies to please the rural people to retain their allegiance to the government The people were at the mercy of the government and if the people remains poor, the BN government will forever able to rule this country.

The support for the DAP was overwhelming and the people asked for change. Sdr. Tay Wee Wee has done a good job in the district and he has good influence among the natives in the district. With just a few phone calls, people came to swarm at us and were pleased at our presence.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Public Reaction of my Exclusion from the Sarawak DAP State Committee

I seldom failed to visit my Batu Lintang constituency during weekends since elected in 2006. Last Saturday and Sunday, when I was visiting my Batu Lintang constituency inspecting the roads and drains in the Sg. Maong and Poh Kwang Park areas, I was swarmed by people there who showed their concern about my exclusion from the Sarawak DAP State Committee. Without first listening to me, many when they shook hands with me cursed the Party and some party leaders. I felt sad at their outburst without knowing what actually went on in the Party. One group was very aggressive and call names, cursing people in the Party. I am thankful to their reaction and support for me, but, of course, nothing could I tell them and I just had to calm them down. I had to sit down with them in the coffeeshop for about a hour listening to them and trying to cool them down. I told them that Party members and leaders do at times, including myself made mistakes in the past, but, we have to correct our mistakes and leave all bad things behind and move forward to face challenges ahead.

People must understand that in Kuching, the Party will be nothing without the Chong Siew Chiang, Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong and due to my commitments I was in the past just playing a supporting role. In Sibu and northern region, the Party badly needs Wong Ho Leng and company to expand the DAP territories. I was also nothing in the Party without them supporting me all these eleven years in the Party and I appreciate that. The Party’s survival depended on them very much and my exclusion is not at all important because the Party must come first, not leaders in the Party.

I had to tell them to give full support to the Party and Party leaders and should not go out to derail them. I told them, if there are people who wanted to derail me or any party leaders, forgive them. After all, they know not what they are doing. The most important thing is to see that the Party could be part of the next government.

Thursday, December 24, 2009



The BN government should heed to the voices of the people and table in Parliament to review all laws where detention is allowed without trial in Malaysia. These laws could easily be abused by the officers on ground. The officers who initiated cases against citizens can easily call or threaten others to give 4-6 statements to give basis to get the Home Minister to issue certificates to send a person to detention in places like Spg. Renggam and Kemunting Detention Camp. IF you don't give statement to the tune of the officer, the officer can threaten to arrest you and send you to Spg. Renggam and Kemunting. To the detainee, the officer simply said that it was within the officer’s power to recommend for the issue for such an Order and also recommend the place and period of detention. He would not say that only the Home Minister has overall power over the matter. Those who have no counsels or could not understand the law were normally made victims. They were just ordered to sign documents presented to them. Most often that not, these documents were never been read and explained to the detainee, but, when affidavits filed for habeas corpus proceedings, the officer would say that everything had been done in accordance with the law.

Sources of information were normally not known and information for detention to the Minister was normally very vague. The Home Minister is under a duty to issue the Detention Order based on the information before him. He needs not call for evidence and the Courts also have no power to call the authorities to produce evidence to determine the truth or the correctness of the information.

This morning my client's case failed. The court said since the Minister has already issued the Detention Order, the Court could no more see into the illegality of the detention prior to the issue of the Detention Order because the issue of the Detention Order has rendered the matter academic. So my client's habeas corpus application in High Court Kuching, failed. Miserable law! You could not see what had happened behind the curtain. You can be sent to detention centres only based on vague or false information as in way could these information be verified.

I had fought many habeas corpus cases in Courts and this one this morning was a case of clear abuse of authority. My client was prosecuted for a dangerous drugs offence, but, evidence seems lacking. The prosecuting officer told the lower court that an application has been made to the Minister to send my client for detention for a period of two years and since an application has been made, the prosecuting officer was instructed to apply for a stay of proceedings, in which I objected. The court was told that if the Detention Order would not be forthcoming or that the Minister objects to the issue of the Order, only then the prosecution would seek to continue with the prosecution against my client. The authorities had wanted two bites at the cherry! Upon arguments by me the court allowed the charge on the dangerous drugs offence to be discharged.

Pending the issue of Detention Order, my client was detained in the police lockup for 60 days as allowed by the law. Then, an application to the High Court was made for the issue of a Writ of Habeas Corpus. The authorities only produced the Minister’s Detention Order at about 23hours on the 60th day of detention. My client being Chinese educated was just asked to sign all documents presented to him. When the matter was for hearing of the Application for the issue of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the Court has no choice, but, to rule that the application for the issue of the Writ of Habeas Corpus based on grounds prior to the Detention Order has rendered the application to become academic. This caused my client’s application failed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Should I leave the People of Batu Lintang?

I was elected by the people of Batu Lintang and I had served them wholeheartedly. After the seat fell to DAP, Batu Lintang saw many roads had been resealed or upgraded. Street lighting and drainage system had been improved and we could also observe that the grass along the roads were well trimmed. In all, everything in Batu Lintang has improved. DAP has already stamped a good name in Batu Lintang and with my good work in Batu Lintang and also in the Dewan Undangan Negeri, I had expected comrades would return me to the DAP State Committee. To my surprise, I could not even get in the final 15! Why was I being dumped by the comrades? What went wrong?

Later on, I was told words spread around that I wanted the Chairman post from Wong Ho Leng. I never harboured that intention. Who am I to replace Wong Ho Leng. To my opinion, persons who are capable to replace Wong Ho Leng are Sdr. Chong Siew Chiang and his son, Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen. Therefore, to say that I wanted the Chairman post was a very vicious whispering campaign against me. I was unaware of the matter. It was very sad and by the time I knew it, it was too late for me to do anything. Even if I could know about this venom early, I could not also do anything because I do no belong to any team and neither, I wish to be in any team. I prefer to be a loner. To have teams in a Party creates infighting and factional politics could not then be avoided.

To my surprise, the votes of our Chairman, Wong Ho Leng was not better from what his secretary got. My Batu Lintang Chairperson, Sdri. Winnie Kuan, did extremely well to get the highest votes, beating all YBs including Sdr. Chiew Chiu Sing, who normally was top in almost every DAP state elections. Chong Chieng Jen, being an MP and also an ADUN was expected to do well, but, he could not find himself among the top ten. Instead, many little known comrades got good votes. Why? DAP Sarawak should conduct a post-mortem why heavy weights in the Party could not do well in the election. Myself was dumped and was let drown!

After the convention was over, I received many phone calls from the delegates who expressed their shock for my exclusion in the state committee. Many of them disclosed that they were not happy with what was going on in the Party. They said there were many protest votes because of how things were run in the party. Many said they did not back the heavy weights. They also said that there is also no reason why I should not been co-opted into the state committee.

Whatever set back I have in the Party, one thing is clear, I shall still serve the people of Batu Lintang to the best I can like the past. I pray that the people of Batu Lintang will give me strength to move on. Without the people of Batu Lintang, I could not have won Batu Lintang and I shall see that the interest of the people of Batu Lintang be protected at all times. The people of Batu Lintang is above the Party! DAP is nothing without the people! I did not take a break and I had been back to my Batu Lintang constituency to carry on with my work as usual.

To serve the people, my strength in the Party is not important. I believe my political strength lies with the people of Batu Lintang.

Friday, December 11, 2009

DAP - Let us focus on Teamwork

I was told our State DAP Chairman, Sdr. Wong Ho Leng, has in the press said that he would not mind if Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen can be the Chairman. It seems that the Chairman has loose steam, which, he should not. To me, whoever is the Chairman, Secretary and so forth, makes no difference.

When I was still playing football, I was a player, captain and coach and even though I held three tasks at the same time in the field, I could not play the game if not for team work. Maradona could not play the game alone! Likewise in politics, the Chairman and Secretary could nto led the party alone, unless, supported by the grassroots. Therefore, a party or an organization is like a football team, and every player has to play their part to make things work. At times, the more experienced player may just lapse and this is where we may need another player to tell him. In a football game, we could not afford to lapse, else our opponent will score a goal against us. We need to stay focused on the game.

In politics, which is like a football game, we have to be very focused against our opponents and we could not afford to lapse and everyone has to play their part to their level best. Of course, not everybody is perfect and for better performance, practice is needed and we also need a good coach, but, a good coach could not work, unless the players give their fullest co-operation for strategies to work. This happened to me as coach many times, because players especially when playing against weaker teams, may try their own strategies to just want to play a flowery game against the opponents instead of concentrating on the game to win. It may be entertaining to the spectators but, in the end it is the results that count.

In whatever situation, DAP is still a team to watch in the coming election and I hope I may be able to play my part well.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sulaiman Resigned, Opposition Still Sliping?

I have forewarned some Opposition leaders not to slip anymore as there are signs that the state election is coming very soon. Will the nation watch a “Tsunami” coming to this direction and sweep the state Barisan Nasional government away? This is what people in coffee shops are talking about. Opposition can only do this if all are prepared and if all could work together and start working now. The signs that state election is near is very imminent and it could be as early as during 1st term school holiday next year 2010. The Election Commission has met the chief minister recently and this has enhanced the suspicion of an early election. It was unprecedented for the Election Commission to have met the chief minister and unless it was something to do with elections there was no good reason for the Election Commission to have an audience with the chief minister.

The battle will be in the dayak areas and the dayaks are growing impatient each day. Educated dayaks are more daring these days to stand up and fight for their people and this may spell danger to the chief minister Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. So the chief minister has to no choice, but, to please the dayaks. The things to tame the dayaks are simple and BN knows how to do this. The trick is to give a few influential dayak leaders some benefits and then splash some money in their areas. This will keep the dayaks and their leaders happy and with that their opposition against Taib will again just fizzle out.

In this strategic planning to retain power in the state, the Barisan Nasional government was forced to appoint Datuk Idris Jala, an orang ulu of Kelabit tribe, in August 2009 as Minister to the Federal Cabinet. Why appoint Idris Jala when there are many to choose from? This was nothing more than to please the Orang Ulu people. Among the orang ulu, Idris Jala is the only one so far been appointed to hold such a high office. The appointment of Idris Jala will see the Orang Ulu stay behind the Barisan Nasional government.

Then came the approval in September 2009 by the federal government RM50 million for the construction of the first phase road fom Lawas to Ba’Kelalan.

This was followed by the announcement by Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan on 22 November, 2009 at Buduk of a proposed road at RM1 billion from Lawas to Bario in the North Sarawak.

With the recent cabinet reshuffle which led to the appointment of 4 dayaks to the state cabinet is no doubt a strategy by the chief minister, Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud to stay in power with the help of the dayaks.

Taib may retire soon and may wish to see his son, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib take over as chief minister. Sulaiman has tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister and this will give him enough time to build his grass root support before entering the fray and take over from his father as chief minister of Sarawak.

Opposition Applied Wrong Strategy
In strategic planning, the Opposition has made a grave mistake of competing with each other for publicity in their discussions for seat allocations. Are the leaders all too eager to topple Taib or were competing with each other to become chief minister? Why wants so much publicity? Leave the issue who leads the state, fight the war first! Win first, talk that later! A strategy once wrongly executed will be disastrous. This has alerted the BN. BN took the cue from the publicity and before an Opposition pact could be formed, BN has to reorganize their machineries and strike first. BN has also now started the smear campaign against the Opposition camp in the blogs and SUPP has already set a team to compile information and facts about weaknesses of the DAP in the hope that these will be turned into weapons against the Opposition. Dr. George Chan has already fired his first shot in the Dewan recently.

Now, the Opposition has to work fast. The dayaks have to wake up and form a movement like Hindraf and go to Parliament to demand for their rights or the King to seek protection of their rights and to do this they must seek the cooperation of our neighbours, Sabah.

All Opposition leaders with dayak traditional clothes and war head gear have to show some solidarity and march to Parliament and to the Palace to hand a Memorandum to Parliament and the King. Alternatively, the dayaks should march with full force to demand their rights from Taib Mahumud. International media must be called to give as wide coverage as possible. Only by doing this a wave for the Tsunami can be created to sweep the state Barisan Nasional out of power.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What’s brewing up in Sarawak DAP?

A blog said I am a loner and is fighting my toughest battle to survive. What ever it is, I believe in what I am doing and do the right thing. To me, in the DAP there is no Team A or Team B. Every comrades at whatever level they are, they are the same to me. As long as they do the right thing for the Party, they should be supported. Likewise, I believe that as long as I do the right thing, I believe comrades will support me, but, if I do the wrong thing, they have every right to condemn me. That is my principle and I struggled on the strength of this belief. It was a belief that I had been preaching all these while. The rule of marginalistion and the fear of my own shadow were never always on my mind. Every "big" and "small" people in the Party have a role to play and I am not scared of people following my shadow or people overtaking me in popularity or wanting me replaced. In a war against enemies, we even need "prostitutes" to get our enemies.
I only talked about politics and party matters with few people, but, I listen to as many people as possible before I make a comment.
Maybe this was the reason I was seen as a loner, but, that was the view of the blogger.

To me, politics is just a social work and I had spent much time in it and I know at anytime, I could be replaced and if replaced, I shall have no sore, although, when one day I retire, I may reflect back the many good and stupid things I did in life and in politics. Every person has his own strength and his own weakness and I am no exception. I had been in DAP for quite sometime and had followed the Party since school days, but, I regret that I still could not play a very major role in the Party as expected by many. Given my vast experience in leadership and in the civil service, I was supposed to play a major role in DAP, but, time and money was not with me. Those who have the time and money should fill in the vacuum. It is like football, when a player is weak in a certain position, some one has to work harder and cover him in the team.
So, I just chip in whatever I could and get the Party going. At least, my strategies for DAP Kuching worked in the last three elections. Had we decided not to contest Stampin Parliamentary recently because of the St. Martin issue and that I could not create any impact, DAP Sarawak, could spell danger to retain its bases. (Note: St. Martin issues includes land, the spread of christianity and tresspass to property of a helpless landowner)

I had done my part for the Party and let it be that way and I am not seeking to be remembered by the Party, but, I pray my family will remember me. Yes, I always did things, “MY Way” and I am not distracted by what people say about the coming State Convention in Sibu. Come what may this 13th December 2009 DAP Sarawak still have to survive against the Barisan Nasional. I can be out, but, I don’t’ care. The Party shall not be out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2nd Police Report Against BN YBs Under Sedition Act 1948

Publications in local newspapers including The Borneo Post on Thursday November 19, 2009 had indicated that YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN – Asajaya) together with YBs from the Barisan Nasional, among others, YB Dr. Abdul Rahman Junaidi, (BN-Panatai Damai), YB Snowdon Lawan (BN-Balai Ringin), YB Andy Chia Chu Fatt (BN-Pujut), Dr. Jerip Susil (BN-Bengoh) and YB Vincent Goh Chung Siong (BN-Pelawan) had jointly made a complaint against me for uttering words which they deemed seditious inside the Legislative Assembly. They later on (note sure whether Dr. Jerip Susil BN-Bengoh was present during the press conference) jointly called a press conference and had caused to publish and or had published by making known to public or to announce publicly through the press words which were allegedly spoken by me and of which they alleged were seditious. The publications in the local press had also indicated YB Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and these YBs to have read for publication from the Hansard three paragraphs which they claimed were seditious.

If they claimed what were seditious then, they could not publish it and to do so they themselves were committing another offence against the Sedition Act 1948. I have no choice, but, to lodge the police report. Their offices and homes could also by searched by the police under the Act. They could not claim any immunity under the law to have done so.

I am thankful to PAS, SNAP and KeAdilan members who were present with me at the Central Police Station Kuching, when I lodged the police report. They came because they were concerned about my safety after they came to know the mentioining of ISA in the press which may affect my liberty. I hope good sense prevail and it is a wakeup call to all quarters to be more serious in looking into the flaws of the federal constitution which affected the rights of the ibans, bidayuhs and local malays of Sarawak. The matter need to be raised so that better protection should be given to these races. I am not sure whether other races indigenous to Sarawak could also been left out.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keep People Poor, BN will win Elections

The coming state election in Sarawak will be a tough one for the Opposition. To determine whether BN will continue to be the government or whether the Opposition will take over the government, the battle field will be in the kampungs, coastal and rural areas. People in these areas are largely still poor. BN knew very well that if they wanted to win elections, people need to be poor and when people are poor, they thought not of anything else, but, how to feed their stomachs full.

To these, the BN has a simple answer. Give them the carrot during election time! An Assistant Minister during the Batang Ai By-Election told me exactly this! He said BN has no issues to convince people to vote for them, but, money to do this. He told me that the Opposition can campaign as hard as they could, but, at the end of the election campaign, BN will just pour money in the constituency to win the hearts of the voters. BN will come with promises of better roads and better infrastructures. With these promises, people in these areas will just be caught and have no choice, but, to vote for BN. Therefore, as long as people are poor, BN will continue to rule in this country.

The Assistant Minister also told me that after elections, people have short memories and the carrots also gone. It seems true to what this Assistant Minister has said to me. The promise of better infrastructures and roads in the Batang Ai Constitutency during the by-election also has been forgotten by the rural folks. Where is the RM70 million now as promised during the by-election?

This was also the reason why DAP in past years only consolidate its resources and power in the urban areas. It was only recently that we only try to penetrate some areas outside our “forts”. It was because of lack of manpower and other resources DAP in past elections, seldom fought in coastal and rural areas, but, to concentrate our energy in most urban areas. The 30 years of hard work only saw some progress in the fight against BN. Given the present living standard and level of education and the accessibility to the electronic media or internet touching on current issues, DAP and other Opposition parties are expected to perform better this time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lodging Police Report Against BN YBs

Defamatory & Seditious Remarks in The Borneo Post

Lodging Police Report Against BN YBs - Police Report No.1

On 13. 11. 2009 at about 10. 42 p.m., I received a SMS in which I suggest came from YB Karim Hamzah which said, “Evening YB. Almost all the BN ybs spoke up this afternoon offended by your racial overtone speech on 11th wh we deed as inciting n very seditions. I ve put on record in my debate this evening that if the damaging and seditious words are not withdrawn n an apology to the hse not made by Tues 17 Nov, I will ve to lodge a Police report for incitement n seditious remark.”

I was alarmed and felt threatened by the threat and it has caused fear and mental injury to me of a criminal investigation and prosecution against me which may affect my liberty. The unlawful threat together with the mentioning of the Internal Security Act (ISA) in the press was with the intention to obstruct my rights as a mouthpiece for the people of Sarawak and to my right of freedom of speech and immunity accorded to me by the Federal Constitution as an elected representative of the Legislative Assembly in debates I participated in the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak.

I also lodge the police report because a publication in The Borneo Post dated November 19, 2009 was false and has seditious tendency which said, “Karim said Voon had uttered words in DUN which were deemed seditious and unhealthy for a multi-ethnic country Malaysia. You cannot use words that disrupt racial harmony and incite one race against the other. And that is how it sounded when you read those three paragraphs ( of the Hansard). It has that sorts of connotation.” YB Karim Hamzah and other BN YBs by calling a press conference or going to the press shows that they had the common intention to create hostility from the people of Malaysia towards me after on issues raised by me in my debate in Dewan Undangan Negeri. I also fear that their action can cause disruption to public order and public peace. The issues were in respect of the flaws in the Federal Constitution affecting the rights of natives and malays in Sarawak and the political implications of the Federal Constitution which should only be debated and dealt with inside the august House and not poured out of the House. No where was it my speech or my intention to disrupt the racial harmony of the people but the facts were twisted to fan hatred against me and therefore the publication and other things in connection thereto published out from the press conference were highly defamatory and malicious.

I lodge this police report for investigation for offences under criminal intimidation, criminal defamation and also for offences under the Internal Security Act 1960 and the Sedition Act 1948. I also seek the police and the relevant authorities to protect my safety and the safety of my family as we feel not safe at this moment.

Police Report No.2 - See what was published in The Borneo Post

The Borneo Post published Thursday November 19, 2009 said, “Masing, the President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak, said it was not true that the Malays in Sarawak had suppressed the Dayaks as alleged by Voon in his debate on Nov 11”. He (Voon Lee Shan) claimed that the Malays suppressed the Dayaks? This is not true. It would not be right for him to use racial issue to gain political mileage.”

In this police report, I made it clear that I never said the Malays in Sarawak had suppressed the Dayaks as alleged in the said publication, which, I deemed as highly defamatory because I never said these words in my debate speech during the Dewan Undangan Negeri sitting on 11 November, 2009.

First, these words in the publication in The Borneo Post, which are totally false, malicious are defamatory and tantamount to disparage my credibility. Second, these words may have a seditious tendency to incite the Malays and the Dayaks in Sarawak to breach public peace and public order. Third, it may have a tendency to incite and create hostility against me from the Malays and Dayaks in the Sarawak. The publications or words used therein had caused mental injury and agony to me and I am affected by the said untrue allegations and I fear for my safety and the safety of my family.

I lodged the police report after I was aware that I was suspiciously followed from behind by some people each time I went out in the City of Kuching. For the safety of myself, I have to be accompanied by my Party comrades, including YB Chong Chieng Jen and also YB Violet Yong. The state secretary Sdr. Saidin Sahini of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) of Sarawak and members of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak including its State Treasurer, Sdr. Wong Huan Yu also came to the police station and express their fear for my safety.

I wanted an investigation be carried out by the police for offences under the Penal Code, the Sedition Act 1948 and the Internal Security Act 1960 and that the police takes all necessary steps to diffuse any ill feelings by the people towards me and towards each other and I also seek police protection for myself and for my family.

In the recent sitting in the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak, I raised the flaws of the federal constitution and their socio-economic and political implications caused by the flaws. I spoke on the issues upon the request of the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) on the plight of the dayaks because SNAP has no elected YB in the Legislative Assembly. Many of my dayak relatives and friends had also wanted me to speak on the issues because the federal government had overlooked the matter for the past 46 years and further not BN dayak YBs had been heard speaking on the matter either in the Federal Parliament or in the State Legislative Assembly.

In giving moral support, Sdr. Saidin Sahini also spoke on behalf of PAS to the press outside the police station.

Photos taken at Central Police Station - 21.11.2009

Figure 1: L-R Poh Bee Chiew, Chairman DAP Pending Branch, Stanley Embat of PKR, Saidin Sahini, Secretary of PAS Sarawak, Pui Vui Tat, Chairman DAP Stampin Branch and Chong Nam Soon from Pending Branch.

Figure 2: Talking to the Press after lodging police report at Central Police Station, Kuching.
The lady in blue is Chairperson of my DAP Batu Lintang Branch. Could be seen also is
Sdr. Saidin Sahini of PAS Sarawak.

Figure 3: MP Chong Chieng Jen with me speaking to the press outside the police station

Figure 4: Lodging police report in the Central Police Station Kuching accompanied by (L-R) Sdr. Pui Vui Tat, YB Violet Yong, YB Chong Chieng Jen, Sdr. Chong Nam Shoon and Sdr. Saidin Sahini of PAS Sarawak.

Figure 5: YB Chong Chieng Jen and Sdr. Pui Vui Tat watching me making my police report

Figure 6: The crowd inside the Central Police Station at time of lodging report

Figure 7: All in solidarity in support of me

Figure 8: YB Chong Chieng Jen talking to the press. The gentleman with the red T-Shirt is Joseph Tawie of the Broken Shield Blog and Miss Connie Chieng of the Eastern Times

Figure 9: Outside the police station with YB Chong Chieng Jen and YB Violet Yong

Figure 10: Outside the Central Police Station Kuching
L - R Sdr. Chong Nam Shoon, Sdr. Jong Jun Fook, Sdr. Pui Vui Tat, Sdr. Poh Bee Chiew, Voon Lee Shan and Sdr. Stanley Embat

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Malaysia, a Gaming Nation.

Gambling is a gaming Nation and there is no need to go to Las Vegas to enjoy a game or two. We have all sorts of gaming and you name it, we have it. We may say all forms of gambling is against religion and to the muslims, it is “haram”., but, the Barisan Nasional government Prime Ministers, having declared Malaysia as an Islamic State seems to encourage gaming in this country. Not only that, I personally observed that muslim people came in and out of these outlets when it was clear that notices displayed at the counters said that gaming is “haram” to muslims. What had our Prime Ministers and the muslim religious bodies done about this? So far, we are yet to hear of harassment by muslim religious bodies against muslims patronizing these gaming outlets. At the same time, the number of housewives and young ladies including school children patronizing these outlets also kept on increasing over the years. At this moment, the more popular outlets patronized by patrons were Big Sweep, Toto, 4-D Magnum and Da Ma Cai.

Mismanagement of Sarawak Forests

The state government is negligent in managing our forest resources. After the Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd., was formed, most employees of the Sarawak Forestry Department were not given work to do. Instead of recruiting more employees or officers, many were ordered to be “transferred” or seconded to other government departments and statutory bodies. Many that were given marching orders to somewhere else were not happy with what the state government had done. The Sarawak Forestry Union even brought the matter to court.

The enforcement of the laws of the Forest Ordinance and National Parks were said been carried out by the Sarawak Forestry Department, thus, depriving the forestry officers of their right to work. The dignity of these forestry officers suffered as were seen as “beggars” by their friends, relatives and other government staffs. This was because while receiving their pay, they were not giving work to do. It is a very sorry state. They were under “suspension” from work and with nothing to do, many had hid themselves away from friends and relatives because the impression against them was very bad as if they were government officers suspended from work for breach of discipline and pending investigations and disciplinary actions against them by the State Public Service Commission.

This went on for many years, not until recently, when the present Director of Forests took over office. But still, the Forests Department is not in full operation like before. Damage had already been done, as our huge forests had not been properly maintained and there had been lacking in law enforcement. The result is that there had been rampant illegal felling of our timbers by thieves. The officers of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd., who took over most of the law enforcement work from the Forestry Department were legally toothless (my opinion) because they do not have the powers under the Sarawak Forests Ordinance to enforce the laws. The power is only given to the forest officers of the Forest Department, not to the officers of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Although the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd,. is a state-run company, those who benefited most were the directors as they were given directors’ allowances and other perks. The creation of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd., was nothing, but, was made by the state government to please some top brass retired government officers and some retired officers from the Sarawak Forestry Department by giving them job by having them sit on the Board of Directors. They were paid huge allowances for shaking legs in office.

Although the present Director of Forests had tried to revamp and to restructure the whole work force of the department, damage had already been done. Millions of ringgits had gone in the smoke caused by illegal felling in the forest reserves and in national parks. I also pity the present Director of Forests because so much had he wanted to do, but, his hands were tied. I was told bonus of many staffs of the Sarawak Forestry employees for years 2006 and 2008 were owed and not paid until now and probably it is the only department where employees were still owed their bonuses and I have brought this matter in the recent DUN sitting. Without adequate staffing and proper manpower management in past years we should not blame, but, to appreciate the Audit Department in exposing the weaknesses and mismanagement of the Forests Department in protecting our forest resources and natural habitats. The minister responsible for our forest management should take the comments by the Auditor-General constructively and to study the report with the view of taking steps to improve our forest management. This is what the purpose of the Auditor-General’s was for.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How successful is Sarawak Forestry Management?

The passing of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Ordinance 1995 was supposed to ensure proper management of our forest resources, but, this was not the case. After the Sarawak Forestry Corporation was set up under the Ordinance and with the registration of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd., illegal felling of timber in the state had become very rampant. This was because most of the functions of the employees of the Sarawak Forest Department were taken by the employees of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd., thus, leaving the employees of the Sarawak Forests Department very little work and enforcement duties to perform. Instead, police department was called in to assist to nab the thieves of these illegal felling of timbers in our huge forests.

The Chief Minister in The Borneo Post published on June 30, 2007 also admitted rampant illegal felling of our timber. The Chief Minister was quoted having said, “But now we have illegal logging varied out by gangsters as very damaging to our forests.”

In June 2007 police officers in Bintulu seized 95 logs and seven lorries worth a total of Rm1.5 million and royalty.

Of course there are many other incidences of illegal felling in the state and many could not be nabbed. Illegal fellings were also said rampant in Samunsam and Matang areas.

Recently a team of policemen from Song Police Station led by ASP Tamin Emperang seized a vessel carrying about 160 tonnes of illegal felled logs. So, SAPU set up by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation was not a successful enforcement unit and in combating theft of our forest produce, the help of the police department was enlisted.

How are we able to have confidence with the enforcement of laws in forest management when burglars could cart away 47 computer sets of the Sarawak Timber Industry Corporation (STIDC) office in Petra Jaya (see The Borneo Post Wednesday April 4, 2007).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Treat from BN Against DAP YBs!

We in the DAP Sarawak is only left with 4 ADUNs in the Dewan Undangan Negeri after the suspension of our Chairman, Sdr. Richard Wong Ho Leng and Secretary Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen. With both of them out, our voices were not as vociferous as in previous sittings. So, the four of us, that is YB Chiew Chiu Sing, YB Violet Yong, YB Ting Tze Fui and myself had no choice, but, have to carry the extra load in order to keep the DAP flag high in the Dewan. It was a way to silence Opposition voice. My heart sank when the Secretary, Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen, also had to go and with him out, I sensed that I would be the next BN target. I just could not run away as I knew they had been trailing me in the last two sittings. True to what I could sense, I am now in trouble! I received a message that they wanted my to withdraw what I said in the Dewan and also to tender my apology on what I said on 11 November, 2009.

Nothing much can I do, but, just to stay cool and see what comrades, friends and supporters would advise me. If they advise me to apologise and to withdraw what I said, I may do so and if they want me to fight on I may just hang on and go to court. If they cannot get me in court, then, I have to get them to court! This may take many years. No other way about this. BN YBs deemed what I said in the Dewan about Articles 153 and 161A of the federal constitution as provocative when I spoke on natives of Sarawak. Being an elected representative of the people, I do not make a choice, but, to let others chose what is best for them. After all, I am just a mouthpiece or a conduit pipe for the people in the Dewan.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speaking on Article 161A of the Federal Constitution

Almost all Honourable Members who arose to speak, spoke on Article 161A of the Federal Constitution. Most of the voices I heard was on the problem faced by Marina Undau, born of mixed dayak and Chinese parentage who, in law is not recognized as a dayak. This has deprived her from relevant assistance in pursue of her dream of better education. She could not enjoy the privileges accorded to a bumiputera because she is not entitled to such privileges.

YB Dominique Ng besides mentioning Marina Undau went a step further which other YBs did not pick up. He mentioned a penan lady, Damaris Panai, although facing adversities of life, aspires to be a doctor. I think Damaris Panai could be motivated by the fact that penans who lived closer to nature can easily get sick and need treatment. This is where a doctor is need. However, this dream is shattered as there is no way, she can go to university as she has no identity card.

Yesterday, when I got my opportunity to speak, I did not speak specifically on Marina Undau and Damaris Panai as others have already touched on their problems. Instead I took a broader picture of it and went on to explain the legal and political implications of Article 161A has to the peoples of Sarawak. Article 161A of the federal constitution, if read with Articles 153 and 160 has far reaching effect on the iban and bidayuh communites in Sarawak. Under the federal constitution, nothing has been stated about iban and bidayuh and therefore, these two natives races of Sarawak could not under the federal constitution enjoy bumiputera status.

My speech created a bit of uproar when I touched on iban, bidayuhs and malay supremacy, but, I have no intention to hurt any one. I was only expressing my legal and political opinions the effect of the federal constitution to the peoples of Malaysia, in which, we should take in good heart with the view to have our voices heard by the relevant authorities so that the evils that could come from the constitution could be corrected. People are already feeling uneasy and it is timely that the federal constitution needs to be amended to keep people happy and so that racial harmony could be maintained.

If we refer our Federal Constitution to any American or European lawyer who speaks English, he may say ibans and bidayuhs are not people of Sarawak! He may say that they are not natives! But he will agree that sea dayaks and land dayaks are natives of Sarawak! This is because ibans and bidayuhs are not stated as indigenous people of Sarawak! So, to the American or European lawyers, ibans and bidayuhs, although are two largest groups of indigenous people, they may say that ibans and bidayuhs are foreigners!

This is because under Article 161A of the Federal Constitution, the only races that are considered as “natives” as indigenous to Sarawak are the Bukitans, Bisayahs, Dusuns, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Kalabits, Kayans, Kenyahs (including Sabups and Sipengs), Kajangs (including Sekapans, Kejamans, Lahanans, Punans, Tanjongs and Kanowits), Lugats, Lisums, Malays, Melanos, Muruts, Penans, Sians, Tagals, Tabuns and Ukits.
Nothing is mention about ibans and bidayuhs.

Once ibans and bidayuhs are not identified as natives, the impression foreigner may have is that ibans and bidayuhs are truly foreigners although they are not.

At this moment, we have another problem, that is, dayaks who are with mixed parentage. Those ibans and bidayuhs who have Chinese or Indian parents, they are not considered as natives of Sarawak. We have iban and bidayuh Yang Berhormats in the State, but, we are yet to hear any of them spoke on this issue in Parliament or in the State Legislative Assembly.

When we in the DAP spoke on dayak issues, Datuk James Masing said we better not speak because we are not dayaks and do not know dayak culture well. James Masing said it was a display of cultural arrogance for us in the DAP to speak on behalf of the dayaks. To Tan Sri Jabu, he may say that we do not even know how to “bekayuh”. So, each time we spoke on native issues, we were hard hit.

The simple reason for iban and bidayuh YBs that caused them not to speak was because they have to protect their own pockets. Once elected as YBs, they got few thousand ringgits as allowances per month. On top of that, the BN government gave them other perks. They were made to sit on the Board of Directors of statutory or public listed companies where they can get a few more thousand ringgits per month. So, they have comfortable life and with that they dared not speak against the wrong thing the BN government had done.

So dayak people should think and throw their Yang Berhormat who are in the BN away into the seas! This is because your dayak Yang Berhormats enjoy life, while you there who are supporting them suffer. The most they can give you may be, a few bottles of "cap langkau" from their allowances and the rest are then theirs to keep!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who YBs got land alienated by State Government?

State Cabinet has something to hide from the people when a Dewan Undangan Negeri question submitted by me was rejected by the Speaker in this meeting on the ground that relevant information could be available from accessible documents. How can I know if I don't know their names and personal particulars. It would be an impossible task. The question I asked was seeking the State Cabinet to disclose lands that had been alienated by the state government to elected members of the august House. I feel they have something to hide. Why so scared? This was the second time that I raised up the matter and on both occasions, the question had left unanswered.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Arrest and Detention Without Trial in Kuching!

The authorities played dirty. I have a case where a person is detained in the police lockup without being disclosed the reasons of his arrest. Later on as counsel acting for him, I received a letter telling me that he was to be restricted to Spg. Renggam and before the Court heard the habeas corupus proceedings, the poor fellow was then sent to Spg. Renggam. The matter became academic and guided by a judgment of a Federal Court, no argument could be allowed to get him released as he was no more in the custody of the police, but, by another government authority as ordered by the Home Minister.
Dirty game! So scare although such a detention provides no trial.He was said arrested under the Dangerous Drugs(Special Preventive Measures) Act and from what I can study about this law is that, the police could easily abuse this Act and demand money from the detainee. When money not forthcoming, only then will they send the investigation files to the Home Ministry for getting the restriction order. When the Minister's Order of Detention comes, the detainees will then immediately be sent to Spg. Renggam. So, you could no more argue in court the irregularities of the detention by the police.
Of course, after the order from the Minister was forced on the detainee who knew nothing about what was that all about, it would be very difficult for counsel to fight his case.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Abuse Of Power By Police In The Use Of Police 43

A member of public came to see and said he together with about 20 people while sitting in a coffeeshop in sky garden, Kuching, was arrested by police on suspicion of gaming public place. A polis 43 was issued and RM200.00 was collected from each of them, but, no receipt issued. They were locked for one night in the Kota Samarahan Police Station before being let go. He told me that police officers were asking more money from them. They were told to come to court on 31. 1. 2010 and I told him, your money will be swallowed up! When policemen took your money in whatever way and for whatever reasons, official receipt must be issued. Polis 43 is not a receipt. It is a police bail document where you are required to surrender yourself in court at the appointed time and date mentioned therein. I told him, I would help him draft a complaint, but, the said member of public was so scared and left my office. This is one thing I am very annoyed. We are against corruption and abuse of power and the said member of public said he was also against abuse of power and corruption, but, when asked by me to lodge a complaint, he "kecut". Then how are we to clear up corruption in our society?

Friday, October 30, 2009


If we refer our Federal Constitution to any American or European lawyer who speaks English, he may say ibans and bidayuhs are not people of Sarawak! He may say that they are not natives! But he will agree that sea dayaks and land dayaks are natives of Sarawak! This is because ibans and bidayuhs are not stated as indigenous people of Sarawak! So, to the American or European lawyers, ibans and bidayuhs, although are two largest groups of indigenous people, they may say that ibans and bidayuhs are foreigners!

This is because under Article 161A of the Federal Constitution, the only races that are considered as “natives” as indigenous to Sarawak are the Bukitans, Bisayahs, Dusuns, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Kalabits, Kayans, Kenyahs (including Sabups and Sipengs), Kajangs (including Sekapans, Kejamans, Lahanans, Punans, Tanjongs and Kanowits), Lugats, Lisums, Malays, Melanos, Muruts, Penans, Sians, Tagals, Tabuns and Ukits.
Nothing is mention about ibans and bidayuhs.

Once ibans and bidayuhs are not identified as natives, the impression foreigner may have is that ibans and bidayuhs are truly foreigners although they are not.

At this moment, we have another problem, that is, dayaks who are with mixed parentage. Those ibans and bidayuhs who have Chinese or Indian parents, they are not considered as natives of Sarawak. We have iban and bidayuh Yang Berhormats in the State, but, we are yet to hear any of them spoke on this issue in Parliament or in the State Legislative Assembly.

When we in the DAP spoke on dayak issues, Datuk James Masing said we better not speak because we are not dayaks and do not know dayak culture well. James Masing said it was a display of cultural arrogance for us in the DAP to speak on behalf of the dayaks. To Tan Sri Jabu, he may say that we do not even know how to “bekayuh”. So, each time we spoke on native issues, we were hard hit.

The simple reason for iban and bidayuh YBs that caused them not to speak was because they have to protect their own pockets. Once elected as YBs, they got few thousand ringgits as allowances per month. On top of that, the BN government gave them other perks. They were made to sit on the Board of Directors of statutory or public listed companies where they can get a few more thousand ringgits per month. So, they have comfortable life and with that they dared not speak against the wrong thing the BN government had done.
So dayak people should think and throw their Yang Berhormat who are in the BN away into the seas! This is because your dayak Yang Berhormats enjoy life, while you there who are supporting them suffer. The most they can give you may be, a few bottles of "cap langkau" from their allowances and the rest are then theirs to keep!

Friday, October 23, 2009

温情满人间 ~ 贫苦寡妇有新家

诗华日报 20.10.2009 (星期二)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Work of DBKU in Batu Lintang Constituency

After being elected as the ADUN member, I found it a tough job for me in Batu Lintang Constituency to convince government staffs and the three municipalities to uplift the “image” of Batu Lintang Constituency which had huge potholes, clogged drains, tall bushes, uncovered drains and uneven roads here and there.

Now, we can see things have changed and I appreciate the respective municipalities of the good they have done, but, I have a special mention for DBKU. They have done a good job for Batu Lintang and many roads in the Sg. Maong area of the Constituency of which is within the jurisdiction of DBKU have been resealed. My special mention is because huge part of Batu Lintang Constituency is under the jurisdiction of DBKU. DBKU occupies much larger areas than either Padawan Municipal Council or MBKS. Batu Lintang Constituency was a stronghold of SUPP and was held through Chan Seng Khai for three terms after he defeated the DAP strongman, Sim Kwang Yang in a straight fight in 1991.

Not less than ten roads have been resealed, widened and upgraded in Sg. Maong area. I could see in all constituencies in Kuching, Sg. Maong area is the most difficult for the authorities to work with because of its low lying peat swamp land which flooded often at the slightest rain. At the sametime, this area has long been neglected or had been left unnoticed, not until recently. Roads that that have been resealed and widened included, Green Road, Jalan Tengah, part of Jalan Angsana, Gold Jade Road, Rubber Road West and also Rubber Road East.

The authorities also have pumped in million of ringgits to improve the drainage system in the constituency and lightings in the area.

MBKS has trimmed some of the overgrown trees along the roads in Tabuan Jaya which posed hazards to motorists. These overgrown trees created a source of danger during thunderstorms. The mayor has done a good job to see the streets are clean and he was very busy in his urban poverty eradication programme.

To Padawan Municipal Council, I have to understand their problem. Their Chairman, YB Tan Joo Phoi, who is also the YB for Batu Kawa, told me in the Dewan recently that the Council lacked funds to operate efficiently. To help him overcome his problem, I did raise the matter of funds on his behalf in the Dewan during the last sitting.

Keep the good work for a better Malaysia!

Monday, October 19, 2009

CORRUPTION – A non-issue in Malaysia Politics!

Democratic Action Party Malaysia has been fighting hard against corruption all these years because corruption is the evil of many things that caused spiraling costs of goods and services and can also lead to inequality and unfair distribution of wealth and natural resources. There were many more things associated with corruption, but, the message sent by the Democratic Action Party Malaysia has gone on deaf ears. We all know corruption at high places has been everywhere, but, why Malaysians still could not get the message clear? In its fight against corruption, Democratic Action Party has also exposed and lodged many reports against corruption in high places.

So far the relevant agencies tasked with their investigations could only catch small fries and the big fish normally escaped the net.

We could see the allegations of political corruption against Isa Samad which left him in the cold for quite sometime by his party, UMNO is now seen as a hero! His image is therefore bigger than the Party. Now, we have heard some RM10 million passed on from Datuk Tiong King Sing to Datuk Ong Tee Kiat and with allegations in connection with the purpose of what the money was for gave both politicians big problems with court cases pending. Lim Kit Siang has lodge a report against abuse of power and corruption, but, we are not sure whether this would be properly investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency.

Another high office scandal involving abuse of power was also recently raised by Lim Kit Siang and it also may have been swept under the carpet. Lim Kit Siang had asked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency to investigate an abuse of power by our Deputy Prime Minister when Lim Kit Siang said after former Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Datuk Ramli Yussoff was acquitted on 27 July 2009 by the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court on a charge of corruptly misusing his position in having used a police Cessna Caravan aircraft in June 2007, “ I want to ask the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) why it is practicing double standards as it has not even started investigations into the allegation that Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin had corruptly misused his position in having used RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno division meetings in Sabah last weekend totally unrelated to his official duties. This came to light when Muhyiddin was involved in an emergency forced landing of a RMAF Nuri helicopter in Tuaran due to bad weather when flying between Kudat and Penampang.”
It was said by Lim Kit Siang in his blog “As reported by Star online last Sunday 16th August 2009, Muhyiddin’s entourage took off at about 1.45pm Sunday on the RMAF Nuri from Kudat after officially opening the Umno division meeting there and were heading back to Kota Kinabalu for the Penampang Umno division meeting when the forced landing took place.”

The RM12. 45 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal seems still nowhere has a clear conclusion and MACC seems has slowed down in their investigation and Malaysian public has fizzled out – tired and frustrated at what went on.
Likewise, the purchase of French submarines by Malaysia was clouded with allegations of dubious dealings link to Altantuya who was said went to Kuala Lumpur to demand her commission of US500,000.00 but was found missing on 19 October, 2006 and later on was found dead although still fresh in the minds of Malaysians, have very little impact of the voting trends of Malaysian people.

DAP 2009 Mooncake Festival

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Native Land Rights

If we study the political struggle of SUPP since its inception, it was clear that the dayak community had been left behind as the Party had failed to work towards the interest of the dayaks by failing to protect their land, their most important assets. SUPP could not until now lived up to its election manifesto, “What SUPP Stands For”, published in 1969 which said that the Party would protect the land rights of the dayaks by revising laws relating to land to enable the dayaks to hold individual land titles. This matter had not until now been aggressively pursued by SUPP although it is in the government by virtue of being a coalition member of the state BN. SUPP had not through its leaders done enough for the dayaks and the indigenous people of Sarawak.
Being the oldest party in the State and being a senior partner in the state BN, SUPP is at the mercy of PBB as land matters are held by Ministers from PBB. Of course, the other two parties, that is, PRS and SPDP being junior partners in the state coalition could not do much to help the dayaks to protect their lands. It is a rule that if seniors can't talk, can one expect the juniors to talk and be busy body?

Most of the native lands in Sarawak had not until now been surveyed. We now could see that without land titles issued to them, there arose frequent land disputes involving lands alienated to some individuals and companies. The Batu Niah incident a few years ago involving ibans in which led to the loss of lives could have been averted had the dayaks felt their land been properly protected. Under the present law, unless you hold document of title to the land, you are not a land owner. So, how can dayaks be said to have land when they were not issued with document of titles to their native lands? The dayaks shouted at the top of their voice and even performed the “miring” each time disputes over their land were brought to court, but, still the land would not be theirs, not until, these important documents be issued to them. The only right the dayaks have to these lands was only to use them without interference from other communities as long as the government would not use them for development. When their lands need to be developed as oil palm plantation or for other purposes, the government could just take them away from them with a stroke of a pen. The poor dayaks could claim the lands as theirs and been taken away. They may protest against it, but, what could they do? They were helpless people and were at the mercy of their own political leaders whom they elected. These polticial leaders in their area where land has been taken away, may just say they wanted to help, but, were themselves helpless people. They were helpless because land matters is in the hand of one person, that is, the Chief Minister, whom most of the present YBs are afraid to get near and to talk with for fear that they may irk the "old man". If the "old man" may not be happy, this can put their political career on line and they may be dropped from the next state election of which is at the moment is around the corner. When a person is helpless, how can he help others?
In the end, these dayaks when they have no more land in search of their livelihood, will have no choice, but, to leave their homes and became squatters in the town and cities in the state. They will not be able to compete as most may not have the living skills to compete with people in towns and cities. They may become more frustrated with life and in order to drown their hardships and sorrows, they may just began to spend whatever ever money they have in “Cap langkau” and got drunk!

Should Dayaks Continue to Support BN through SUPP?

When the Sarawak United Peoples’ party (SUPP) was registered on 12 June, 1959 many dayaks joined the Party. It was a good multi-racial Party set up with the aim of protecting all races in Sarawak. Prominent dayaks joined the Party at that time included Jonathan Bangau ak Renang who was also the Party’s first Branch Chairman in Sibu who together with Francis Umpi ak Rantai were founding members and Vice Chairmen of the Party. Others who were in the Party included Barbara Bey, Charles Linang and Tamewang Tinggung Wan. As early as in October 1962, SUPP lost one of its most prominent dayak leaders, Jonathan Bangau ak Renang who left the Party due to political differences with Chinese leaders in the Party. In October, 1965 Charles Linang, the Treasurer of the Party also left the Party. According to Charles Linang, he had to leave as the Party had been neglecting the Iban Community (see Vanguard 26 October, 1965). The more recent one was the resignation of Hollis Tini, from Sri Aman, who was a member of the State Cabinet.

Some months ago after the 2008 General Election, a dayak YB who was returned to his seat a number of times was said planning to leave the Party and to join the Opposition, after he was not made a Federal Cabinet Minister. He was said to hold talks in Singapore with an Opposition leader about the matter, but, was later persuaded not to go ahead with his plan.

A senior bidayuh Dewan Undangan Negeri member in SUPP was also not happy with the Party as he should be made at least an Assistant Minister to replace one of the two assistant ministers’ posts slotted by BN in the state Cabinet.
Until today no dayaks through SUPP have been appointed full minister post in the state Cabinet and this speaks volume of the inability of SUPP in protecting dayak interests.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

“PKR never listened to us”

I laughed when I received a message through my phone this morning that I was quoted by an English daily to have said, “PKR never listened to us” and a complaint has been lodged by PKR to our State DAP Chairman. I did not read that part published by the daily and there is nothing to respond either. When election is nearly anything funny can happen and people out there are always eager to get or to create news. These five words which appeared in the said daily could spin-off into many interpretations in the light of coming negotiations for seats to be contested among opposition parties in the state.

The opposition parties believe that the “jual-beli” process has to go on. That is, whether it be “Buy One, Free One” or “Nett Price”, “No Discount” or “For Members Only” can buy, the process has to go on. But one thing I can assure the people of Batu Lintang that Batu Lintang is not to be treated like a commodity for sale. The past is gone! Batu Lintang is not for barter nor can Batu Lintang be for sale. You can give better offer to DAP, but, this time around, it shall not be for sale. Therefore, the sales tactic of “Buy One, Free One” will also not apply to Batu Lintang.

Therefore, any suggestion that DAP swap Batu Lintang, say with Padungan with PKR or any other constituency with another opposition party, this idea will not work and neither will it work in “Buy One, Free One” business gimmick, say by DAP “selling” Batu Lintang and in return gets Batu Kawa and Padungan.

DAP is eager to contest in Padungan in the coming poll, but, it would not be easy to persuade PKR to let DAP do so as the seat is being held by PKR through Dominique Ng. DAP also is eying Batu Kawa, a seat previously constested by PKR, on reason that there is growing support for DAP in the constituency as of late. At the same time there are groups of people wanting to see DAP instead of PKR to contest in Batu Kawa. This will also give a headache to all in the negotiation teams among the opposition parties.

I hope whatever it is in the run-up to negotiations of seats for the coming state election, my Batu Lintang Branch and I shall stand firm that Batu Lintang shall not be a seat to be given away to any other political parties in swap with any seat or seats to be contested by any opposition party in the state.
Take my word, Batu Lintang shall not be put up for sale and if this is done, I shall make a lot of noise.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The story of Monkeys, Prostitutes, Bastards and Hypocrites!

People just can’t say nice words about politicians especially when elections are near. Many are worried that politicians, especially, among the opposition may not be able to work with each other as many try to point fingers at each other for slightest wrong or for differences of opinion or strategies in fighting the Barisan Nasional. Due to these, many people had become more worried that opposition politicians may not be able to form a coalition to fight the state Barisan Nasional. In recent weeks, I met and received many phone calls saying that some leaders in the opposition camp are made up of very arrogant people while some say that some are very unreasonable in the way they see things. These unpleasing words not only came from Barisan people and supporters, but, even party members in casual conversations also said that there are “Hitlers”,monkeys”, prostitutes”, "big cannons" and "empty drums" in the opposition camp and with the current trend of thoughts, there could no more anything nice be said about politicians. It also seems that politicians also do no more trust each other and many are afraid of their own shadows trailing them.

Many politicians who supposed were leaders in our society, collapsed or could not absorb what was said against them or could not hold on their words about others. This is where a display of leadership comes. I had told our comrades and leaders to be more focused against our opponents and in order to avoid tensions among ourselves, have advised them to keep deaf ears, but, tensions were felt for right or wrong thing, where comrades began to blame or accuse each other. It shocked me when in a meeting, a leader also accused his comrades as "communists" and that there are people who wanted to topple him. I think in Barisan Nasional, there could also be leaders like that who just collapsed under pressure.
The tension was unavoidable and in a recent message in my handphone received by me from an opposition leader was very apparent of this in which the short message said:

“We shd be more concerned that even in Swk among our aduns we have one asked people not to listen to state chair and secr. We have worst bastards and hypocrites among us than from pkr.”

The message made apparently was due to mounting pressure that the leader faced in recent weeks due to his own work and commitment to his party, but, probably without knowing what actually had happened and if such comments or words have been said, why these were said. I just can’t blame his peculiar style. Like anybody, human beings have weak and strong points, but, we need only look at strong points of the person when a crisis comes because to look at his weak point, will prejudice our mind about his leadership.

The leader just jumped into a conclusion that there are “bastards and hypocrites” among us. We must realize what malay people always said, that is, "when we point our finger at others, we also have our fingers pointing back at us."

In war, if a commander succumbed to pressure, the whole battalion of army will be wiped out. I also nearly lost my cool when I received that message, but, I later on realized that I was a trained person in leadership and warfare and should avoid all these. At times, we need to be deaf and dumb, but have to keep on finding ways to solve problems faced.

Leaders who were cool and could absorb pressures and those who could solve problems at critical times and avoid criticizing people around him are difficult to find. However, in what ever undertakings, we still need a leader and in whatever situation it is, we should need him to lead and give him the support if he is the best option we have.

The most important thing in leadership is not to habour unnecessary suspicions and prejudice towards colleagues and subordinates and must be able to accommodate their style and thoughts, must be patient, stay focused and be able to listen to people first before making a decision or jumping to a conclusion, otherwise, we can be branded as “Hitlers!”, “monkeys!”, “prostitutes!” and so forth. A leader must know that to criticize people around will only cause losing support from people who have supported him. A good leader is a problem solver and is the one who welcomes constructive criticisms. These were the basic things I learned in my leadership and warfare courses while in the Police Force.

The only thing we need to do now is just to keep a deaf ear and just think and march forward each day and see what’s happening in the opponent's camp.
Let us all cheer up and be focused to fight the Barisan Nasional!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Respect Malaysia Day!

September 16 each year should be celebrated with flag waving, bands and music in the streets. Alas! Malaysia, the Barisan Nasional government ignored your birthday! People in Sabah and Sarawak love you, Malaysia, and had all these years wanted to celebrate your birthday, but, Barisan Nasional government had not allowed this to happen. We don’t know why they don’t want to celebrate your birthday. They refused to give us an answer. Now, you are 46 years old, but, we can’t yet express our feelings and love for you with a celebration.

We in Sabah and Sarawak know that you are very sad, with no cake and candles to make a wish. Malaysia, we hope you can understand that under the Barisan Nasional government, to light up candles can put us in trouble. We can be taken away from our homes and be thrown into the "caves" created by the Barisan Nasional government. Never mind Malaysia, don’t be too sad. A day will come when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government, we will surely give you a big birthday cake. We will decorate your birthday cake with flowers that could only be found in Borneo. Malaysia, we love you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ego of Opposition Politicians in Sarawak.

Can PKR, DAP, SNAP and PAS form a formidable pact to defeat the state Barisan Nasional in the coming state election? With election fever around the corner, there will be more talk than work among many politicians who are aspiring to be candidates. In the end of the day, many also will not find themselves prepared to face the giant they are fighting. We in the Opposition must know that we are only a small army, yet, with very limited resources to face the war against the state Barisan Nasional led by Taib. He is almighty and has the money and influence to throw around, but, what do the Opposition has compared to him? He alone is enough to keep us busy. So, we must devise a plan to cripple his plan.
Most often than not in all these recent years, opposition leaders tend to talk a lot and tried to outwit each other in publicity. Publicity is of course necessary, but, many forgot that publicity at the right time and occasion is more important. These politicians tend to place utmost importance on publicity for themselves only rather than publicity for the Opposition as a whole. There has been very little co-ordination among the leaders as many still harboured fear that their comrades from the rank may just overshadow them. Sometimes, we could observe and hear that there are already cracks among leaders in the Opposition. If this goes on, the dream of capturing the state government will not be a reality in the coming election.
We should talk less, but, must organize ourselves, plan, and work more and try to penetrate the enemy territory discreetly. We have dealt with wars but do not know how to apply war tactics in political situation.
Since we do not have the army, we must plan, lay ground work, and move in to enemy territory like commandoes. Ours should be a hit and run tactic at targeted places according to schedules in the assault plan. Meaning that, we in the Opposition, should be more organized in accordance with laid out schedules to hold talks, ceramahs and dinners at targeted constituencies. This will when election comes, caught the state Barisan Nasional flat footed.
For the Barisan Nasional, they have nothing to worry as money still is relevant to win the votes in both the rural and urban areas. At the same time, they have all the government machineries to back them up.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


If there are cracks among leaders of the Barisan Nasional how can BN could be trusted by Malaysians to lead this country?

When Khairy Jamalludin won the UMNO Youth Chief, Najib refused to make him even a deputy minister. Instead the son of Dr. Mahathir, a junior leader in the said youth organization got it. Khairy now after not being named as a member of the Cabinet is slowly not in the limelight. UMNO also got problems in Terengganu as who should be the Menteri Besar after the general election. Some of UMNO people enjoyed street politics with banners and flyers.

Now, we have a good show in MCA. Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek is now sacked from the MCA over a sex scandal. He pointed his finger at Ong Kee Teat, the Party President. Datuk Seri Ong Kee Teat himself also found himself in trouble. After being claimed by Datuk Seri, Tiong King Sing, the Director of Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd., to have received RM10 million from him, five Perak MCA divisions then called for Ong’s suspension (The Borneo Post August 26, 2009). Ong Tee Kiat, in retaliation then filed a defamation suit against Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing. The dirt now came out to public.

Funny, when PKFZ issue heated up in public implicating irregularities of some RM12.5 billion ringgit, UMNO leaders except Datuk Sharir, came up to defence of Ong Kee Teat when attacked by fellow Malaysians over handling of the issue.

All is not well in MIC, the largest Indian based party in the country. Samy Vellu had been at political enmity with his former deputy, Subramaniam. The feud between both of them went on for years and seems will not end soon. To take another turn, Subramanian then on August 13, 2009 filed a defamation suit of RM100 million against Samy Vellu’s son, Vell Paari and the hearing will be heard before High Court Judge, Justice Datin Zabariah Mohd Yusuf.

In PPP, another Indian based party, which claimed to be multi-racial, thing also brew up recently when its’ Party President, M. Kayveas got head on fight for the presidency. The matter was only resolved recently after it was declared by the relevant authorities that M. Kayveas was still rightful party President.

In Sabah, we saw Datuk Yong Teck Lee leading his party out of the Barisan Nasional. Datuk Yong Teck Lee and his party was not happy with the Barisan Nasional the interests of the people of Sabah and illegal immigrant problems in Sabah had been ignored by the Federal Government all these years.

Likewise, in Sarawak, nothing is all well here. SUPP said they represented the Chinese in Sarawak, but, could not do well to protect the interest of the community. This was because their leaders were more interested to protect their own interest. The Dudong Branch issue had been haunting the party since many months and will not end so easily. It is a weak party within the coalition and many times times, the party depended on the patronage of Tan Sri Ting Pek King to enhance its image.

RPR led by Dato’ Seri James Masing may also not have an easy ride after Larry Sng was made partyless caused by tussle for party leadership.

In Sarawak, only SPDP and PBB seemed able to avoid crisis in them, but, maybe there could be something boiling within in which the public are yet to know. So let us see.

With the problems faced by the BN coalition parties, and the series of defeats faced by Najib’s government in recent by-elections, it is time for the people of Malaysia to throw this BN government out and be replaced by a new government. Let us all work hard towards this goal.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1MALAYSIA CONCEPT, What it meant?

1Malaysia Concept mooted by the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, could not heal the wounds of Malaysians. Najib’s 1Malaysia Concept has confused the people. Najib never until now produced a blue print of the concept and this had led the concept being very much misunderstood even by BN leaders themselves. Najib was just shouting a slogan. Maybe, Najib himself could not understand the concept well or maybe Najib has something to hide in his 1Malaysia Concept.

This IMalaysia Concept of Najib is in actual fact the hidden concept of his late father, Tun Razak to strengthen malay political dominance over other races in Malaysia. His late father had wanted to copy the "Malaysian Malaysia" Concept of DAP (at that time, PAP before Singapore left Malaysia which led DAP born in the mainland Malaya) but, with in a different way so that malay dominance over other races could be realized. DAP has until today hold firm to this Malaysian Malaysia Concept, which also was followed by Malaysian First Concept.
The late Tun Razak had called all political parties in 1970s to unite under the Barisan Nasional but, these parties did not realize that they fell into the trap. SUPP also joined in after political situation in Borneo became more stabilized. Their joining in gave the Barisan Nasional under UMNO the much needed two-third majority to amend the Federal Constitution. By being in the Barisan Nasional, they all thought that it was a Unity Concept for all races, where all races would be treated as equal and that there would not be any discrimation due to skin colour, religious beliefs and so forth. When they were in, they did not realize that UMNO became the boss and all other political parties had to "kowtow" to UMNO and its leaders. Tun Razak then quickly amended the Federal Constitution and other relevant laws including the Sedition Act to allow UMNO's dream and struggle for the malays to take precedence over other races.
With the amendments no questions could be raised even in Parliament about malay privileges and no parliamentarians could freely talk abou the New Economic Policy. No one could question what the sultans did and how our nation's money were spent on them and their families. We also could not questions land alienated to the royalties and whether or not these royalties, if given land have or not been required to pay the premiums to the lands. We are all kept in the dark until now.
Now, Najib's 1Malaysia Concept is nothing, but, a struggle by UMNO and Najib the idea of his late father, Tun Razak's concept of unity through Barisan Nasional style of government, where, UMNO is the boss and other races have to be subservient to UMNO. Therefore, it is only through this concept that Najib is hoping that his regime will last for many years to come.
This 1Malaysia Concept has made us a fool of our own. This is because we Malaysians always tend to believe and adopt what our leaders said without thinking of their implications over us. Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-religious nation and no one race should be allowed to dominate over each other.
This was the reason why DAP had used to stand firm that this nation of ours is a secular state and not an islamic state and although Islam is our official religion, no religion should dominate another religion. This also goes to race. DAP recognise the malay race is dominant in this country, but, this does not mean that the malays should dominate other races in all things. DAP is the only party since its inception in 1960s to tell UMNO and the Barisan Nasional that the civil service, especially, the army and the police should not be dominated by one race alone. Now, we could see most department heads are muslims just because our official religion is Islam and that almost all departments were occupied by one race alone. This will be unhealthy and will divide the peoples of Malaysia further. Now, it is common knowledge that other races like, chinese, Indians and dayaks are losing confidence in the administration because of discrimination in work and promotions in the civil service.
When I was still in the Police Force, I had to work like hell because chinese officers were few. This was because not all that came to the police station could speak english and Malay language well. Nowadays, it became common knowledge that many statements recorded from witnesses and suspects during investigations did not reflect the true picture of what happened during a crime or what the witness or suspect had wanted to say. The statements were just bulldozed and witnesses and suspects were just asked to blindly sign at the spaces provided in the statement forms. At the end of the day, not only suspects, but, witnesses could also find themselves charged in court for perjury for giving inconsistent or untrue statements in court.
Therefore, the 1Malaysia Concept is not a true unity concept for Malaysia, but, a concept to enhance malay supremacy and dominance over others. This is because UMNO fears that malay will soon lose power to other races. The 1Malaysia Concept will see UMNO and Najib be more aggressive in using Islam, the Malay race and the Sultan to stay in power. It will be like a firewall around them so that they could not be "hacked" or hurt by others from outside.
We just hope that Malaysia will not experience another May 13 because of exploitation by people in power who just wish to see their dominace over others. This 1Malaysia concept if not corrected, will spell disaster in Malaysia in the very near future. In actual fact, things are already happening, where governments won by Pakatan Rakyat has been destablized and Parliament and Legislatures been used to fill the political hunger of the few. Likewise, government agencies like the police and MACC were made tools and were actively interfering the political rights of politicans and activits who voiced their grievances against the present government.