Friday, September 18, 2009

The story of Monkeys, Prostitutes, Bastards and Hypocrites!

People just can’t say nice words about politicians especially when elections are near. Many are worried that politicians, especially, among the opposition may not be able to work with each other as many try to point fingers at each other for slightest wrong or for differences of opinion or strategies in fighting the Barisan Nasional. Due to these, many people had become more worried that opposition politicians may not be able to form a coalition to fight the state Barisan Nasional. In recent weeks, I met and received many phone calls saying that some leaders in the opposition camp are made up of very arrogant people while some say that some are very unreasonable in the way they see things. These unpleasing words not only came from Barisan people and supporters, but, even party members in casual conversations also said that there are “Hitlers”,monkeys”, prostitutes”, "big cannons" and "empty drums" in the opposition camp and with the current trend of thoughts, there could no more anything nice be said about politicians. It also seems that politicians also do no more trust each other and many are afraid of their own shadows trailing them.

Many politicians who supposed were leaders in our society, collapsed or could not absorb what was said against them or could not hold on their words about others. This is where a display of leadership comes. I had told our comrades and leaders to be more focused against our opponents and in order to avoid tensions among ourselves, have advised them to keep deaf ears, but, tensions were felt for right or wrong thing, where comrades began to blame or accuse each other. It shocked me when in a meeting, a leader also accused his comrades as "communists" and that there are people who wanted to topple him. I think in Barisan Nasional, there could also be leaders like that who just collapsed under pressure.
The tension was unavoidable and in a recent message in my handphone received by me from an opposition leader was very apparent of this in which the short message said:

“We shd be more concerned that even in Swk among our aduns we have one asked people not to listen to state chair and secr. We have worst bastards and hypocrites among us than from pkr.”

The message made apparently was due to mounting pressure that the leader faced in recent weeks due to his own work and commitment to his party, but, probably without knowing what actually had happened and if such comments or words have been said, why these were said. I just can’t blame his peculiar style. Like anybody, human beings have weak and strong points, but, we need only look at strong points of the person when a crisis comes because to look at his weak point, will prejudice our mind about his leadership.

The leader just jumped into a conclusion that there are “bastards and hypocrites” among us. We must realize what malay people always said, that is, "when we point our finger at others, we also have our fingers pointing back at us."

In war, if a commander succumbed to pressure, the whole battalion of army will be wiped out. I also nearly lost my cool when I received that message, but, I later on realized that I was a trained person in leadership and warfare and should avoid all these. At times, we need to be deaf and dumb, but have to keep on finding ways to solve problems faced.

Leaders who were cool and could absorb pressures and those who could solve problems at critical times and avoid criticizing people around him are difficult to find. However, in what ever undertakings, we still need a leader and in whatever situation it is, we should need him to lead and give him the support if he is the best option we have.

The most important thing in leadership is not to habour unnecessary suspicions and prejudice towards colleagues and subordinates and must be able to accommodate their style and thoughts, must be patient, stay focused and be able to listen to people first before making a decision or jumping to a conclusion, otherwise, we can be branded as “Hitlers!”, “monkeys!”, “prostitutes!” and so forth. A leader must know that to criticize people around will only cause losing support from people who have supported him. A good leader is a problem solver and is the one who welcomes constructive criticisms. These were the basic things I learned in my leadership and warfare courses while in the Police Force.

The only thing we need to do now is just to keep a deaf ear and just think and march forward each day and see what’s happening in the opponent's camp.
Let us all cheer up and be focused to fight the Barisan Nasional!

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