Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Respect Malaysia Day!

September 16 each year should be celebrated with flag waving, bands and music in the streets. Alas! Malaysia, the Barisan Nasional government ignored your birthday! People in Sabah and Sarawak love you, Malaysia, and had all these years wanted to celebrate your birthday, but, Barisan Nasional government had not allowed this to happen. We don’t know why they don’t want to celebrate your birthday. They refused to give us an answer. Now, you are 46 years old, but, we can’t yet express our feelings and love for you with a celebration.

We in Sabah and Sarawak know that you are very sad, with no cake and candles to make a wish. Malaysia, we hope you can understand that under the Barisan Nasional government, to light up candles can put us in trouble. We can be taken away from our homes and be thrown into the "caves" created by the Barisan Nasional government. Never mind Malaysia, don’t be too sad. A day will come when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government, we will surely give you a big birthday cake. We will decorate your birthday cake with flowers that could only be found in Borneo. Malaysia, we love you!

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