Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Political Stability & Internal Security

If there are people who should be blamed for political instability and internal insecurity in the country, there is no reason why we should not put the blame on politicians. Politicians who are in power and who are influential sometimes lost their heads and forgot their honourable responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the legal and moral duty to do the right thing. They practised alot of deception, fooled and sometimes misled the people inorder to achieve their aim or to fulfill their lust for satisfaction. The people and nation depend on them for peace and stability in this country. What we need are politicians who could work together for the common good of the nation and society and also politicians who could do the right thing by following the rules and the Constitution,. It is only in this way can this country of ours be more peaceful and harmonious. The rules and the Constitution are the guide that we have, but, regret that most often than not, there is a large number of politicians in our country and in which this number has kept on growing, when in power who not only bend but broke the rules to suit their lust for satisfaction.

It is here that power corrupts and power is abused in the name of national pride and national security which in turn will created much hatred and political instability among the people in the country. Leaders who abused their power will find themselves on the defensive with criticisms from their own comrades, friends and foes and in order to restore their pride, they have no choice, but, to resort all methods and strategies they could think of to protect their positions. They may also find their positions being threatened by their subordinates who wish to see them removed for failing to do the right thing or for inefficiency and for no more being an effective leader. This could be seen of what is happening in this country at this moment.
This could in turn also lead to a lot of mistrust and uncertainty and good leaders could also find their positions being threatened. The Prime Minister is also not spared and his position as the Chief Executive Officer in the country is also easily being threatened from within and outside BN and UMNO with calls for the Prime Minister to resign. The Prime Minister had no choice, but, to talk to his deputy Najib who in turn had to publicly give assurance not to threaten the position of the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister’s position is being threatened in that manner, then, how can we expect this country be peaceful?

To bring stability, the obvious choice is to use the many preventive laws at disposal including the Internal Security Act 1960 to quell rumours and against those who were thought could threaten the security of the country. These laws could make leaders panic, blind, deaf and dumb and make our political leaders to refuse to listen and uphold the democratic rights of the people.

Knowing very well that the Internal Security Act 1960 and other so-called preventive laws in this country are no longer suitable in our country and in which should have been repealed, but, politicians in power all these while had failed or refused to do the right thing, that is, they neglected, failed or refused to exercise their power to repeal these laws. These laws when not repealed will continue to be abused and once abused, will create much uneasiness and instability in our country. People will go to the streets in protest and hold candlelight vigil. This could be seen in the last few days after the arrest of Raja Petra Kamaruddin, YB Teresa Kok, and the Sin Chiew Reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng.

Not only that, the country may also suffer economically as direct foreign investments may not be forthcoming. This in turn will cause the international community to lose hope in Malaysia and Malaysia’s economy could be affected.

Therefore, the best thing for politicians to do is do the right thing in accordance with the rules and the Constitution and also in accordance with one’s conscience. Above that, unjust laws like the Internal Security Act 1960, the Restricted Residences Act 1933 should be repealed and all politicians should agree that these laws are no more suitable for this country anymore.

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