Monday, March 16, 2009

Poverty – A crime Against Humanity!

Figure 1:

The shed viewed from outside

Figure 2:

The photo showing the entrance to the shed and also places for drying clothes

Figure 3:
A group photo with Mdm. Chang and three of her kids
Voon Lee Shan, the State Assemblyman for Batu Lintang in white longsleeves shirt

Figure 4:

The plateform where the kids and mother slept
Lots of rubbish under the platform

Figure 5:

Picture showing the cooking area
There was no gas stove when first visit made
Gas stove was donated by a stranger

Figure 6:

The poles that supported the shed was tied with a copper wire

Figure 7:

The leaking roof at the cooking area

Figure 8:

The three kids and the only table found in the shed
Some rice donated by stangers
see the walls that separated the sleeping platform and the sitting area

A good and responsible government should see poverty as a crime against humanity and that all efforts should be made to eradicate this crime from human sight. The country, despite having enjoyed independence for more than 50 years with abundant resources not found in many countries, are still in a sorrow state, incapable to get rid of poverty among its people. The government’s economic policy in the past 50 years had failed its people. Instead, the rich became richer while the poor became poorer. Despite claim by the BN government of improved quality of life among Malaysians, the economic policies in recent years had created much dissatisfaction among its people.

In the past, we have heard political leaders from the BN government talked much on poverty but, many bothered not to visit their constituencies to find out where these poor are.

Poor Mdm. Chang’s family

Figure 9:

Mdm. Chang and one of her kids with Voon Lee Shan

Figure 10:

Mattresses, food and some other necessities donated by people

Figure 11:

Drinking water stored in some plastic containers

Figure 12:
Some mattesses donated by stangers
The family had no mattresses before donation drive

Figure 13:
See the roofs above the sleeping place
Figure 14:
The well where the family took their bath
The water in the well was green in colour
When no rain water available the family also used this as drinking water and for cooking

In a case, a family of eight in the Batu Kawa constituency, with no bread winner was found lived, not in a house or hut, but, a shabby shed, not even fit for animals! The mother could not go to work because the kids were still very small and needed her care very much.
The case was highlighted by me to the public about two weeks ago and within that period, I had visited the shabby shed for about ten times. The roofs were seen leaking, covered with plastic sheets and wires were used to tie the poles to support the shed. There was no bed but, a few broken planks placed across on top of a pole to form a platform for them to sleep at night. Under the platform, there were a lot of rubbish and useless things, but, were treasures to the family.

When no rain at night, I was told, the mother had to sleep on the bare earth floor of the shed. When it rained, the children had to share an umbrella for their shelter. What a pity! I could not hold my tears on seeing their conditions. So were others who followed me. I had been to poor places including that of the penans in ulu Baram and also the orang asli in West Malaysia, but, I yet ever saw one like this before.

Although the matter has been highlighted by me in the local press with the consent of the mother of the kids who wanted help, I have yet in the past two weeks heard leaders from Barisan Nasional visiting them and I hope they come forward and do their part. Please do not politicize the plight of Mdm. Chang and her family. They just needed help and all parties irrespective of colour, race, creed and political affiliations are requested come forward to help them.

To this family, donations had come pouring in and many also wanted to supply building materials and furniture to them, but, a house still could not be built because the owner of the land where the shed in which the family now lives still refused to come out and to negotiate with me to have a house built for the family. I hope whoever knows the landowner, please help.

I want a fund to be created, at least, to last for two to three years for the education and for daily maintenance of the kids. Although, I offered help, I was poured with cold water and sabotaged in the press, but, I am determined to help them. I want not only a roof over their heads, but, a proper roof! They are not animals, but, human beings, fellows that need our help!

For those of you who wish to help the family you can always hand them to the family. If that may not be convenient, you can channel the donations through my office, Messrs. Voon & Co. Advocates, next to Hong Leong Bank in Sekama-Pending Road junction and my office phone contact is telephone (6)082-336389.

My legal firm’s address:

Messrs. Voon & Co. Advocates,
1st Floor, Lot 7036, Pending Road,
93450 Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA.

Donations could also be channeled through my service centre at Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Addruce (formerly Jalan Keretapi) in Kuching. The phone contact of my service centre is (6)082-419389. You can also phone to me at (6)019-856 7385.

Please insist receipts to be issued and if you wish to conceal your identity, we can do this by not showing your full or true name in the receipts.

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