Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BN In Order to Rule will see DAP & PKR quarrel!

Whether DAP and PKR can work together and survive in Sarawak? This question has been posed to us too often. At this moment to survive, will not be too difficult, but to work together would be doubtful. The simple reason is that BN will want both parties to survive and the political strategy of divide and rule is to apply to see both survive, but, not to grow strong and to change the government. It will not be in the interest of BN if either one of them dies in Sarawak. In Sarawak, DAP’s political work has always been in the urban and also in sub-urban areas in some parts of the state. PKR also wish to claim that the Party also has good support in these areas, but, the recent concluded Parliamentary Election was otherwise. With PKR still wanting in laying claim their strength in urban areas instead in rural areas, BN will always find it easy to weaken the strength of both DAP and PKR.

It was common knowledge that the strength of DAP lies in the urban areas of the state, while PKR could performed better in the rural areas. If DAP is to go for rural areas it would suffer the same fate PKR had suffered in the urban areas. Therefore, if PKR still continues to show interest in urban areas and not concentrate their strength in the rural areas, the possibility of both parties working together will be as good as zero. BN will continue to laugh all the way and will always be ready to lend their hands either DAP or PKR to fight against each other. The battle ground will be set, not by the combined strength of DAP and PKR against the BN. Instead, the battle ground be set between DAP and PKR. When both DAP and PKR could be made to fight each other, BN represented by SUPP in the urban areas will continue to deliver their seats for the BN. This could be seen in Stampin, where both SUPP and PKR, had shown good understanding with each other to attack DAP on many issues. Has PKR been given technical know-how, resources and financial help to fight against the DAP in Stampin by BN people? The banners and sign boards put up by PKR during the last parliamentary election in Stampin spoke for itself. This saw both DAP and PKR lost the seat and a victory to SUPP. The voters will continue to see same strategy be applied in the next election.

Now, the leaders of both DAP and PKR have for themselves to decide how to fight against BN. The voice and message of the voters had been loud and clear. If DAP could not win in urban areas, the Chinese whom DAP had all these years represented, will suffer. There will be weak or no voice in Parliament and in the Legislative Assembly to fight for funds for Chinese schools. Land issues of the urban people will not also be addressed.

While concentrating their strength in urban areas, the rural areas contested by PRK also suffered. PKR performed well, but, lost many of these rural areas they contested very narrowly. With that, the rural voters who mostly were dayaks and malays who supported them also suffered. The many issues affecting the rural people in Sarawak will find no voice in Parliament.

The dayaks will continue in their futile fight against the BN for the protection of their NCR land because YBs from BN all these years will still be too happy to see the dayaks live as licensees on their own land. As licensees have not title to the land, the land rights of the dayaks are limited. Therefore, the best solution for the dayaks to change is to support PKR in the rural area because these are the places DAP could not yet penetrate. In the urban areas, DAP wish the dayaks and the marginalized malays will double their effort to rally their support behind the DAP.

Without this formula to have DAP just concentrate on the urban and semi-urban areas and PKR in the rural areas, BN will continue to rule this state in the next state election and will also continue to deliver the parliament seats to the BN.


TEO said...

If we can leave our Pride & Ego behind without selfishness, also if we'll be able to humble our self down to the ground into the core of sharing with open heart plus give & take with full of tolerance, imagine what will happen...
Love & Peace!

panda kungfu said...

Dap has to go into rural areas as well but concentrate more on urban areas;PKR is generally supported by more not-chinese.may be because of the medium.DAP more mandarin while PKR more BM.But these 2 parties both are anti BN so they have to work hand in hand but cant contest in the same zone or else the voters r in dilemma.

Anonymous said...

this is Lee Shan propaganda. DAP and PAS cannot work together. DAP is against PAS Islamic agenda. Right ?


We need to know that man by its nature, is selfish and greedy. We can only get rid of this if we can be tolerant towards each other and if we can always remember that we are all creations of God and we must respect God and His Words. There must be a lot of love towards each other and only through love can we reduce our selfishness and greed. Selfishness lead to pride and self-ego and when this creeps into the mind, the person infected by it, will not admit defeat even he knew he was wrong. He will also not give way to others who blocked his way even if was improper for him to pursue his wrong. Their patience, tolerance and love will easily be overpowered by selfishness. When they are selfish, they became greedy and will have no care for others. They will show no love at all and even if they displayed love, they were not sincere in their love for others.

In selfishness, we create heroes and heroes die fast and in the end, the enemy were victorious! What we need is strong comradeship with absolute trust, sincerity and good understanding with each other with a common goal to defeat the common enemy, irrespective of how a strategy or plan be executed by comrades.

Panda Kungfu, you are absolutely right! DAP should go to rural and had always wanted to go to rural but had not been acceptable by the rural people, the majority of which are dayaks and malays. This was because, DAP from past leaders till present, although they tried, in which I have to admit that most of them lacked knowledge of rural people, their culture and language. I have to be sincere and honest and may be put on the chopping blok for this because I may be said saying something negative about the Party and Paery leaders, but, I fear no one except God! Communication is still the stumbling block that made the Party what it still is today.

We need dayaks and malays to come into the Party, but, when mandarin is the more acceptable tool of communication in the Party matters, naturally the Party strength will only depend on mandarin speaking people. We we could only draw our strength only from the mandarin speaking people, definitely, we could not become a big group ourselves. We could not entice the Dayaks and malays into the Party due to communication problems. Myself, being a non mandarin speaking party leader found myself struggling to understand what went around us and its really frustrating, not until in certain matters, some began to speak English. In running an organisation, if we want to ensure strength, we need three qualities, that is, wisdom, knowledge and communication and without these three qualities, we could not go far in our leadership and the organization we lead will also not grow.

I had all these while intended to go rural, but, I lacked the resources and money to help expand the Party. At times, I travelled to Betong, Lacau, Sri Aman, Lundu and Serian areas to tell the people of the Opposition and I was always happy with that. I found that the people in rural areas I visited, were happy and very friendly with me as I could speak Iban and local malay very well.

As I have said, when people are selfish and greedy and could be enticed with money,women and wine, politics for the people with be secondary to them. BN will alawys be on the look out for leaders and comrades within the DAP and PKR who could fall to these human weakness and we have to be strong not to fall into their trap.

PAS and DAP could not until now see eye to eye about Islamic issue, but, we could share the same goal, that is, to topple the BN government by Constitutional means through the Ballot Box.

The ball is now on our feet!

Anonymous said...

Think out of the box. With the massive urban migrations of Dayak youths to the main towns of Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri does DAP need to go to the longhouses and kampungs to make its presense felt? These youths need somebody to tell them what they are capable and how they can determine and shape the future of the Dayak community. DAP can provide a venue for these youths to mingle and share their aspirations by organising talks and activities on a weekly basis and have them registered as voters .