Saturday, September 27, 2008

2 Buah Kampung Di Serian Berjaya Mendapat Subsidi Baja Padi Paya Dari Kerajaan

Kerajaan akhirnya bersetuju memberi kelulusan subsidi Baja Padi Paya kepada dua buah kampung di Serian termasuk Kampung Koran Empaneg setelah mendapat pertolongan dari Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri bagi Batu Lintang, YB Voon Lee Shan.

Penduduk-penduduk kampung turut mengadakan jamuan dan menjemput YB Voon serta ahli parti yang lain ke kampung mereka untuk merayakan kejayaan ini dan sebagai tanda terima kasih atas pertolongan yang diberikan.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Criminals on the Prowl!

Like past years, we have witnessed a series of crimes during this Ramadhan month, but, yet the Home Ministry had never learnt the lessons of the past. Criminals could just rob and murder people in broad daylight and the fear of police presence and other law enforcement agencies were not there. This is because criminals know very well that police will not be present when the strike and that by the time police came, they would already be miles away! Criminals know the time to strike as during Ramadhan the enforcement agencies were always weak.

On the news on Monday included the robbery and murder of Mdm. Thor Jee Lee, the wife of Lai Chew Hock, the former Bukit Tambun Assemblyman. This was then followed by the robbery on Datin Chang Lee Lee, the wife of Datuk Dr. Teng Hock Nan, the Penang Gerakan Chairman.

In Sarawak, three armed robbers were shot dead last night while two of their accomplices escaped with gun shots in Rambungan. Thanks to Sarawak police and it was lucky the police came in time because the criminals took a bit of their suit time to act. Not only that, security in offices were also lacking in Ramadhan. This saw government exhibits in two graft cases involving a sum of about RM40,000.00 kept by the Anti- Corruption Agency in Sibu were discovered stolen on September 15, 2008.

Why this happened? The Home Ministry must find the answer and the answer had already been given, but, despite answers given, the authorities still had failed to take proactive steps to overcome the problem. Here we have to remind the Home Ministry again that the police and the public are again crying for more manpower and patrols in the streets. The Home Ministry must also know that during Ramadhan, most police officers would be too weak to carry out their daily routine because most of them being muslims were fasting.

Therefore, the month of Ramadhan was always the best time for criminals to strike! Nowadays, in the Police Force, we hardly could find Chinese, Indians and other races in the Police Force. Why? Are Chinese, Indians and youths of other races not interested to become policemen? Then, why in China, Hongkong, Singapore, and Taiwan, there were Chinese policemen and in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, we got Indian Policemen? Seems funny to me?

Given this unbalanced racial population in the Police Force, it was just good time for criminals to take advantage of and we could not blame criminals from taking advantage of this, but, we need to put this blame on the Home Ministry.

We cannot say that the Home Ministry is not aware of these weaknesses, but, after Ramadhan this will soon be forgotten. Come again next year, we will also face the same situation.

So wake up, before security situation becomes weaker.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internal Security Act Not a Political Weapon?

Why keep on arresting people under ISA as if this was the only law we have in this country? Arrest under ISA needs no evidence, proof or reasons. To justify arrest, the only criteria that the authorities need to fulfill are that the person to be arrested was said to be a threat to the security of the country, but, in what way the person was said to be a treat to security, nobody not even the detainee will ever know! YB Teresa Kok was not told the reasons of her arrest and why she was released! This will haunt YB Teresa Kok for life! Maybe, YB Teresa Kok will only be able to know, if YB Teresa Kok takes step to sue the authorities in court, otherwise, all things will not only be swept under the carpet, but, be buried under the graves.

ISA was catch-all legislation and could even be used against politicians, common criminals and non criminals! Now, there is no difference whether a person is a criminal or not or whether the person is a threat to the country or not.

The arrest of the Sin Chiew reporter, Miss Tan Hoon Cheng, was said for the protection of her safety was a ridiculous reason. What had ISA do with a person’s safety? Syed Hamid Albar should resign for the blunder of recent ISA arrests. It could not enter a person’s thought (tidak lansung masuk akal) to think that the Home Minister was not aware of the arrest or had not been briefed about security situations in the country. Was not ISA a political weapon of the BN to shut dissent voices or from preventing people to perform their responsibilities and legal obligations?

Miss Tan Hoon Cheng, being a reporter reported what she knew and heard to the press. Her position was just like people coming to police station to report that a crime has been committed but, instead of arresting the criminal, Miss Tan Hoon Cheng as complainant, was arrested and punished by having her detained for 18 hours in jail! Who dares come to police station to report a robbery next time? I suggest Miss Tan Hoon Cheng and her employer, Sin Chiew Daily should take up suits against the government for such a high handed arrest. The court has in a recent case, set a precedent that wrongful arrests under ISA are actionable.

UNMO also took the easy way out. Just suspend Ahmad Ismail for three years and closed the case. This was just like a father telling his son, “Hey! Boy you committed a crime, you brought disgrace to this house, as punishment, you are to leave this house for three years!” With that should the case ends there and no police action could be taken against the son for crime committed?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Anwar National Threat to Economy and National Security?

BN government, not Anwar that controls the economy and security in the country and to say Anwar is a threat to economy and national security is very absurd! If anything goes wrong with the economy and security of the country, the government of the day should take the blame and should not point fingers to others. We must understand that we have bad generals, but, no bad soldiers! This is because the generals have powers, but, not the soldiers. With powers, the generals direct the soldiers what to do and soldiers are there just to obey orders! At the end of the mission, it’s the soldiers that would be found dead, not generals! Generals lead the war but don’t go to battlefields! They only die when the missiles fall on their heads!

The Prime Minister is the CEO and together with the Home Minister they are in charge of the economy and security matters in the country. They are the generals who were entrusted and given the power to plan, lead and shape the economy and security of our country. The Prime Minister and BN leaders should not put this blame on others if there are things not right in the country. The powers are with you, but, please do not abuse them. The threat of ISA will not dampen the spirit of the people to go against the government. Therefore, if you exercise your power wrongly the people will not be happy and will pull you down by constitutional and legal means. No one wants war and bloodshed in this country and neither you, but, if the government itself is irresponsible, by acting in excess of its power and trust given by the people, the ill effect is that people will go after you. You will then go into history as inefficient leaders.

Anwar could shout and say a lot of things but this does not mean that his words and action had threatened the economy and security of the country. The government should not use ISA to threaten him, and by doing so, the government itself should be liable for the threat. Anwar alone could not do anything, but, the people can. The people can if the government fails to protect their rights and interests and if they feel that the government is no more suitable to rule the country on mandate given by them.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister seems confused with their own words and lacked confidence to rule this country with mandate given by the people. If you have no more confidence in yourselves, then, the best way is to step down or call for a fresh election and let the people have their choice. Calling for a fresh election is not something unprecedented in democratic countries.

On one hand the Prime Minister said the economy is healthy with direct foreign investments (FDIs) pouring into the country. The Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, seems to give the impression that he has no part to play in the security of the country. Police do the work that we should agree, but, who formulated the policies of security and set the guidelines for actions and omissions in a given security situation, if not, the Home Minister and the Home Ministry under his command? Syed Hamid Albar is the general! Should Syed Hamid Albar also say that he has nothing at all to do with the security of the country and never or should not demand briefings of security situation in the country?

We all know that even George Bush has to know and been briefed almost every hour about security situations in the world and not only in the United States!

So don’t confuse yourself with the power at hand. Let Anwar shout and be given the freedom to exercise his democratic rights and BN should not be afraid of him. If ISA be used to arrest Anwar, the people will become more angry. With the arrest of Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamaruddin in recent weeks, people were already not happy and the government should take the hint from this. Now another blogger is a arrested. Are we going to have Operation Lallang II?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Political Stability & Internal Security

If there are people who should be blamed for political instability and internal insecurity in the country, there is no reason why we should not put the blame on politicians. Politicians who are in power and who are influential sometimes lost their heads and forgot their honourable responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the legal and moral duty to do the right thing. They practised alot of deception, fooled and sometimes misled the people inorder to achieve their aim or to fulfill their lust for satisfaction. The people and nation depend on them for peace and stability in this country. What we need are politicians who could work together for the common good of the nation and society and also politicians who could do the right thing by following the rules and the Constitution,. It is only in this way can this country of ours be more peaceful and harmonious. The rules and the Constitution are the guide that we have, but, regret that most often than not, there is a large number of politicians in our country and in which this number has kept on growing, when in power who not only bend but broke the rules to suit their lust for satisfaction.

It is here that power corrupts and power is abused in the name of national pride and national security which in turn will created much hatred and political instability among the people in the country. Leaders who abused their power will find themselves on the defensive with criticisms from their own comrades, friends and foes and in order to restore their pride, they have no choice, but, to resort all methods and strategies they could think of to protect their positions. They may also find their positions being threatened by their subordinates who wish to see them removed for failing to do the right thing or for inefficiency and for no more being an effective leader. This could be seen of what is happening in this country at this moment.
This could in turn also lead to a lot of mistrust and uncertainty and good leaders could also find their positions being threatened. The Prime Minister is also not spared and his position as the Chief Executive Officer in the country is also easily being threatened from within and outside BN and UMNO with calls for the Prime Minister to resign. The Prime Minister had no choice, but, to talk to his deputy Najib who in turn had to publicly give assurance not to threaten the position of the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister’s position is being threatened in that manner, then, how can we expect this country be peaceful?

To bring stability, the obvious choice is to use the many preventive laws at disposal including the Internal Security Act 1960 to quell rumours and against those who were thought could threaten the security of the country. These laws could make leaders panic, blind, deaf and dumb and make our political leaders to refuse to listen and uphold the democratic rights of the people.

Knowing very well that the Internal Security Act 1960 and other so-called preventive laws in this country are no longer suitable in our country and in which should have been repealed, but, politicians in power all these while had failed or refused to do the right thing, that is, they neglected, failed or refused to exercise their power to repeal these laws. These laws when not repealed will continue to be abused and once abused, will create much uneasiness and instability in our country. People will go to the streets in protest and hold candlelight vigil. This could be seen in the last few days after the arrest of Raja Petra Kamaruddin, YB Teresa Kok, and the Sin Chiew Reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng.

Not only that, the country may also suffer economically as direct foreign investments may not be forthcoming. This in turn will cause the international community to lose hope in Malaysia and Malaysia’s economy could be affected.

Therefore, the best thing for politicians to do is do the right thing in accordance with the rules and the Constitution and also in accordance with one’s conscience. Above that, unjust laws like the Internal Security Act 1960, the Restricted Residences Act 1933 should be repealed and all politicians should agree that these laws are no more suitable for this country anymore.

Monday, September 15, 2008

PROCLAMATION Of Sarawak Independence – Read By YAB Stephen Kalong Ningkan

September 16, 1963 was a memorable occasion for Sarawakians after Khir Johari read the Proclamation of Malaysia in the Kuching Central Padang followed by the hoisting of the Federal flag and the playing of “Negara Ku”, the YAB Chief Minister, Stephen Kalong Ningkan, then read the Proclamation of the Independence of Sarawak.

“Whereas one of the nine Cardinal Principles of the rule of the English Rajahs was that the goal of self-government shall always be kept in mind and that the people of Sarawak shall be entrusted in due course with the Governance of themselves:

And whereas this principle accords with the policy which Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have always pursued in the Governance of those territories of the Commonwealth for those affairs Her Majesty’s Government have been responsible.

And whereas in pursuance of this principle Her Majesty’s Government by an agreement entered into on the 9th day of July, 1963, with the Government of the Federation of Malaya, the Government of the State of Singapore and the Governments of the Colonies of Sarawak and North Borneo it was agreed that the States of Singapore and the Colonies of Sarawak and North Borneo shall be federated with the Federation of Malaya, and that the said Federation shall be known as Malaysia:

And whereas Constitutions for Malaysia and for the States of Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore have been promulgated:

And whereas by a Proclamation made under Section 2 of the Malaysia Act the 16th day of September, 1963 has been proclaimed as Malaysia Day:

Now therefore I, Stephen Kalong Ningkan, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, hereby proclaim that Sarawak has this day attained independence as the State of Malaysia.”

After the Proclamation was read, this was then followed by the swearing-in of Datu Abang Haji Openg as the Governor of Sarawak by the Chief Justice, Sir Campbell Wylie. It was a grand occasion and the Chief Justice, dignified by his wig in his scarlet and black robes was in the company of the Chief Minister, Stephen Kalong Ningkan and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. P.E Turnbull who was in full ceremonial uniform and was also in the company of the Commander of the British Forces in West Sarawak, Brigadier F.C Barton, in full khaki dress.

After the swearing in, this was then followed by a second State salute and the Inspection of the Parade, the ceremony turned into a panic situation when towards the end of the parade, the Governor suddenly fainted and had to be seated. Two doctors in audience, Drs. Chong Chung Hian and Daniel Kok, were there to help the Governor and it was later on decided that the Governor be sent to the Sarawak General Hospital for a precautionary check up which revealed nothing serious.
Before independence, Sarawak and Sabah were soverign countries by themselves ruled by the Rajahs and later under the British Colonial Rule, but, now we are states within Malaysia. I could not find any record to record Malaya at that time as a country but with eleven states known as federated states and straits settlements collectively known as Malaya before Malaysia was formed.

Merdeka And Happy Birthday Sarawak, Tanah Air Ku!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu, Ketuanan Rakyat and Immigrants

UMNO leaders used to shout Ketuanan Melayu, but, I think they have something to learn from the malays of Sabah and Sarawak. The peoples of Sabah and Sarawak had no racial conflict and the peoples of both states had been living in peace and harmony even before the states gained independence. This is because the malays in Sabah and Sarawak never had with them the slogan, “Ketuanan Melayu” in their political agenda. The malays in both states had always sought the common good for the people in these states and in seeking protection for the malays in both states, the malays here also never say they are "Tuan" or "Masters". In Sabah and Sarawak, it was common knowledge which formed an understanding among the races here that the malays in both states should play a very important role to develop these states in harmony with other races.

In West Malaysia, racist remarks by some UMNO leaders, the display of the kris and the shouts of Ketuanan Melayu had caused very much uneasiness to the non-malays Malaysians. It could not be denied that the May 13 incident could have been motivated by racialism and the fear for another May 13 has always been in the mind of all responsible and peace loving Malaysians.If the malays keep on shouting Ketuanan Melayu, then the Dayaks in Sarawak can along that line also shout Ketuanan Dayak and the Kadazans in Sabah can always shout Ketuanan Kadazan and in West Malaysia, the Orang Asli can also shout Ketuanan Orang Asli. Other ethnic races can also shout the same, then, the matter will have no end, but, chaos in the country.

Right or wrong, the Dayaks, Orang Asli and the Kadazans can also claim that the Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and the Malays are immigrants. Likewise, other ethnic races, like the Dusuns, Kelabits, Kenyahs etc can also claim the same. They can always, whether correct or not, argue that they were the original people in this land and other races are not. Then, what will happen? Racial tension will be the end result and racial riots will follow? Then who will lose? The answer is that all races will be the receiving end and Malaysia will be destroyed and maybe by blood shed and civil war.

What we should be looking forward is “Ketuanan Rakyat”, that is, the supremacy of the people by democratic process, to seek the common good for a Bangsa Malaysia. This Ketuanan Rakayat is to ensure that those given the power to rule this country will ensure progress for the people and the nation. Ketuanan Rakyat also is to ensure that those who were given the mandate to rule shall not be corrupt and shall not abuse their power because corruption and abuse of power in the end can bring untold sufferings to the people. The Ketuanan Rakyat will see the supremacy of the people over their elected representatives where the people should be supreme and that the people’s supremacy be used to decide the fate of their elected representatives by democratic process.

For the peace and common good of the nation, there is no point to fight against each other, but, there is a need to fight or compete against aliens to capture the global stage and to project Malaysia as a forerunner nation in business, art, education, science, social fields and all other developments.

Where the malays came from?

Encyclopedia of Malaysia pointed to three theories of the origins of the malays, namely, The Yunnan Theory, Mekong Migration published in 1889; The New Guinea Theory published in 1965 and the Taiwan Theory published in 1997. The malays who were also known as “Orang Laut” were said brave seafarers people who were good sea navigators, moved from island to island between New Zealand and Madagascar as navigation guides for early traders in this region some 2000 years ago.

Some historians suggested that the malays were descendants of Austronesian speakers who migrated from the Philippines and originated from Taiwan. It was also said that Taiwanese aborigines were genetically related to the malays and linguists classify their language as Austronesian. Malays were well documented as Ma-La-Yu by a Chinese monk, Yijing and this was also mentioned by the Ming Dynasty and has an independent kingdom from southern sea.
It was also recorded that Raja Parameswara, the founder of the Kingdom of Melaka came from Palembang in Indonesia in 1402 and the bloodline of the royalties of the Kingdom of Kedah, which civilization was traced to 4th Century and being the oldest in West Malaysia and also being the oldest malay kingdom in Malaya, which started in 1136 and ruled by Sultan Mudzafar Shah, as recorded in the Sejarah Melayu were decedents of Alexander the Great, a Greek from Macedonia.

Therefore, given the available records in history, where the malays came from? For the sake of Malaysia which was formed from the idea of Tunku it was only made possible after all races were assured that no one race shall dominate each other and that all races should be given equal opportunity to rule this country, Malaysia. Without such assurances, UMNO should realize that the peoples of Sabah and Sarawak may not be part of Malaysia today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are Dayaks Squatters in Sarawak Politics?

Dayaks are the people by their culture, very kind and loving people, who lived simple life and were not demanding for luxury and good life, but, they valued peace and serenity. Known for their bravery during headhunting days, they were also good followers and were people who always wanted to avoid trouble with other races. It was their kindness, simple life style and their non demanding style that made the dayaks today lost the place where they should be today! We could see this started from the glorious days of Tun Jugah.

Let me help recall what I read of events leading to our independence. The Sarawak Alliance Government who were made up of multiracial Sarawakians at that time had favoured Tun Jugah as the Governor, but the Government of the people from the land of the Malays, that is the Malayan Government, insisted that since Ningkan, who was the Chief Minster, was an Iban, the Governor should be Malay. Why Malayan Government interfered with our Sarawak affairs? It was not yet independence then, but, only days away and Malaysia was not formed yet, but, Malaya had already exerted their influence in Sarawak politics.

There was a deadlock in the negotiations. Tun Jugah, the Iban Paramount Chief, being too kind and who also didn’t want trouble with Malaya, gave way and later generously asked that his name not to be considered as the Governor of Sarawak. Tun Hj. Openg was then sworn in as the Governor.

Had Tun Jugah became the Governor, things could have been different today. With the Paramount Chief neutralized of his influence, the next step was then to neutralize the influence of Ningkan. Ningkan was also an equally influential dayak leader, but, elements within and outside SNAP later on led the party to split into PBDS, PRS, SPDP.

The shield has broken! Tawi Sli who took over from Ningkan had short life in office and could not find a successor.

Now, the Dayaks are split and many became “squatters” in other BN parties. (Sorry for my langugage, which I meant no offence, please). There is now, no more a truly dayak party and Jabu, Masing and Mawan, just had to listen to Taib now. They are good followers of Taib and BN, so also their followers. The disintegration of dayak political power saw the rise of Tun Rahman – Taib power in Sarawak politics! Uncle and nephew who said “quarreled” had “patched-up” in a recent dinner in a leading hotel in the city. Was there a “quarrel” and if so, what had they quarreled for and why should they? After all, blood is thicker than water!

After the split, Leo Moggie and Daniel Tajem had tried to revive the dayak fortunes, but, their PBDS could not hold long.

Many young dayaks, being disillusioned with the what happened in the own land, had to leave and migrated to other places like Johor Baharu and other malay states in West Malaysia.

Without a truly dayak party, where the dayaks have to go now? The only way for young dayaks who wants to try their luck in politics and who want to fight the cause of their community, is to park themselves in any of the BN parties or to join the Opposition PKR or DAP. Only thing would be sure, DAP will definitely want to see a dayak to be the Chief Minister and if any dayak leader who joins the party, I am sure he would fully have my backing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Law Recognizes Malaysia Day, but…Politicians?

Laws are passed by Parliament after bills tabled and debated by MPs from both the ruling party and from the Opposition. Laws are to be obeyed and respected by all irrespective of their positions, colour or creed. All YBs irrespective from the ruling party or from the opposition took the same oath and when they were sworn in they all pledged to protect the law and the Constitution. However, taking oath is one thing, but, many MPs had failed to hold true to their Oath to protect the law and the Constitution that had been passed and that they helped passed in Parliament.

If all YBs hold true to their oath to protect the law and the Constitution passed by them in Parliament, the country will be very much peaceful and people will not go to the streets, the blogs and the media to voice their grievances. Those who were not happy with those who broke the law, with those who failed to keep their promises and with those who abused their power, went to all sources to communicate their grouses in the hope that there would be a change.

We all know, Malaysia was born on 16 September, 1963 and not 31 August, 1957 and not 31 August 1963 and why we picked August 31 to celebrate Independence Day for Malaysia and not September 16? To confuse further, our government termed it “Merdeka Day!”, then, was it Merdeka Day for Malaya or Merdeka Day for Malaysia? It seems that the impression as it is now is that 31 August is the Independence Day of Malaysia and we received congratulatory messages from all over the world of the Independence Day. Had we not made a fool of ourselves when we changed such a very historic event in our nation? Are we not lying to ourselves and to our future generations?
Politicians were supposed to lead the people and the nation and were supposed to be persons of very high integrity, but, in the years after independece, we could see integrity among many politicians had eroded to a level that no more befitting the true respect of the people. People may just show respect to them, but, it could be out of convenience. To the people, I wish that the people will be able to judge for themselves these politicians who were crooks and those who lacked integrity and the people must decide to kick them out during elections. This also apply to me and I want the people to constantly monitor me and if I be no more worthy of representing the people, lacked intergrity and no more worthy to continue as an elected representative, the people can always boot me out. Party is not imporant and thinking of party is not enough, if the people elected are not credible and lacked integrity to represent the party and the people. This will not only tarnish the party but the people who elected and falsely believed in them. What we want are elected representatives that not only could lead, but, are elected representatives with exceptional clean character with high integrity.

See now, people are not happy with the BN because their elected representatives kept on doing not the right thing and many lacked intergrity. Now, should the people save BN and say BN is good if most of their leaders were rotten?

Coming back to the issue of independence, I had many times encountered questions from foreigners who asked me about our Independence Day. So, I had to tell them both dates! That is 31 August and 16 September! It was very embarrassing! I had to do that way because most often the foreigners turned back and asked me, “Was it not that Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963?” Then should I say, “No!” and tell the foreigner that it was 31 August 1957 or 31 August 1963? If I gave this answer, this would make me a fool also!

So where is our integrity if we kept on doing the wrong thing and telling the wrong thing to the people and failed to respect the laws we enacted in Parliament? We passed the law, but, we failed to give recognizance to the law we passed, then, why should we become politicians?

So personalities in the BN including the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, DPM Najib and our Chief Minister, Tan Sri Pehin Abdul Taib Mahmud must tell the people of Malaysia and Sarawak that our Sarawak Independence Day should be 16 September and not 31 August and that 31 August was celebrated as Independence Day of Malaya from the clutches of the British! The Primie Minster and his Cabinet Ministers should also tell the people of Malaysia that 16 September is independence day for Sabah and Sarawak and is also our Malaysia Day. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib being Malayans should be proud that it was Malaya who wanted Malaysia be formed with Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei at that time, although Brunei never was part of Malaysia after in was formed on 16 September 1963.

Being law makers, the Prime Minister and those in the BN should give recognition to the laws UMNO helped passed in which it is recognized in the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 that “Malaysia Day” means the 16th September, 1963 and not 31 August, 1957 and also not 31 August 1963! We should keep our intergrity and no more fool around not to recognize the Malaysia Day as mention in law we passed.

At the same time, the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Pehin Taib Mahmud and the State Government must not change the birthday date of the Govenor (TYT) of Sarawak or agree, suggest to change or pospone the celebration of the Governor's birthday. We must hold to it that the birth date of the Governor of Sarawak was officially 16 September, 1963 as this was the day the first Sarawakian governor was sworn in after independence. That means, it was the day the governor was born to an Independent Sarawak, not 13 September ! We should not change it to September 13 or has it changed to or be celebrated on October 25 as the case will be this year as announced recently in the local press (See United Daily News dated 6 September, 2008). To do this, are we not making a fool of ourselves? People already fooled us, why should we fooled ourselves?
Any comment please?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Had Sarawak Been Independent Before Malaysia?

Sarawak was under the Brooke rule for about 100 years begin from 1841 with the installation of James Brooke, and then became a Crown Colony in 1946 for about 17 years. Many had fought against the Brooke and the British to realize the dream of an independent Sarawak. Among those who went into history was Liew Shan Bang of Bau who was said with hundreds of early Chinese settlers from Bau and Siniawan area, on an early morning of 19 February, 1857 managed to defeat Rajah Sir James Brooke in Kuching and sent Rajah Sir James Brooke into hiding for about five days. The Englishman killed was thought to be the Rajah, but, he was not. Liew Shan Bang became the de facto Rajah of Sarawak for five days from 19th February, 1857 to 21st February, 1857, but, Liew Shan Bang didn’t plan his retreat to base well and was then defeated and killed in Jugan Siniawan on 24 February, 1857. Liew Shan Bang died a hero at 57.

We also had Rentap, the Iban warrior from Skrang and Rosli Dhoby from Sibu, to name a few who fought the Rajah and the colonialists. We, Sarawakians of present and future generations should always remember these heroes and their adventures in fighting against the colonialists.

Their fight against colonialism was not in vain and their struggle was the beginning to see Sarawak achieved its independence. All races fought for independence in Sarawak and hours ago, the early morning of 31st August, Sarawak again rejoiced in celebrating Merdeka Day. It was not Sarawak independence day, but, it was the day Malaya gained independence from the British. Come this September 16, we should celebrate Malaysia day, the day Malaysia was officially formed, with Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore forming the Federation. We did not join Malaysia, but, helped formed Malaysia. Our heroes fought the foreigners because they didn’t want Sarawak to be ruled by foreigners and the fear of colonialism was there when Malaysia was about to be formed.

Before Malaysia was formed, there were some voices of dissent in Sarawak. However, many were also very excited when Tunku Abdul Rahman proposed the idea in Singapore on 27 May, 1961 and wanted Malaysia be formed quickly. A political party in Sarawak at that time called for Sarawak to be independent first before consideration should be given to Malaysia. In a publication by the said Sarawak political party the fear of colonialism in the Malaysia Plan was voiced out when it was said in the editorial section that the Malaysia Plan means a mere transfer of power from the colonialists, “who can no longer retain colonialism in its old forms under present international pressures,” to “reliable” right wing elements. It also said that the Plan would not afford a real independence to the peoples of the Borneo Territory and Singapore but would only help soften the “peoples rising feeling of anti-colonialism, blur the aim of their struggle and prolong the life of colonialism.” The editorial also went to say, “Why should join as a state of Malaya, which has 11 states? What we hold against the Plan is that we be ruled by the present Malayan Government.”

Besides the voice of the said political party, there were many groups of people, to name a few, who also opposed the Malaysia Plan concept. The Chinese in Saratok led by Kapitan Ong Cheng Seng said they wanted merdeka to come first before Malaysia was considered. Likewise, Tuai Rumah Musi of Sebuyau with his anakbiaks also were against the Malaysia Plan. Among anti-Malaysia plan at that time were also dayaks led by Tuai Rumah Lukang anak Bunsi of Undup and Mr. Joshua anak Udin from Tanjong Bijat which claimed to represent 4,000 supporters and Mr. Liew Wei Heng of Brayun in Simanggang. Belon anak Upan managed to collect 2,806 anti-Malaysia signatures and a branch of a political party managed to collect in four volumes containing 3,457 anti-Malaysia signatures where submitted to their party headquarters in Kuching.

Many were also not happy with the choice of the name, “Malaysia” and went on to suggest other names, such as “United States of Malaya, Sarawak, Singapore, Brunei and North Borneo” and “Borneonesia” while some told the Cobbold Commission that name “Malaysia” was unacceptable to non-muslims in Sarawak as it implied, “Land of the Malays”.

Many things happened at that time. SNAP had wanted that the Head of State be called Rajah, who must be from the indigenous people and be elected by the people and that the Supreme Head of State of the Federation of Malaysia should be nominated by rotation and that each Head of State in Malaysia should be eligible for nomination to be the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of the Federation.

There were too many fears and Tunku had to come out and in a press conference, in which, Tunku assured the people of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak that Malaya will not control Malaysia adding, “All of you will have the same opportunity of ruling Malaysia jointly.”

With that assurance from the Tunku, has been just the hope of Sabahans and Sarawakians that the two states should not be marginalized and should be treated equally with Malaya. However, recent politicial development seems to suggest that Sabah and Sarawak had not been properly been taken care of by the Federal Government and there had been a lot to catch up with West Malaysia.

Monday September 16, 1963 was then chosen with Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya to form Malaysia and in Sarawak sharp at 8.00 O'clock in the morning the Independence Ceremony started at the Central Padang in Kuching, with the reading of the Proclaimantion of Malaysia by Khir Johari, a Minister from Malaya, followed by the raising of the Malaysia flag for the first time!

Unlike Malaya, the British never allowed Sarawak to gain independence before forming Malaysia. Come this September 16, we all celebrate Malaysia Day! For national unity, may September 16 being Malaysia Day and not only Merdeka Day be also a day officially celebrated by the people of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. To Sabah and Sarawak, September 16 should be a day for double celebration because it is not only a Malaysia Day, but, Indpendence Day!

There had been so much of talk about national unity and 45 years had passed, we still could not celebrate this auspicious day together. What a sad Malaysia, born 45 years now, but no birthday cake, no birthday party!!! What a sad Sarawak, you have got the shackles away and September 16 should had been celebrated and officially declared as your day of Freedom and a day of joy for all Sarawakians!!