Monday, November 24, 2008

Chinese People and Politics

Bruce Lee may have died, but, his legend lives on. I find his films interesting and recently, I got hold of a film devoted to Bruce Lee, “Legend of Bruce Lee”. It was about Chinese people and politics. Chinese people were always depicted as weak and feared trouble with outside world. This was true and if we ask any Chinese of older generation, they used to advise young people not to seek trouble and to keep away from bad people. This also happened to China and the early Chinese settlers who came to this region. China never conquered any country. History showed that China was attacked by foreign powers, but, China never attacked others. Admiral Cheng Ho came to Malacca, but, he never conquered Malacca. Even some years ago, when their military plane was shot down in the Japan Sea and their premier’s plane was under aerial surveillance by a foreign power, China never retaliated.

Bruce Lee’s films also showed that the Chinese people were only good at fighting at each other, but, not against other races or foreign powers. This is what happened to Chinese in Malaysia today where many clans, instead of working towards a common goal and for a common good of the clan only knew how to get rid of each other. They even went to court and fought things out. This also applies to Chinese in politics where although in the same political parties they also fought against each other. Chinese politicians and parties going after each other, but, not against other people!

The films also showed Chinese traitors working as “running dogs” for rivals and foreign powers. This was also true in chinese politics where some comrades in political parties were running dogs for others, marginalizing and stabbing the back of each other, but, not against other people or races. In Malaysian politics, chinese people never went against the dayaks and the malays, but, only against chinese themselves. Bruce Lee's films were exactly like what the present chinese attitude now is, where any policy affecting chinese rights, most chinese more often than not, watched from the fence, just kept and let others do the shouting. In the films, Bruce Lee was always alone fighting against those who discriminated the chinese and the weak. Those around Bruce Lee could only watch what Bruce Lee was doing.

Bruce Lee’s films also were about heroism and underworld, corruption, chinese arrogance, pride and culture. Whatever it is, the chinese won other people not by war and fist fights, but, by culture. This was exactly what Bruce Lee’s films were projecting about chinese people. Bruce Lee as a hero in the films, who defended the weak, found himself running foul with the authorities, chased by his opponents and the underworld and conquered the world by his martial arts - "Kung Fu" and now Kung Fu is spread all over the world. Bruce Lee spread the chinese culture, and this was how Bruce Lee culture conquered the world, but, Bruce Lee died a young man. His son also died during filming.

May Bruce Lee's legend lives on!

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