Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$9,609,000 Rockcliffe “palace” in Ottawa belonged to Taib’s daughter?

688 Manor Avenue, "The Palace" of Sean Murray & Jamilah Taib
in Ottawa, Canada

The frontal view of "Palace" of Sean Murray & Jamilah Taib

A house of a Barisan Nasional Supporter?

Seems many poor malaysians still supporting BN government

A house of Mdm. Chang with 7 children in Batu Kawa Constituency

Hope Pehin Sri Taib can take notice and help the family

If the home at 688 Manor Avenue, in Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa, Canada, assessed by the Municipality Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) worth Canadian $9,609,000 (RM28. 3 million) truly belonged to Sean Murray and his wife, Jamilah Taib and if Sean Murray is Pehin Sri Taib’s son-in-law and Jamilah Taib is Pehin Sri Taib’s daughter, then, Sarawakians have a right to be taught by the Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Taib and his daughter, Jamilah Taib and also by his son-in-law how they be able to make so much money to acquire such an expensive and incredible house in Canada.

If the house does not belong to his son-in-law and daughter, Pehin Sri Taib Mahumud and his family also have to come out to deny this. This is because the “palace” came in news lately and it was alleged that this RM28.3 million property belonged to his daughter and son-in-law. I am not sure, so Pehin Sri Taib, should not leave this to doubt and has to explain this to the people and should not leave any doubt in the mind of the people.

The chief minister has in the years talked so much of how to lift the standard of living of Sarawakians and it was his vision to see a more vibrant Sarawak with its’ people more prosperous. It is to him that the people of Sarawak looked upon to guide the people of Sarawak to a better future. With that we put him as chief minister for 27 years hoping to learn a thing or two from him. So it is right that every Sarawak needs to be taught by Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud and his family how his family could acquire so much wealth for the family. There is no need that we learn all the technical know-how to amass such a wealth. It is sufficient if every Sarawakian could be taught just 10% of how this could be done. With the 10%, I think, all Sarawakians, can become millionaires. Pehin Sri Taib can achieve his dream to help Sarawakians by teaching the people of Sarawak by just sharing 10% of his family business expertise.

The house is said the 2nd most expensive house in Ottawa, Canada. The picture of the Rockcliffe “palace” taken by one, Chris Mikula was recently splashed in the internet. A guest to the house said, There is marble and the colour of gold everywhere, and there must be 20 chandeliers on the ground floor. It’s like a palace, really.”
CMS - Taib's investment Arm

What we were told was that Jamilah Taib was a daughter of Taib and was involved in Taib’s family business was said holding 13. 85% of Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) and Taib’s family was said holds about 57% of CMS shares. Members of the public can make a search of Taib’s family’s stakes in CMS with the Registrar of Companies. This CMS which started in 1974, spans out more than 40 companies in almost all type of businesses.

In a recent TV clippings in Aljazeera channel, although I learnt something how CMS had acquired the many contracts, I am not at all impressed about transparency in the award of tenders in the state by the state government to bidding contractors. James Masing, the Minister of Lands Development, said in the TV interview by Aljazeera that all contracts awarded to CMS were properly tendered. I could see some discomfort in the face of James Masing when questioned by the interviewer about this. He kept on adjusting his tie and seemed choking when he spoke.

According to James Masing, if otherwise, the law would have taken its’ course and Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud could be punished by the voters, but, I can say most voters are still in the dark in the award of tenders by the state government. There is a lot for Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud as chief minister to explain some unknown matters surrounding the award of contracts to his family company Cahaya Mata Sarawak. Let us hear his explanation.


Anonymous said...

Now Taib Mahmud, tell us how your daughter obtain her wealth.



What about us?? We hardly make ends meet??

Stop all your bull. We are not stupid or blind.

God is great. You will meet your creator violently. I am sure your ill gotten wealth will not last the next generation.

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You can also see YB Dato' Wong Soon Koh's house in Sibu. Some named it "Palace of Sibu" which was estimated to cost the Minister RM8 million. I saw it some time ago and was really a beautiful and large house.

You can also see former Assistant Minister, Datuk Alfred Yap's house, in Sunny Hill, Kuching. To me it was the most beautiful house in Sunny Hill.

YB Daud's house in Petra Jaya also very big with big compound.His house was onced robbed and it came out in the local press and it was speculated that he lost a few hundred thousand ringgits in cash during the robbery.