Friday, September 19, 2008

Anwar National Threat to Economy and National Security?

BN government, not Anwar that controls the economy and security in the country and to say Anwar is a threat to economy and national security is very absurd! If anything goes wrong with the economy and security of the country, the government of the day should take the blame and should not point fingers to others. We must understand that we have bad generals, but, no bad soldiers! This is because the generals have powers, but, not the soldiers. With powers, the generals direct the soldiers what to do and soldiers are there just to obey orders! At the end of the mission, it’s the soldiers that would be found dead, not generals! Generals lead the war but don’t go to battlefields! They only die when the missiles fall on their heads!

The Prime Minister is the CEO and together with the Home Minister they are in charge of the economy and security matters in the country. They are the generals who were entrusted and given the power to plan, lead and shape the economy and security of our country. The Prime Minister and BN leaders should not put this blame on others if there are things not right in the country. The powers are with you, but, please do not abuse them. The threat of ISA will not dampen the spirit of the people to go against the government. Therefore, if you exercise your power wrongly the people will not be happy and will pull you down by constitutional and legal means. No one wants war and bloodshed in this country and neither you, but, if the government itself is irresponsible, by acting in excess of its power and trust given by the people, the ill effect is that people will go after you. You will then go into history as inefficient leaders.

Anwar could shout and say a lot of things but this does not mean that his words and action had threatened the economy and security of the country. The government should not use ISA to threaten him, and by doing so, the government itself should be liable for the threat. Anwar alone could not do anything, but, the people can. The people can if the government fails to protect their rights and interests and if they feel that the government is no more suitable to rule the country on mandate given by them.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister seems confused with their own words and lacked confidence to rule this country with mandate given by the people. If you have no more confidence in yourselves, then, the best way is to step down or call for a fresh election and let the people have their choice. Calling for a fresh election is not something unprecedented in democratic countries.

On one hand the Prime Minister said the economy is healthy with direct foreign investments (FDIs) pouring into the country. The Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, seems to give the impression that he has no part to play in the security of the country. Police do the work that we should agree, but, who formulated the policies of security and set the guidelines for actions and omissions in a given security situation, if not, the Home Minister and the Home Ministry under his command? Syed Hamid Albar is the general! Should Syed Hamid Albar also say that he has nothing at all to do with the security of the country and never or should not demand briefings of security situation in the country?

We all know that even George Bush has to know and been briefed almost every hour about security situations in the world and not only in the United States!

So don’t confuse yourself with the power at hand. Let Anwar shout and be given the freedom to exercise his democratic rights and BN should not be afraid of him. If ISA be used to arrest Anwar, the people will become more angry. With the arrest of Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamaruddin in recent weeks, people were already not happy and the government should take the hint from this. Now another blogger is a arrested. Are we going to have Operation Lallang II?


Anonymous said...

Who does not know Anwar? Because of political uncertainties caused by Anwar foreign investors will not invest in the economy. Look at how the five states governed by DAP, PKR and PAS are doing? These states will suffer more than when they were under BN.


Eventhough Anwar is not my Party leader, I have to be fair to him and wish to say my mind about your comment. I suggest that it is not right to simply pick Anwar. Although Anwar could be an Ex-DPM, he is no body now in the BN Government nor in the governments of the states governed by DAP, PKR and PAS! Anwar is only a political leader for his Party, PKR. He holds the same position of Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Nik Aziz of PAS. Anwar has nothing to do with the economy as Anwar could not even sign any document or government cheques from Bank Negara and how could Anwar had affected the running of the economy of the country.

Now, Najib, being the Minister of Finance should be the one to see healthy investments coming to the country. Najib need to think hard how to bring direct foreign investments (DFI) into the country. PM had said DFI has not stopped, so, what are you talking about? In states run by DAP, PKR, and PAS there had been no problems of investments, but problems of tracing missing files of suspected land and financial mismanagement left by previous governments!

How are we going to expect FDIs coming in when corruption is still rampant and when cakap and share kosong are needed to form a company to start business with too high UMNO consideration in investments?