Saturday, September 19, 2009

“PKR never listened to us”

I laughed when I received a message through my phone this morning that I was quoted by an English daily to have said, “PKR never listened to us” and a complaint has been lodged by PKR to our State DAP Chairman. I did not read that part published by the daily and there is nothing to respond either. When election is nearly anything funny can happen and people out there are always eager to get or to create news. These five words which appeared in the said daily could spin-off into many interpretations in the light of coming negotiations for seats to be contested among opposition parties in the state.

The opposition parties believe that the “jual-beli” process has to go on. That is, whether it be “Buy One, Free One” or “Nett Price”, “No Discount” or “For Members Only” can buy, the process has to go on. But one thing I can assure the people of Batu Lintang that Batu Lintang is not to be treated like a commodity for sale. The past is gone! Batu Lintang is not for barter nor can Batu Lintang be for sale. You can give better offer to DAP, but, this time around, it shall not be for sale. Therefore, the sales tactic of “Buy One, Free One” will also not apply to Batu Lintang.

Therefore, any suggestion that DAP swap Batu Lintang, say with Padungan with PKR or any other constituency with another opposition party, this idea will not work and neither will it work in “Buy One, Free One” business gimmick, say by DAP “selling” Batu Lintang and in return gets Batu Kawa and Padungan.

DAP is eager to contest in Padungan in the coming poll, but, it would not be easy to persuade PKR to let DAP do so as the seat is being held by PKR through Dominique Ng. DAP also is eying Batu Kawa, a seat previously constested by PKR, on reason that there is growing support for DAP in the constituency as of late. At the same time there are groups of people wanting to see DAP instead of PKR to contest in Batu Kawa. This will also give a headache to all in the negotiation teams among the opposition parties.

I hope whatever it is in the run-up to negotiations of seats for the coming state election, my Batu Lintang Branch and I shall stand firm that Batu Lintang shall not be a seat to be given away to any other political parties in swap with any seat or seats to be contested by any opposition party in the state.
Take my word, Batu Lintang shall not be put up for sale and if this is done, I shall make a lot of noise.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The story of Monkeys, Prostitutes, Bastards and Hypocrites!

People just can’t say nice words about politicians especially when elections are near. Many are worried that politicians, especially, among the opposition may not be able to work with each other as many try to point fingers at each other for slightest wrong or for differences of opinion or strategies in fighting the Barisan Nasional. Due to these, many people had become more worried that opposition politicians may not be able to form a coalition to fight the state Barisan Nasional. In recent weeks, I met and received many phone calls saying that some leaders in the opposition camp are made up of very arrogant people while some say that some are very unreasonable in the way they see things. These unpleasing words not only came from Barisan people and supporters, but, even party members in casual conversations also said that there are “Hitlers”,monkeys”, prostitutes”, "big cannons" and "empty drums" in the opposition camp and with the current trend of thoughts, there could no more anything nice be said about politicians. It also seems that politicians also do no more trust each other and many are afraid of their own shadows trailing them.

Many politicians who supposed were leaders in our society, collapsed or could not absorb what was said against them or could not hold on their words about others. This is where a display of leadership comes. I had told our comrades and leaders to be more focused against our opponents and in order to avoid tensions among ourselves, have advised them to keep deaf ears, but, tensions were felt for right or wrong thing, where comrades began to blame or accuse each other. It shocked me when in a meeting, a leader also accused his comrades as "communists" and that there are people who wanted to topple him. I think in Barisan Nasional, there could also be leaders like that who just collapsed under pressure.
The tension was unavoidable and in a recent message in my handphone received by me from an opposition leader was very apparent of this in which the short message said:

“We shd be more concerned that even in Swk among our aduns we have one asked people not to listen to state chair and secr. We have worst bastards and hypocrites among us than from pkr.”

The message made apparently was due to mounting pressure that the leader faced in recent weeks due to his own work and commitment to his party, but, probably without knowing what actually had happened and if such comments or words have been said, why these were said. I just can’t blame his peculiar style. Like anybody, human beings have weak and strong points, but, we need only look at strong points of the person when a crisis comes because to look at his weak point, will prejudice our mind about his leadership.

The leader just jumped into a conclusion that there are “bastards and hypocrites” among us. We must realize what malay people always said, that is, "when we point our finger at others, we also have our fingers pointing back at us."

In war, if a commander succumbed to pressure, the whole battalion of army will be wiped out. I also nearly lost my cool when I received that message, but, I later on realized that I was a trained person in leadership and warfare and should avoid all these. At times, we need to be deaf and dumb, but have to keep on finding ways to solve problems faced.

Leaders who were cool and could absorb pressures and those who could solve problems at critical times and avoid criticizing people around him are difficult to find. However, in what ever undertakings, we still need a leader and in whatever situation it is, we should need him to lead and give him the support if he is the best option we have.

The most important thing in leadership is not to habour unnecessary suspicions and prejudice towards colleagues and subordinates and must be able to accommodate their style and thoughts, must be patient, stay focused and be able to listen to people first before making a decision or jumping to a conclusion, otherwise, we can be branded as “Hitlers!”, “monkeys!”, “prostitutes!” and so forth. A leader must know that to criticize people around will only cause losing support from people who have supported him. A good leader is a problem solver and is the one who welcomes constructive criticisms. These were the basic things I learned in my leadership and warfare courses while in the Police Force.

The only thing we need to do now is just to keep a deaf ear and just think and march forward each day and see what’s happening in the opponent's camp.
Let us all cheer up and be focused to fight the Barisan Nasional!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Respect Malaysia Day!

September 16 each year should be celebrated with flag waving, bands and music in the streets. Alas! Malaysia, the Barisan Nasional government ignored your birthday! People in Sabah and Sarawak love you, Malaysia, and had all these years wanted to celebrate your birthday, but, Barisan Nasional government had not allowed this to happen. We don’t know why they don’t want to celebrate your birthday. They refused to give us an answer. Now, you are 46 years old, but, we can’t yet express our feelings and love for you with a celebration.

We in Sabah and Sarawak know that you are very sad, with no cake and candles to make a wish. Malaysia, we hope you can understand that under the Barisan Nasional government, to light up candles can put us in trouble. We can be taken away from our homes and be thrown into the "caves" created by the Barisan Nasional government. Never mind Malaysia, don’t be too sad. A day will come when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government, we will surely give you a big birthday cake. We will decorate your birthday cake with flowers that could only be found in Borneo. Malaysia, we love you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ego of Opposition Politicians in Sarawak.

Can PKR, DAP, SNAP and PAS form a formidable pact to defeat the state Barisan Nasional in the coming state election? With election fever around the corner, there will be more talk than work among many politicians who are aspiring to be candidates. In the end of the day, many also will not find themselves prepared to face the giant they are fighting. We in the Opposition must know that we are only a small army, yet, with very limited resources to face the war against the state Barisan Nasional led by Taib. He is almighty and has the money and influence to throw around, but, what do the Opposition has compared to him? He alone is enough to keep us busy. So, we must devise a plan to cripple his plan.
Most often than not in all these recent years, opposition leaders tend to talk a lot and tried to outwit each other in publicity. Publicity is of course necessary, but, many forgot that publicity at the right time and occasion is more important. These politicians tend to place utmost importance on publicity for themselves only rather than publicity for the Opposition as a whole. There has been very little co-ordination among the leaders as many still harboured fear that their comrades from the rank may just overshadow them. Sometimes, we could observe and hear that there are already cracks among leaders in the Opposition. If this goes on, the dream of capturing the state government will not be a reality in the coming election.
We should talk less, but, must organize ourselves, plan, and work more and try to penetrate the enemy territory discreetly. We have dealt with wars but do not know how to apply war tactics in political situation.
Since we do not have the army, we must plan, lay ground work, and move in to enemy territory like commandoes. Ours should be a hit and run tactic at targeted places according to schedules in the assault plan. Meaning that, we in the Opposition, should be more organized in accordance with laid out schedules to hold talks, ceramahs and dinners at targeted constituencies. This will when election comes, caught the state Barisan Nasional flat footed.
For the Barisan Nasional, they have nothing to worry as money still is relevant to win the votes in both the rural and urban areas. At the same time, they have all the government machineries to back them up.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


If there are cracks among leaders of the Barisan Nasional how can BN could be trusted by Malaysians to lead this country?

When Khairy Jamalludin won the UMNO Youth Chief, Najib refused to make him even a deputy minister. Instead the son of Dr. Mahathir, a junior leader in the said youth organization got it. Khairy now after not being named as a member of the Cabinet is slowly not in the limelight. UMNO also got problems in Terengganu as who should be the Menteri Besar after the general election. Some of UMNO people enjoyed street politics with banners and flyers.

Now, we have a good show in MCA. Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek is now sacked from the MCA over a sex scandal. He pointed his finger at Ong Kee Teat, the Party President. Datuk Seri Ong Kee Teat himself also found himself in trouble. After being claimed by Datuk Seri, Tiong King Sing, the Director of Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd., to have received RM10 million from him, five Perak MCA divisions then called for Ong’s suspension (The Borneo Post August 26, 2009). Ong Tee Kiat, in retaliation then filed a defamation suit against Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing. The dirt now came out to public.

Funny, when PKFZ issue heated up in public implicating irregularities of some RM12.5 billion ringgit, UMNO leaders except Datuk Sharir, came up to defence of Ong Kee Teat when attacked by fellow Malaysians over handling of the issue.

All is not well in MIC, the largest Indian based party in the country. Samy Vellu had been at political enmity with his former deputy, Subramaniam. The feud between both of them went on for years and seems will not end soon. To take another turn, Subramanian then on August 13, 2009 filed a defamation suit of RM100 million against Samy Vellu’s son, Vell Paari and the hearing will be heard before High Court Judge, Justice Datin Zabariah Mohd Yusuf.

In PPP, another Indian based party, which claimed to be multi-racial, thing also brew up recently when its’ Party President, M. Kayveas got head on fight for the presidency. The matter was only resolved recently after it was declared by the relevant authorities that M. Kayveas was still rightful party President.

In Sabah, we saw Datuk Yong Teck Lee leading his party out of the Barisan Nasional. Datuk Yong Teck Lee and his party was not happy with the Barisan Nasional the interests of the people of Sabah and illegal immigrant problems in Sabah had been ignored by the Federal Government all these years.

Likewise, in Sarawak, nothing is all well here. SUPP said they represented the Chinese in Sarawak, but, could not do well to protect the interest of the community. This was because their leaders were more interested to protect their own interest. The Dudong Branch issue had been haunting the party since many months and will not end so easily. It is a weak party within the coalition and many times times, the party depended on the patronage of Tan Sri Ting Pek King to enhance its image.

RPR led by Dato’ Seri James Masing may also not have an easy ride after Larry Sng was made partyless caused by tussle for party leadership.

In Sarawak, only SPDP and PBB seemed able to avoid crisis in them, but, maybe there could be something boiling within in which the public are yet to know. So let us see.

With the problems faced by the BN coalition parties, and the series of defeats faced by Najib’s government in recent by-elections, it is time for the people of Malaysia to throw this BN government out and be replaced by a new government. Let us all work hard towards this goal.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1MALAYSIA CONCEPT, What it meant?

1Malaysia Concept mooted by the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, could not heal the wounds of Malaysians. Najib’s 1Malaysia Concept has confused the people. Najib never until now produced a blue print of the concept and this had led the concept being very much misunderstood even by BN leaders themselves. Najib was just shouting a slogan. Maybe, Najib himself could not understand the concept well or maybe Najib has something to hide in his 1Malaysia Concept.

This IMalaysia Concept of Najib is in actual fact the hidden concept of his late father, Tun Razak to strengthen malay political dominance over other races in Malaysia. His late father had wanted to copy the "Malaysian Malaysia" Concept of DAP (at that time, PAP before Singapore left Malaysia which led DAP born in the mainland Malaya) but, with in a different way so that malay dominance over other races could be realized. DAP has until today hold firm to this Malaysian Malaysia Concept, which also was followed by Malaysian First Concept.
The late Tun Razak had called all political parties in 1970s to unite under the Barisan Nasional but, these parties did not realize that they fell into the trap. SUPP also joined in after political situation in Borneo became more stabilized. Their joining in gave the Barisan Nasional under UMNO the much needed two-third majority to amend the Federal Constitution. By being in the Barisan Nasional, they all thought that it was a Unity Concept for all races, where all races would be treated as equal and that there would not be any discrimation due to skin colour, religious beliefs and so forth. When they were in, they did not realize that UMNO became the boss and all other political parties had to "kowtow" to UMNO and its leaders. Tun Razak then quickly amended the Federal Constitution and other relevant laws including the Sedition Act to allow UMNO's dream and struggle for the malays to take precedence over other races.
With the amendments no questions could be raised even in Parliament about malay privileges and no parliamentarians could freely talk abou the New Economic Policy. No one could question what the sultans did and how our nation's money were spent on them and their families. We also could not questions land alienated to the royalties and whether or not these royalties, if given land have or not been required to pay the premiums to the lands. We are all kept in the dark until now.
Now, Najib's 1Malaysia Concept is nothing, but, a struggle by UMNO and Najib the idea of his late father, Tun Razak's concept of unity through Barisan Nasional style of government, where, UMNO is the boss and other races have to be subservient to UMNO. Therefore, it is only through this concept that Najib is hoping that his regime will last for many years to come.
This 1Malaysia Concept has made us a fool of our own. This is because we Malaysians always tend to believe and adopt what our leaders said without thinking of their implications over us. Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-religious nation and no one race should be allowed to dominate over each other.
This was the reason why DAP had used to stand firm that this nation of ours is a secular state and not an islamic state and although Islam is our official religion, no religion should dominate another religion. This also goes to race. DAP recognise the malay race is dominant in this country, but, this does not mean that the malays should dominate other races in all things. DAP is the only party since its inception in 1960s to tell UMNO and the Barisan Nasional that the civil service, especially, the army and the police should not be dominated by one race alone. Now, we could see most department heads are muslims just because our official religion is Islam and that almost all departments were occupied by one race alone. This will be unhealthy and will divide the peoples of Malaysia further. Now, it is common knowledge that other races like, chinese, Indians and dayaks are losing confidence in the administration because of discrimination in work and promotions in the civil service.
When I was still in the Police Force, I had to work like hell because chinese officers were few. This was because not all that came to the police station could speak english and Malay language well. Nowadays, it became common knowledge that many statements recorded from witnesses and suspects during investigations did not reflect the true picture of what happened during a crime or what the witness or suspect had wanted to say. The statements were just bulldozed and witnesses and suspects were just asked to blindly sign at the spaces provided in the statement forms. At the end of the day, not only suspects, but, witnesses could also find themselves charged in court for perjury for giving inconsistent or untrue statements in court.
Therefore, the 1Malaysia Concept is not a true unity concept for Malaysia, but, a concept to enhance malay supremacy and dominance over others. This is because UMNO fears that malay will soon lose power to other races. The 1Malaysia Concept will see UMNO and Najib be more aggressive in using Islam, the Malay race and the Sultan to stay in power. It will be like a firewall around them so that they could not be "hacked" or hurt by others from outside.
We just hope that Malaysia will not experience another May 13 because of exploitation by people in power who just wish to see their dominace over others. This 1Malaysia concept if not corrected, will spell disaster in Malaysia in the very near future. In actual fact, things are already happening, where governments won by Pakatan Rakyat has been destablized and Parliament and Legislatures been used to fill the political hunger of the few. Likewise, government agencies like the police and MACC were made tools and were actively interfering the political rights of politicans and activits who voiced their grievances against the present government.