Saturday, February 6, 2010

Show Cause letter from DAP Disciplinary Committee

I had already receive a show cause letter from DAP Party Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur signed by Sdr. Tan Kok Wai on 3 February, 2010. I was given 14 days to reply and to offer an explanation as to why action should not be taken against me for bringing the party into disrepute. The show cause letter was issue after a complaint was made by DAP Sarawak Chairman, Wong Ho Leng to the Disciplinary Committee on 22 January, 2010. The show cause letter was given because I was said to have made media statements and postings on the internet in relation to certain grievances against the state leaders.

Last weekend a state committee meeting was held and it was voted that I should be suspended from the Party. I was told those who attended only had three choices. These choices were that they could only vote either to expel, suspend or to give warning to me. They could not abstain from voting and neither could they vote that I was not guilty. They also could not plead for me. The majority voted me that I should be suspended! Now, it seems that DAP Headquarters have no choice, but, to endorse the suspension. With it, I shall be out of the coming election as long as the suspension shall not be lifted! I am very confused!

Now, people guess who will DAP field to contest in Batu Lintang in the event I could not contest? Chong Chieng Jen or Wong King Wei? Or could it be Chieng Jen’s brother-in-law or his wife? Whoever shall be fielded, I hope DAP will retain Batu Lintang, but, I regret I just will not be allowed to campaign for DAP because of the suspension. I hope DAP will change the rule, that is, to allow me join the campaign for the DAP candidate that may stand in Batu Lintang. To Batu Lintang voters, please give support to them. My spirit and soul are there and to vote for them is to vote for me.

Further, I had been found guilty even before I could answer the allegations against me! I am more confused and I don’t know whether or not I should proceed to file a defence to the Disciplinary Committee.

Chong Chieng Jen had already delivered his own verdict even without seeing my defence when he was quoted in the Borneo Post on February 5, 2010 as saying, “As far as Voon’s public allegation is concerned, a lot of the statements were untrue, twisting facts and misleading.” Which part I was said misleading was not mentioned at all. Now, I find it more difficult to answer the show cause letter. Maybe, Chong Chieng Jen or Wong Ho Leng should help me.

In a court of law, I know that a person is not to be found guilty and be sentenced until he is allowed to make his defence or refused to make his defence. Even that, the court has to evaluate the whole evidence and to find out whether or not the charge has been proved beyond reasonable doubt against the accused person. Maybe, the system involving politics is different from the civil system of the courts in all democratic countries.

It confused me further when in Legislative Assemblies, elected representatives would cry foul if being chased our of the Assembly Hall without a hearing. I think our Wong Ho Leng and Chong Chieng Jen, will also do the same if being chased out of the Dewan Undangan Negeri or Parliament without a hearing or without being given a chance to offer a defence. We all know democracy involves transparency, fairness, equlity and partnership amongst equal,but, in politics, it seems the reverse. So, I just could not understand politics! No wonder, too many people laughed at me and told me politics was not made for me and had advised me no more to help people through politics, but, through other channels or sources.

The show cause letter also disallowed me to refrain from making public statements that would aggravate party image. Now, I am more confused when some party leaders could openly say something through the press that affects the credibility of party leaders.

For an explanation offered in answer to allegations in a facebook of a comrade, I was accused of bringing the party into dispute. Now, the facebook has been erased! Lucky I kept a copy of it! The comrade who made the unfounded allegations against me had not received any show cause letter yet. I am not sure whether this is a correct procedure for political parties to follow.

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