Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DAP讲座会-改国运,你决定!DAP Dinner 26/2

The DAP dinner was held on 26th Feb at Thian Court. A crowd of 1500 people attended the dinner and thus making it a success! Tickets are sold out like hot cakes, and there are many people who wants to buy, couldn't get it anymore.

YB Voon spoke on many issues. He explained the issue of St. Martin. It is a non-issue, after all, as a lawyer and people's representative he must and should protect the rights of the people, when the old lady's land was taken without any compensation.

YB Voon went on to meet guests/supporters/voters and shook their hands. He listened to their grouses and problems, and even received praise from them!

He thanked the supporters for making the dinner a success, and supporting DAP!


Pazuzu said...

We wan a peaceful town.

We wan a safe home~~~

ANN said...

voon, since you lose in this year,but don't loose hope ya.. if not a post vote sure win. hope u'll get win at next trip.. we all sawakian also will support u in the future.. i believe sarawak will be a peace n fair country n hope malaysia chinese can like bumiputra can enjoy like them cuz not all chinese are RICH!