Sunday, March 2, 2008


It is regretted that thugs were used to threaten my party workers, sound system suppliers and owners of premises in Kota Padawan in the Stampin Constituency with bodily injuries and damage to their property if they were to allow their premises and equipment to be used for me to hold ceramahs. I approached not less than 10 premises’ owners in Kota Padawan since a month ago to allow me to hold ceramahs in their premises, but, only five had allowed me to use their premises. However, it was sad that all the five in Kota Padawan were forced to revoke their consent for me use and my party comrades to hold ceramah at their premises due to threats by gangsters.

Conversation and explanation with the representative from SPR.

Press conference at the scene to explain the details of the cancellation of ceramah.

As usual, we expected a huge crowd to attend our ceramah, but, this ceramah could not proceed as the supplier of the sound system was also being threatened with bodily harm. These thugs, which came in six cars also threatened to destroy the stage and sound system equipment if used for ceramah conducted by me.

Explaining to the crowds of what happened with apology on the cancellation of the ceramah.

The crowd grew impatient and not less than 20 policemen were mobilized to the place where I was supposed to hold my ceramah.

Sdr. Chong giving short speech to the audience who attended the ceramah.

Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen and his team from Bandar Kuching also came and despite being persuaded to leave, the crowd refused to disperse until late into the night. I was told some came as far as from Batu Kawa and Landeh just to hear the ceramah.

The large crowd witnessing the lodging of police report.

After I left the place, I received information that thugs from Kota Padawan were used to stop the ceramah and a Datuk was involved!

A large group of dissapointed audiences who attended the ceramah.

Owners of premises in 7th Mile Bazaar, Batu Kawa and MJC whom I had approached for ceramahs to be held had similarly been threatened.

A police report had been lodged for police investigation.

The next ceramah will be held on the 2nd of March, 7pm at these two respective places:

i) Batu Kawah
ii) Sungai Apong

I urge members of the public and supporters to turn up for the ceramah at these two places.


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