Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Treat from BN Against DAP YBs!

We in the DAP Sarawak is only left with 4 ADUNs in the Dewan Undangan Negeri after the suspension of our Chairman, Sdr. Richard Wong Ho Leng and Secretary Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen. With both of them out, our voices were not as vociferous as in previous sittings. So, the four of us, that is YB Chiew Chiu Sing, YB Violet Yong, YB Ting Tze Fui and myself had no choice, but, have to carry the extra load in order to keep the DAP flag high in the Dewan. It was a way to silence Opposition voice. My heart sank when the Secretary, Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen, also had to go and with him out, I sensed that I would be the next BN target. I just could not run away as I knew they had been trailing me in the last two sittings. True to what I could sense, I am now in trouble! I received a message that they wanted my to withdraw what I said in the Dewan and also to tender my apology on what I said on 11 November, 2009.

Nothing much can I do, but, just to stay cool and see what comrades, friends and supporters would advise me. If they advise me to apologise and to withdraw what I said, I may do so and if they want me to fight on I may just hang on and go to court. If they cannot get me in court, then, I have to get them to court! This may take many years. No other way about this. BN YBs deemed what I said in the Dewan about Articles 153 and 161A of the federal constitution as provocative when I spoke on natives of Sarawak. Being an elected representative of the people, I do not make a choice, but, to let others chose what is best for them. After all, I am just a mouthpiece or a conduit pipe for the people in the Dewan.

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