Friday, February 6, 2009

Discard Political Chess Players!

The Perak fiasco which led to the fall of the Pakatan Rakyat government was the work of political chess players. They had played with the peoples’ trust in them and their maneuvering in the past few moths had caused much uncertainty and anxiety among all Malaysians. The Malaysian public, are angry with them, but, let us take such a fiasco by these hidden hands as a lesson for all to learn and should not be disheartened by the events. The voters are therefore urged to identify politicians who play political chess and politicians that have a mission in politics for people and country. We should all stand together to get rid those who play political chess as the maneuvering of political chess not only had betrayed the peoples’ trust in them and caused the downfall of legitimate government of Perak, but, also could lead to another May 13, economic downfall and chaos in the country. We should teach them a lesson this coming general elections.

The Barisan Nasional leaders should be held responsible and people are angry with you and you should no more be playing political chess, but, instead look forward to govern this country properly and steer this country from the present economic downturn. You are taking the short route to regain the government of Perak and by doing so you are against the sanctity of democracy and were playing with the peoples’ trust in you. Your success will be a temporary relief. Being political chess players, you created money politics which caused the public to have very little confidence on the judiciary, the security and investigation agencies and the political system in the country.

UMNO being the backbone of the BN should wake up and your doings had created many problems in the country. Your actions also had affected other components of the BN and they had by your actions suffered in silence over the years. Not only that, the people who supported them also has to suffer the same and with that the whole country has to suffer. This is the domino effect of your political misbehaving and inefficiency.

BN leaders must know that the whole administration including internal security has been affected. In ensuring peace, economic and political stability, the only effective law your present government know is the Internal Security Act 1960 and this Instrument of Terror (ISA) was also not adequate for you to maintain the much needed peace, economic and political stability in the country. This seems not enough and this Instrument of Terror has to be supported by the Sedition Act 1948 to seal the mouths of dissidents. You had miserably failed in your political responsibility and needed to be removed in the coming election.

You should take the observation of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that a large section of people will be angry by your action in taking over the state government of Perak on the basis of the dubious crossovers. Your action will create a Sarawak Tsunami and will lead into the downfall of your government. Sarawak has been your political dam all these past 45 years where you got your seats, but, this political dam will soon collapse and be destroyed.

To the people, let stand behind us solidly and we will lead the change in this coming election. We want a change and in you can we only make a change. If you will not be behind us this time democracy will have no meaning at all in this country because these political chess players will continue to create much more hardship to us. They can ruin the country and you and they should be discarded from having a part in our politics.

The public should also not to worry much about Pakatan Rakyat as leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat will definitely be able to find out the causes and reasons for the recent defections. The DAP may lost a seat in Perak, but, DAP will make sure that other seats in the country will not be affected by the events in Perak. The taking of rotten apples into the Pakatan Rakyat should stop as they can cause political bombs within the already fragile Pakatan Rakyat.

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