Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Work of DBKU in Batu Lintang Constituency

After being elected as the ADUN member, I found it a tough job for me in Batu Lintang Constituency to convince government staffs and the three municipalities to uplift the “image” of Batu Lintang Constituency which had huge potholes, clogged drains, tall bushes, uncovered drains and uneven roads here and there.

Now, we can see things have changed and I appreciate the respective municipalities of the good they have done, but, I have a special mention for DBKU. They have done a good job for Batu Lintang and many roads in the Sg. Maong area of the Constituency of which is within the jurisdiction of DBKU have been resealed. My special mention is because huge part of Batu Lintang Constituency is under the jurisdiction of DBKU. DBKU occupies much larger areas than either Padawan Municipal Council or MBKS. Batu Lintang Constituency was a stronghold of SUPP and was held through Chan Seng Khai for three terms after he defeated the DAP strongman, Sim Kwang Yang in a straight fight in 1991.

Not less than ten roads have been resealed, widened and upgraded in Sg. Maong area. I could see in all constituencies in Kuching, Sg. Maong area is the most difficult for the authorities to work with because of its low lying peat swamp land which flooded often at the slightest rain. At the sametime, this area has long been neglected or had been left unnoticed, not until recently. Roads that that have been resealed and widened included, Green Road, Jalan Tengah, part of Jalan Angsana, Gold Jade Road, Rubber Road West and also Rubber Road East.

The authorities also have pumped in million of ringgits to improve the drainage system in the constituency and lightings in the area.

MBKS has trimmed some of the overgrown trees along the roads in Tabuan Jaya which posed hazards to motorists. These overgrown trees created a source of danger during thunderstorms. The mayor has done a good job to see the streets are clean and he was very busy in his urban poverty eradication programme.

To Padawan Municipal Council, I have to understand their problem. Their Chairman, YB Tan Joo Phoi, who is also the YB for Batu Kawa, told me in the Dewan recently that the Council lacked funds to operate efficiently. To help him overcome his problem, I did raise the matter of funds on his behalf in the Dewan during the last sitting.

Keep the good work for a better Malaysia!

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