Friday, April 3, 2009

Batang Ai By-Election – Window to Determine Next State Government

Opposition parties and Opposition leaders in the state in the last few years had worked hard to find a common solution and platform on how to topple the State Barisan Government led by Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. Things seems very encouraging when leaders of all Opposition Parties, except, STAR, were seen mingling around in Lubuk Antu during the Nomination Day. I had asked Dr. Patau why his Party was not present. His answer was simple. He told me that they never invited him and saw the Party as a “mosquito” and could not contribute. If this was the attitude of some Opposition parties and Opposition leaders, trying to sideline one another or to show who is stronger or to identify who is weaker, then, only God could get us together. Mind you, a mosquito sometimes can kill!
Before Nomination Day, I had sent message across to some Oppostion Leaders, that an Election Committee need to be formed to tackle Batang Ai By-Election, but, no such Committee had been or could be formed. So this seems should be the way Opposition should work in the State. So, let it be.

Despite the absence of STAR, I could see during Nomination Day that the Batang Ai By-Election could lead the Opposition in the State to pull themselves together. Although there were still heads among the Opposition that still seems not focused on their common enemy, but, still some on each other, but, this seems could be trashed.

I was too happy to see all of us could group ourselves together, but, I was a bit discouraged after the shout of Pakatan Rakyat was sorely missing after the Nomination was over. I went to Lubuk Antu town, walking behind PKR leaders and their members that afternoon and I felt something missing. The leaders of other Opposition parties were not called to join them and some of their leaders only sold their Reformasi alone to the public. I had wanted to give an improtu speech, but, the lack of organization had caused this not to happen.

I felt lonely although they noticed me there, but, still I harboured some hope that the Opposition could pull together.

However, my heart sank after when coming back to Kuching after Nomination Day, I read about the political antics of veteran politician, Ting Ling Kiew, of SNAP who appeared in the local press, giving full support to the Barisan Nasional.
People had wanted change, but, if politicians among the Opposition were still thinking of personal gains and try to project themselves as heroes alone, then, no where the dream of toppling the State BN government in the next state election will be a reality. It will be a very painful thing if we could not make it this time.

Opposition leaders should have been getting rid of internal party politics and should focus on tackling the BN and be steadfastly focus on this mission alone. There is no room for disagreement and this takes a lot of discipline to do so. I am now very worried as to who to trust and how to trust these politicians that hit at each other and their own comrades. We should no more betray each other and compete with each other, but, to show strength together and compete and fight BN's power.

We have to stand and fall together and should not let ourselves survive alone and see others around us die. We must swim and sink together and this should be the way how we should build our esprit de coup against BN. Pehin Sri Taib will be just gentleman enough to step down and admit defeat if we can work together and he is there to test our strength. We should not blame Pehin Sri Taib to stay a bit longer, but, ourselves if we could not make it this time. If Pehin Sri Taib could command his men to hold on, but, we in the Opposition could not, then, how could be better than Pehin Sri Taib in managing the affairs of the State if we be entrusted by the people to be the government?

Come on! Wake up! We should not destroy this opportunity to take over the state government. The success of Batang Ai will only see us capture the state government, if not, we will not make it and our supporters will have to suffer for a long time to come.

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