Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leave Behind “Cawat” Issue And Move Forward

The remark by Hadi Awang on the recent concluded by-election result in Btg. Ai was an expression of frustration. Hadi Awang clearly showed that the result reflected the thought of the people of Btg. Ai still clinging to the “old” thinking that only Barisan Nasional government was good for them while people outside Btg. Ai had begun to expect a change in government as seen in the defeats by BN in series of by-elections in West Malaysia and the fall of many states under the BN government to Pakatan Rakyat.

We now have to move forward and leave behind what Hadi Awang had said and be focused on capturing the state government through the coming state election. If Pakatan Rakyat wins to form the state government, the people of Sarawak will see a lot of changes. We will ensure automatic renewal of all land leases to a further period of 90 years without premiums. We will also see Native Customary Land and kampong land be issued with land titles. At the same time, Pakatan Rakyat will ensure that all consumers will enjoy free first 20 cubic metres of treated water.

Not only that, we will also ensure that government grants be given to all religious and vernacular schools and Chinese schools. Senior citizens and single parents will also enjoy better welfare benefits and allowances so that they can enjoy the sunshine everyday.

Now its time for change!


Wong Ho Leng said...

The question is whether Hadi Awang did say what he is now accused of saying? According to Sdr Lim Guan Eng, he asked Hadi Awang and he denied saying it. So, in all probability the BN folks may have made up the story, and we all know they are quite capable of making up stories.


Yes,if it was not true, than its bad for BN people to churn out the lies. But again if it was said, then, the context of what he said could have been twisted. As could be adduced from the press, probably Hadi Awang was not saying anything disgraceful. Maybe, he wanted the Dayak to wake up and not fall asleep like in the past.