Monday, April 14, 2008

Visiting Perak & Selangor (9th April-11th April 2008)

Our state DAP delegation of 43 visited Perak on the 10th of April. We arrived at Syuen Hotel in Ipoh for a lunch treated by the Perak State government. Our DAP State leaders discussed a number of issues with the Perak State government. After the lunch, Perak State Exco member, YB Ngeh brought us to the State Government Building. Among the issues discussed were Perak's land policy, education and local government elections.

MB of Perak, YB Mohd Nizar hosted our DAP delegation to a lunch at Syuen Hotel.

Perak DAP Chairman, YB Ngeh and I.

DAP members and I taking a photo at the lobby of Syuen Hotel.

Our state DAP delegation posing for a photo.
We need some protocol lessons. YB Chiew, YB Violet and State Committee member, Sdr. Pau Teck couldn't find a place infront for the photograph! All seems fighting for a better view of the camera!

Visiting Selangor

The next day, on 11th April, we make our way to Selangor. We went to Selangor State Building, and were briefed by State Exco Members, YB Ronnie Liu, YB Teresa Kok, YB Ean Yong Hian Wah and YB Dr Halimah. After the discussion, our delegation headed to Klang for 'bak kut teh' and 'durian'. A much appreciation to DAP Assemblyman for Teluk Datuk, YB Philip Tan who brought us to a tour around Klang Valley and Port Klang Free Zone. Of course, we also visited the famous 'Istana Zakaria'.

My comrades and I in the briefing room at Selangor State Building.

A picture with DAP Selangor State Exco, YB Ronnie Liu!

YB Wong presented Selangor Exco Member YB Teresa Kok the New Land Policy of Sarawak which was introduced by our minister, Awang Tengah.

DAP Sarawak delegation posing for a photo with MB of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid, State Exco Members YB Ronnie Liu, YB Teresa Kok and YB Dr Halimah.
DAP are now in the government and its' time that we learn protocol to polish our image. Selangor Exco member,YB Dr. Halimah, (with tudong) very humble, had to be satisfied standing at the back to give DAP members getting better picture of themselves! We should learn something from her humility!

DAP members, I and Tan Sri Khalid.

My comrades and I at the Port Klang Free Zone(PKFZ). Much money spent for the development of this PKFZ but still very little business activity! An expensive affair!
It was said a YB from Sarawak made a lot of money in connection this place.

A picture of Istana Zakaria taken from our bus.
Such a big, splendid palace of a former gate keeper!

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