Saturday, October 25, 2008

Human Beings with no Identification Papers are not better than animals kept as Pets!

Animals have no homes, no country and wandered around in the forests and that forests were the only place they knew. In forests, there were no towns, no motorcars! With their four legs animals could run and disappear in the thick forests and avoid being hunted by men. We used to hear people say that four legs run faster than two legs! Being animals, they never came to town and they never know how motorcars look like. They also never know that motorcars, also have four “legs” and could run faster than them.

But, when kept as pets, animals are always very tender and loyal to their masters. Cats and dogs when kept as pets were normally given names by their masters and many of these pets were also trained to obey instructions and when properly trained, although could not talk, but, could communicate with their masters well. They normally waggle their tails and licked the legs of their masters in pleasure in seeing their masters coming home after a hard day’s work. This gave the masters some good feelings of the home and when they died, some masters cried, mourned their death and gave them good burial place and as pets, their masters love them well but, the only thing they lacked which a human being possessed was that, they have no identification papers.

Yes, human beings are also animals but the only difference with other creatures is that God gave them the gift of speech and with this gift, human beings could communicate with each other well. As human beings are not wild creatures they were well loved by their own species. They were, like pets, were given names by their parents and to protect their dignity the authority issued to them identification papers so that they could be easily identified from each other. When they died, being dignified creatures they were given proper burial.

However, many of these human beings are not better than animals in the jungle or pets kept at homes. When they were born without identification papers in law they were considered aliens with no country and should have no home in this land and were not considered civilized creatures by those who lived in towns. Alas! God made them and they came to this world, and they are our very own people,but, they were hunted by the authorities if they come to town and if caught, they will be caged in prison cells like wild dogs and cats to be tamed. How long we don't and probably they may die in the cells and then buried. Since no one may know their origin, names and religion, they do not, if they are christians enjoy the right in accordance with christian rites to have a cross planted at their resting place with "RIP" written on it.

We should take care of them, but, what had this government done to take care of them?

They lived very far from civilization and may never come to town in their life and even if they ever came to town, it may take days for them to go down from up river to town. They could not get their births registered because due to poverty and inaccessibility to town, their parents could not travel from the ulu areas to the towns to get their births registered and identification papers issued to them. When they die, their deaths were also not recorded.

They were pitiful creatures and although human beings, they were animals that never ever saw how a town or a real motorcar looks like. They could have heard and talk about motorcars, but, it's a pity they never ever knew how this wonderful machine also with four “legs” looks like that could help people travel faster.

The regime is cruel to them and there were much talk, talk, talk and talk but no action to make them lived with dignity. To live with dignity, they must be issued with identification papers otherwise, they were not better than pets kept at homes!

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go to the ulu and get their papers done