Thursday, June 4, 2009

SUPP Politicizing Chinese Education

On 8. 12. 2006 SUPP launched the Penguin Educare Programme which came with the Penguin Educare Scholarship. It was said on 12. 5. 2007 SUPP donated RM500,000.00 to 14 Chinese Middle Schools in Sarawak, but, being a political Party which has no business arm, I wonder how SUPP could come with that huge sums of money when there was no help at all from the government for the said huge fund. This is money politics in education and a new brand of politicizing education by SUPP and its leaders.

SUPP should disclose where the money came from. We have a right to know and find out whether this came out from the pockets of SUPP’s ministers, assemblymen and Parliamentarians as many complained that allowances of Honourable Members were hardly enough to cover political expenses.

How can SUPP being in the government for the past 39 years be said able to advance Chinese education when the Party could not get the BN government to give annual grants like what Penang PR government been doing? By right, the Party being a partner in the BN government should be able to make both the state and federal governments come out with annual grants for all Chinese schools in Sarawak through the state Legislative Assembly and also through Parliament.

In another political stunt, it appeared in the Star (January 30, 2007) that Dr. George Chan had announced in Miri that SUPP led by its Secretary-General, Datuk Sim Kheng Hui will draw up a blueprint to chart the way forward a ten-year plan for the 222 chinese schools in Sarawak. He said all communities, not only Chinese would benefit out of the blue print. How it would benefit all communities were not made known and the public has a right to know. Where is the blueprint now? Can it be made public? Is there anything secret about it? Is this another empty promise?

Dr. George Chan again made another important announcement in February 2008 (see Bernama February 6, 2008) that the Education Ministry will announce strategies in assisting Chinese education in Sarawak, but, so far there was nothing concrete about this from the federal government. BN government was always fond of giving promises, but, after the parliamentary election, everything is now quiet. In election campaigns, SUPP told the voters to support the Party for promotion of Chinese education and also for the recognition of the United Examination Certificate. Such election promises including the recent 12th General Election, were always bare promises only and after each election was over, SUPP hoped that everybody will just keep quiet and forget these promises.

For SUPP to come out with promises showed that SUPP as a Party is no more dependable for the fight of our Chinese rights and Chinese education in the state. They are a weak Party and we had given them too much time to put things right, but, they had failed to do so.

Instead Dr. George Chan during the recent DUN sitting which ended in May, 2009 challenged the DAP to build schools.

SUPP must be reminded that although DAP is not in the government, DAP Sarawak, had done its part in promoting Chinese education. SUPP need to recall that in 1978, the Sarawak United Chinese Association (“SUCA”) of which many SUPP members were also members of the association nearly turned SUCA into a political party because of the inability of SUPP to fight for the advancement of Chinese education in the state. This showed that there were many members of SUPP that had no confidence at all in SUPP in fighting for the cause of Chinese education.

Ling Sie Ming, the then President of the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association and later our DAP strongman in Sibu region, was actively soliciting public funds. In the campaign to set up the Merdeka University, DAP Sarawak, in 1978 collected nearly RM280,000.00 without the help of SUPP. SUPP leaders must be reminded that many members of SUPP resigned from the Party when they saw the inability of the Party, although, in the government had failed to advance the cause of Chinese education in the state and in the nation.

The public should be reminded that SUPP in order to keep afloat had no choice but to politicize Chinese education by putting the blame on the DAP, instead of blaming themselves for their own failure. The public also should be reminded that by joining the Federal Government in 1971, SUPP had caused must erosion of Chinese rights by helping UMNO many times amended the Federal Constitution in which affected Chinese rights to better education and business and SUPP helped the promotion of malay supremacy over other races. With all these things happening caused by SUPP joining the government, Sarawak people should now reject SUPP to be in the government and to put the Opposition to run this country.

It must be remembered that in 1971, the UMNO-led federal government had no two-thirds majority but SUPP parliamentarians at that time traded their positions for a ministerial post for their Party Chairman. With that, it allowed the UMNO-led federal government 2/3 majority all the time, until the 12th General Election and with 2/3 majority at all times, the Federal Constitution was amended a number of times to the detriment of the Chinese community and other races in Malaysia.

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