Saturday, February 13, 2010


I received the show cause letter dated 2. 2. 2010 by fax from the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Democratic Action Party Malaysia on 3. 2. 2010. I gave a serious thought whether or not I should reply the show cause letter, but, decided to do so when it was learnt that a leader from our DAP Sarawak said I should not be believed and that what I said were lies or that I had twisted the facts. I also know the consequences of not replying and also the effect of my reply. I was caught in a dilemma because the main issue that may influence any outcome is “Who is the Boss?” and how the Boss will react.

The show cause letter disclosed that the Disciplinary Committee had to act on a complaint from Wong Ho Leng, the Chairman of DAP Sarawak. It was a very general show cause letter of about over a page.

The reply was posted by me by way of Pos Laju yesterday afternoon 11. 2. 2010 and it contained about 62 pages. The matter touched on how I was involved in politics and the "football" we played in many “matches” in Sarawak elections. It also touched on the development of the “DAP Football Team” since the team was formed in Sarawak. I also touched on “footballers” that had to leave for other “teams” and their possible threat to the DAP Sarawak team.

When talking about football, I still remember a goalkeeper was charged for match-fixing in England many years ago. He was very talented and was my favourite goalkeeper at that time. A world class, I should say, but, it shocked me when he was charged in court. In Malaysia, fixing matches in football games was at one time a very common thing and it had brought the game into disrepute.

When I came to know football was no more a clean game, I then hanged my boots. Nowadays, I seldom watch football matches because of too many cheats. I was a footballer and a coach at one time and had played football with our Malaysian player, James Yakup when in the police. I met many footballers and at times also spent time with our "towkay" Soh Chin Aun in Alor Gajah for coffee during my football days.

I had to tell a story and the football team that went wrong and now I leave it to the Disciplinary Committee to decide.

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