Saturday, September 19, 2009

“PKR never listened to us”

I laughed when I received a message through my phone this morning that I was quoted by an English daily to have said, “PKR never listened to us” and a complaint has been lodged by PKR to our State DAP Chairman. I did not read that part published by the daily and there is nothing to respond either. When election is nearly anything funny can happen and people out there are always eager to get or to create news. These five words which appeared in the said daily could spin-off into many interpretations in the light of coming negotiations for seats to be contested among opposition parties in the state.

The opposition parties believe that the “jual-beli” process has to go on. That is, whether it be “Buy One, Free One” or “Nett Price”, “No Discount” or “For Members Only” can buy, the process has to go on. But one thing I can assure the people of Batu Lintang that Batu Lintang is not to be treated like a commodity for sale. The past is gone! Batu Lintang is not for barter nor can Batu Lintang be for sale. You can give better offer to DAP, but, this time around, it shall not be for sale. Therefore, the sales tactic of “Buy One, Free One” will also not apply to Batu Lintang.

Therefore, any suggestion that DAP swap Batu Lintang, say with Padungan with PKR or any other constituency with another opposition party, this idea will not work and neither will it work in “Buy One, Free One” business gimmick, say by DAP “selling” Batu Lintang and in return gets Batu Kawa and Padungan.

DAP is eager to contest in Padungan in the coming poll, but, it would not be easy to persuade PKR to let DAP do so as the seat is being held by PKR through Dominique Ng. DAP also is eying Batu Kawa, a seat previously constested by PKR, on reason that there is growing support for DAP in the constituency as of late. At the same time there are groups of people wanting to see DAP instead of PKR to contest in Batu Kawa. This will also give a headache to all in the negotiation teams among the opposition parties.

I hope whatever it is in the run-up to negotiations of seats for the coming state election, my Batu Lintang Branch and I shall stand firm that Batu Lintang shall not be a seat to be given away to any other political parties in swap with any seat or seats to be contested by any opposition party in the state.
Take my word, Batu Lintang shall not be put up for sale and if this is done, I shall make a lot of noise.

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Anonymous said...

Let us unite for a better Sarawak

DAP-PAS-PKR must united to form a new Sarawak State Govt