Friday, March 5, 2010

Stop Internal Bickering!

Opposition members should no more be bickering against each other and instead be more focused in sharpening their weaponry to fight the BN. We have very limited resources and very much lacking in manpower and money to fight the BN and yet we still hear Opposition members still very actively accusing each other and forcing own comrades to leave Camp and join BN. This will erode public confidence. We had been trying very hard to build a strong force together to what we are today, but, yet we have people who wanted each other out. Let us stay cool and think of ways to beat the BN instead of beating each other. This was the reason why I said factional politics is bad for all parties, be it in the Opposition or in the BN.

The Prime Minister in recent months had traveled far and wide in Sarawak and had poured billions of ringgits and this had won the hearts of many people in the rural area. I had said many times before that the battle this time will be in the interior and this is where we must put our resources together. The reason I said that the battle is in the interior because BN knows very well that we in the Opposition no Money Power to go to the interior. In urban areas, DAP and PKR are doing well and it is in these areas that we are able to kill BN off better. We must understand without Money Power, this BN is nothing and Taib also can’t play the tune much to please the people.

The problem of politics in Opposition is that many could see the prospect of capturing the government is good and very imminent in the next poll and in order not to miss the boat in the cabinet in the event an Opposition government is formed, many thought that the right thing to do is to keep their comrades at bay! This is here factional politics creates problems. This is bad and if this persists, we will never be able to capture the government because we are destroying each other instead of destroying the BN. So, let us no more do that and concentrate on our efforts to destroy the BN once and for all!

For myself, I can be out of the Party or out of politics, but, I want to still see the Opposition takes over the government soon. To sideline me is already bad but not all is lost for DAP and other Opposition parties. To the new face who will take over from me, I hope he can do better.


Mata Kuching said...

YB VLS, to many Sarawakians who had painstaking voted the opposition party such as DAP, you are still our YB. We all know you meant well and you are a man of principle. We are very confident that you will fight BN and Taib's hegemony regarless of where you will be nominated to stand. That is the spirit of a politician who is proud to be associated with the DAP which has through trials and tribulations seen many of its leaders sent to jail.

With God's guidance and the perseverance of Opposition leaders, PR can only get stronger even in the rural and hinter lands of Sarawak and Sabah. Many Malaysians do not view the quitting of PKR law makers ( whose behaviours demonstrated that they were after financial gains and were self serving politians), as a setback for the Opposition and instead felt its good for PR.

We sincerely hope you too will be ready and prepared to go into battle with BN and Taib when called upun to do so by DAP. Always be prepared and let the people be the judge.

Anonymous said...

if they don't u to stand in batu lintang, i support u to stand in bumi area...

Anonymous said...

I fully support you YB Voon and i wish the sarawak DAP leadership can see the bigger picture too

Anonymous said...

Greeting YB,

It is indeed sad to see what has happened to you. This is reality. Certain people in order to maintain their power, they would kill politically their opponent. They would rule behind their son and cornies.However, in this world, there is the rule of karma. They sow evil and evil will they reap. Rest assured, YB! They too will fall. A prohetic word "He that frame others will see himself fall" So, we shall see those who frame you will fall. Keep up your spirit high up! You will be vindicated.