Friday, April 17, 2009

Keep Dayaks Poor and Hungry, BN sure will rule for ever!

As long as the dayaks remain poor in the rural area, the State Barisan Nasional will rule Sarawak for long time to come. Taib will create a dynasty and Jabu will follow suit with Rentap later on. With them more dayak land will be taken away arbitrarily. At this moment, it seems the dayaks in the rural area are very contented with the ways how the State Barisan Nasional government had treated them.

Being very honest and simple people, their demand was always easy to be fulfilled by the state BN leaders. Being poor the dayaks depended very much on subsidies, especially, fertilizers because it was through agriculture that they have to survive. The political bribe of few packets of cap dacing fertilizers was just enough to make those hard pressed dayaks to remain loyal to the Barisan Nasional. So until now, many dayak areas which came under the Barisan Nasional flay could not compete with many areas now held by the Opposition. The BN government just was afraid not to develop areas won by the Opposition. This is because it would make the people angry with the government.

The dacing is a branded political symbol of the Barisan Nasional which the Barisan Nasional had used since Tun Razak, but, was used in fertilizers shows that it became a cheap symbol and effective way to entice the rural dayaks to stay loyal to the Barisan Nasional. Therefore, there is no need for the Barisan Nasional to bring the dayaks the progress that they should deserve. The dacing symbol has already been embedded in the dayaks’ mind. At the look of the dacing, the dayaks may just love it and vote for it no matter what people says and what happened.

The poor dayaks in the rural at this moment are at the mercy of the government and it is now left to the more educated dayaks to tell them about their democratic rights and the need to have a fairer deal from both the state and federal governments who had until now had failed to do things more positively for them. If no elections, the dayaks were forgotten, but, when elections come, ministers will fly with helicopters to see them. The Opposition had no helicopters, but, had to do with foot, bicycles and cars to fight the BN’s might.

See what had happened in the just concluded Btg. Ai by-election. With the announcement of the pumping of about RM70 million into the constituency, the dayaks were “bought over” by the state BN government. Dayak may need be informed that it was the upbeat in popularity of Opposition at urban areas plus the hard work of Jawah Gerang and Nicholas Bawin, to name a few that caused the state BN government to announce the RM70 million for Btg. Ai. The fact that such a huge sum would not be possible had the Opposition was weak.

It will take another generation of dayaks to wake up to fight against the might of the BN government who until now had not done much for them.

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