Friday, August 7, 2009

Divorce Law – Women and Children Suffer

Nowadays divorces between couples are very a common thing. Most divorce ended with bitterness and lasting scars on both husbands the wives and their children. In divorce proceedings, the courts normally were very concern with the maintenance and welfare of the children and wives. But, on thing is that many did not realize that despite the amicable terms agreed by the parties or as imposed by the courts, these terms were seldom been carried out by the husbands. Even if carried out, the ex-husbands may after a period of time abandon the maintenance for their children and their ex- wives.

The ex-wives being the weaker sex when caught with the situation could not know how to overcome the situation. Even if they know, they would not have the means to pursue the matter before the courts because court costs and legal fees are expensive things. To go to Legal Aid may also not assist the ex-wives because without proper monetary consideration it was also difficult for officers in the Legal Aid to do a good job. Moreover, Legal Aid has been bogged down with cases which kept on piling up each year and with inadequate manpower, Legal Aid faced problems to pursue justice for the ex-wives and their children.

The law on this area therefore may need to be amended. The law should when the ex-husbands defaulted or ignored to maintenance their ex-wives, the law should make this a criminal offence and to allow the relevant authorities to place them under arrest and to prosecute them. Besides that the ex-husbands should be made to pay back arrears with interests and their properties be seized to satisfy the maintenance arrears for the ex-wives and children. If they have no property to satisfy the claims, then, jail terms in default should also be imposed.

These are necessary because in our modern society we should not allow the ex-wives and children to suffer.

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