Monday, August 17, 2009

Dominique Ng to promote a new political party?

News went around that Dominique will start a new party and if this is true then this would not be in the good interest of the Opposition. He may call those disgruntled politicians to join his cause, but, I can assure that at this moment, no one in DAP is interested at that idea. In any organization, differences of opinion are bound to happen, but, the best solution to it is to try to accommodate oneself to the opinion of others and be patient. Of course, there are limits to patience.

If DAP cannot in the coming election work with PKR and other Opposition party, DAP will, I think go all out alone. After all, DAP had done that way all along except for some brief moments with some loose liaison or understanding with PERMAS and Barisan Alternatif since it set foot in Sarawak.

If a new party could be born before the coming election, this will lend weight to suspicion that the new party was sponsored by the Barisan Nasional. This is because there is no reason the party can get itself registered while MDC could not. The new party will only create a wider wedge among the Opposition and our struggle of toppling BN will not materialize in the next election. The new party will instead be an instrument for the Barisan Nasional to retain power.

To add salt in the Opposition camp, See How was said to have claim that he got the mandate to contest Batu Kawa state seat in the coming election. However, from what I know, those PKR leaders who recently had a talk with DAP leaders were only directed to find out the views of Sarawak DAP on seat allocations for the coming state election. There was no mandate at all to them to negotiate and to confirm seats to be contested by PKR. All I know was that, during his recent visit to Sarawak about nearly two weeks ago, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in a closed door meeting with some leaders here has said that seats for PKR will only be decided by top leadership of PKR and not by leaders of PKR in Sarawak. Therefore, the claim by See How that he got the mandate to contest may hit a nail on his own feet.

I regret that See How being a veteran politician had not been a formidable force so far for the Opposition. He contested twice and had lost his deposits badly. Once in Mas Gading against Dr. Patau Rubis when contesting under the DAP banner and in 2008 in Stampin Parliamentary under PKR. If he goes to Batu Kawa - a seat in which DAP will likely to contest, See How could find himself be accused as a destroyer or spoiler of the Opposition in the event the Opposition could not wrest the seat. PKR has no better candidate than See How to contest in Batu Kawa and neither PKR had made much impact in the area since it set foot in Sarawak. Proven record had shown that only DAP could make a more formidable impact against the BN in the area. His presence there will only see BN retain the seat. It would not be difficult for the voters to smell the rat that this will be a strategy to give victory to BN at the expense of the Opposition.

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