Sunday, February 24, 2008

火箭 P. 196 STAMPIN 候选人温利山提名现场的记录





图5: 成绩公布后我们的侯选人接受记者们的采访。


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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just a start for the blog's comment for YB Voon Lee Shan. I like to take this opportunity to forward my 100 per cent loyalty to the Party and YB Voon Lee Shan.

This is a message to those who wish to help Sarawak, but don't know where to start from,

Well you see, i met some anonymous friends who have voice their opinions. Shock to here that they wish not to interefere in this matter. They told me to leave everything as it is. Here, i like to voice out to all readers, and well be appreciated if this message is able to forward to all Sarawakian. Sarawak being really corrupted, we all know about this issue due to the infamous act from the current CM and the certain high minister. (I guess you know who am i about to mention). DAP has a lot of supporters and members. WHY? We just want a government that is able to help the people here in the issues of economy. You got it.. The words 'ECONOMY' has been the main issue of the disaster.

I believe most of those who join a certain party is for the purpose of awaiting or hoping on a better future, wether is SUPP, PKR or PAS, well i guess it's all the same. I like to ask in dare, what has SUPP or BN done in all this years. Take an example for this Dewan Undangan Negeri where the government over hundred of millions in the project. In personal opinion, it will be more favourable if this hundreds of millions are mean to be utilize in the advance of this economy, won't you think so? The wise man said,"As not perfect we are but however we are trying to ehance for perfect." i guess this is the reason why i am loyalty supporter for this party.

Well cuting short here. To those people who wish not to be committed. I feel like we are back to the early 20th century in China. Everyone stand on their own. Understand what i am trying to said? The country was like piece of dung, sorry for any offending words. So do people, do we wish out land "SARAWAK" to be a disaster land with corrupted government who only care for their pocket and not to fill us with better economy? You are not selfish, i do understand. To any readers pls think this as a serious issue for the sack of your homeland. And lastly i love sarawak, what about you sarawakian?