Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAP SERIAN Branch to officially open office

The Democratic Action Party will officially open its Serian Branch Office on 26th July, 2009. The office will be located at 2nd Floor, Room 7, Lot 611 Block B, Jung Kuo Commercial Centre, Jalan Serian By-Pass. At present the Branch has about 400 members and mostly are dayaks from Serian District. Dayak participation in the Party from Serian is very encouraging and BN can expect much impact from DAP Serian in coming elections. The Branch is headed by Encik Langgong anak Nangat and the Branch Secretary is Mr. Tay Wei Wei. Encik Langgong anak Nangat is not new in politics and had helped many politicians won elections in Serian District.

Issues that DAP Serian will be harping on include lack of proper electricity and water supply, poor quality of fertilizer subsides to the Dayaks, poor road infrastructures as many roads are yet been tar-sealed. Many Dayaks in the area complained that the lack of electricity has hampered their children’s education. Without electricity their children could not use computers and therefore, could not catch up with e-knowledge.

This coming state election to be scheduled in 2011, DAP Sarawak may likely to contest in at least one of the constituencies in Serian District. DAP Serian has already identified their likely candidates to stand in the coming election.

To boost the morals of its supports, DAP Serian will hold a dinner on 29. 8. 2009 at Sui Fung Lai Restaurant at 35th Mile Kuching-Serian Road. A few DAP leaders may come from West Malaysia to grace the occasion. Dinner tickets are available from Mr. Tay Wei Wei and Encik Langgong anak Nangat. They can be contactable by their handphones 016-8552214 and 019-8450024 respectively.

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