Friday, April 3, 2009

Enter Prime Minister Najib with Garbage!

Dr. Mahathir handpicked Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take over as Prime Minister in October, 2003. He was a Mr. Clean and had dreams to tackle corruption as his top agenda. Hopes on Badawi in leading Malaysia to a clean and incorruptible government was very high, but, it was corruption within his Administration that also led to his down fall. Badawi had tried hard to clean his government, but, he was fighting an uphill battle. He wanted to reform the Judiciary, strengthen the police and to bring all people together. Instead, under his administration there were too many high profile trials before the court, scandals implicating Najib, corruption and money politics. These led to his downfall. He simply could not control those around him and many openly wanted him out.

To add to his woes, Dr. Mahathir many times condemned him and wanted his successor to step down. Dr. Mahathir then “anointed” Najib to take over and made his moves. Now, Najib is our 6th Prime Minister.

The new Prime Minister carries with him a lot of garbage. He has in the years been accused of complications with the Mongolian beauty, Altuntuya and also the purchase of submarines. Will he become a respected Prime Minster? He entered his office as 6th Prime Minister with some garbage. Can he leave the garbage behind him?

Najib always respected him mentor, Dr. Mahathir and never at once he had any disagreement with Dr. Mahathir over government policies. Najib was always close with Dr. Mahathir and Dr. Mahathir knew Najib since he was young and the relationship between them grew and bonded well. Now, with Dr. Mahathir throwing his weight around can Najib get off the shackles from Dr. Mahathir. Can Najib stands on his own feet without any interference from his Mentor?

Doubt, I guess because Dr. Mahathir will be in the Prime Minister in shadow directing Najib what to do. Another baggage!

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