Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ego of Opposition Politicians in Sarawak.

Can PKR, DAP, SNAP and PAS form a formidable pact to defeat the state Barisan Nasional in the coming state election? With election fever around the corner, there will be more talk than work among many politicians who are aspiring to be candidates. In the end of the day, many also will not find themselves prepared to face the giant they are fighting. We in the Opposition must know that we are only a small army, yet, with very limited resources to face the war against the state Barisan Nasional led by Taib. He is almighty and has the money and influence to throw around, but, what do the Opposition has compared to him? He alone is enough to keep us busy. So, we must devise a plan to cripple his plan.
Most often than not in all these recent years, opposition leaders tend to talk a lot and tried to outwit each other in publicity. Publicity is of course necessary, but, many forgot that publicity at the right time and occasion is more important. These politicians tend to place utmost importance on publicity for themselves only rather than publicity for the Opposition as a whole. There has been very little co-ordination among the leaders as many still harboured fear that their comrades from the rank may just overshadow them. Sometimes, we could observe and hear that there are already cracks among leaders in the Opposition. If this goes on, the dream of capturing the state government will not be a reality in the coming election.
We should talk less, but, must organize ourselves, plan, and work more and try to penetrate the enemy territory discreetly. We have dealt with wars but do not know how to apply war tactics in political situation.
Since we do not have the army, we must plan, lay ground work, and move in to enemy territory like commandoes. Ours should be a hit and run tactic at targeted places according to schedules in the assault plan. Meaning that, we in the Opposition, should be more organized in accordance with laid out schedules to hold talks, ceramahs and dinners at targeted constituencies. This will when election comes, caught the state Barisan Nasional flat footed.
For the Barisan Nasional, they have nothing to worry as money still is relevant to win the votes in both the rural and urban areas. At the same time, they have all the government machineries to back them up.

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