Tuesday, April 7, 2009


All Opposition Parties in the Sarawak has to work a bit harder if the Opposition harbours the dream of capturing the state government in the coming state election in 2011. I felt the might of the Barisan Nasional was everywhere in this Batang Ai By-Election. They not only got the manpower, but, their firepower was powered by MONEY. The money the BN had, fell faster from the sky than the leaves that fell from the trees! With money the Barisan Nasional leaders could fool the people. An Assistant Minister told me that BN only got the money but lacked the issues. So they had no choice but pumped in money! We in the Opposition only have ideology and principles to fight on. We need to work harder.

I was involved in the campaign and was also was together with Nicholas Bawin for some brief moment. Nicholas was very tired but he was a true iban fighter and worked well with Jawah Gerang. In this by-election, what I could observe was that we got the issues, but, had failed to properly exploit the issues. Land issue was always important, but, this issue could not been exploited to the maximum for lack of data and coordination among the campaigners of the Opposition. The Opposition needs to form an Election Committee and with the Election Committee only then heads could be put together to tackle the issues more forcefully.

I was impressed with the speeches of Tan Sri Khalid and Jawah Gerang, but, my humble observation, the presence of Tan Sri Khalid could help, but, Jawah Gerang, hard working and gave his best seemed lacked the punch. I regret that I could not lend much punch to him because this was the first time I campaigned in dayak areas. My iban may have captivated some of the dayaks there, but, this was also not enough.

Whatever it is, maybe, Jawah was yet able to tune himself well to be a more forceful Opposition fighter because it was not always easy for him to go against his former masters. It may take a bit of time for him, but, I saw Jawah as a fighter. Just pray the best for him and may the new dayak generation rise to the occasion to help people like Jawah Gerang and Nicholas Bawin.

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