Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wow... 特别设计的砂州民主行动党30周年纪念大蛋糕, 好好吃哦!





Gerasi Bansa said...

Dear YB Voon,

Honestly as a Dayak-Iban man i really thanks to you about what happen about NCR at Niah..I have see that video...

My question:
What the DAP solution to about this problem
1) Tar Road like in penisular Malaysia ( look the rural area at Penisular also have Tar Road)
2) Electricty (rural area such in Saratok rural area)
3) of course NCR LAND-happen to the Iban now

My last question is:
1) Its in next election DAP will compete at Dayak majority voter,,..

I hope something change for the New Sarawak

"Let's we change"


Thank you very much for your appreciation of me. You are young man, but, I can see you a good leader for the Dayak, because despite your young age, your thinking was very mature. Dayak land problem is not only a problem for the Dayak, but, the problem can if not checked escalate to civil riots and even civil war.See what had happened to the Red Indians in America and other native races in the world. War and endless war happened. If it happened in their land, there is no reason this would not happen here if not checked. Most of the Dayaks are poor and live from day to day, but, their land was their only asset and it was land that the dayak depended on livelihood. One day when they have no more land, the only thing they had to do in seeking justice not by going to courts anymore, but, by parangs and swords! If this situation arises, we cannot blame the dayak people, but, the elected people who represented them and the government who ruled them. We have dayaks that are rich and I hope they would not forget their people. DAP could not do it alone.

BN government is also smart. To gain dayak votes, they slowed down rural development so that dayaks became economically dependant on the government. It was this made the dayaks suffered and I can see dayaks in the rural area will continue to suffer for the next one generation.