Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keep People Poor, BN will win Elections

The coming state election in Sarawak will be a tough one for the Opposition. To determine whether BN will continue to be the government or whether the Opposition will take over the government, the battle field will be in the kampungs, coastal and rural areas. People in these areas are largely still poor. BN knew very well that if they wanted to win elections, people need to be poor and when people are poor, they thought not of anything else, but, how to feed their stomachs full.

To these, the BN has a simple answer. Give them the carrot during election time! An Assistant Minister during the Batang Ai By-Election told me exactly this! He said BN has no issues to convince people to vote for them, but, money to do this. He told me that the Opposition can campaign as hard as they could, but, at the end of the election campaign, BN will just pour money in the constituency to win the hearts of the voters. BN will come with promises of better roads and better infrastructures. With these promises, people in these areas will just be caught and have no choice, but, to vote for BN. Therefore, as long as people are poor, BN will continue to rule in this country.

The Assistant Minister also told me that after elections, people have short memories and the carrots also gone. It seems true to what this Assistant Minister has said to me. The promise of better infrastructures and roads in the Batang Ai Constitutency during the by-election also has been forgotten by the rural folks. Where is the RM70 million now as promised during the by-election?

This was also the reason why DAP in past years only consolidate its resources and power in the urban areas. It was only recently that we only try to penetrate some areas outside our “forts”. It was because of lack of manpower and other resources DAP in past elections, seldom fought in coastal and rural areas, but, to concentrate our energy in most urban areas. The 30 years of hard work only saw some progress in the fight against BN. Given the present living standard and level of education and the accessibility to the electronic media or internet touching on current issues, DAP and other Opposition parties are expected to perform better this time.

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