Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Kuching City has been flooded with banners and posters of other candidates, but, mine in Stampin was yet to be seen. Friends and supporters were worried and kept on ringing my phones as late as 11.00 p.m. The only thing I could do at this moment was to tell them to keep calm and help in the campaign by urging their friends and families to vote for me or to help in this campaign in one way or other. It is the most difficult campaign I had ever faced and everything seems not right for me.

Sdr. Chieng Jen in Bandar Kuching has already put up his posters and banners and his good looking face had already attracted much attention of motorists. Alan Sim and Datuk Yong’s posters were splashed in all corners of the constituencies. With their huge bill boards, Sdr. Chieng Jen’s posters looked very small and would seems ineffective to combat BN’s might in this Election. As for See How, the PKR candidate, money seems kept flowing to his side and his billboards and PKR flags also had attracted much attention of city folks.

This Election is a battle between David and Goliath, but, I just hope voters will vote both Sdr. Chieng Jen and me in. Sdr. Chieng Jen would set to retain Bandar Kuching, but, please not to let me out on the Rocket to Parliament.

DAP has very little fund and public donation this time seems not forthcoming for us to fight this Election. My Campaign Director, had to chip in RM10,000-00 to the Party Fund and like wise our Sdr. Chong Siew Chiang.

The lack of fund and manpower will make things more difficult to me, but, I am just hoping for the best.

The few comrades and supporters with me had worked very hard and they had not given up hope to see the first poster of mine to appear in the constituency very soon. Some had already volunteered to help after their work. What a great sacrifice and I admire them and their spirit to fight this Election!

Although we were weak in logistics, but, we just hope the voters will in this election reward us handsomely for our hard work.

In this Election, I am worried the stand of PKR in Stampin. It seems from the statement of See How, the PKR candidate in Stampin, that PRK and him were working closely with BN to let DAP lose in Stampin while in Kuching PKR supporters were told to support Sdr. Chieng Jen. I am also confused by PKR’s stand and what I had guessed was correct.

They were a bunch of confused politicians, without proper directions and not able to identity their real political foes.

Cheer up! Don’t lose up hope as in life anything could happen. BN/SUPP must go down and buried by the people!


GG Lim said...

See Chee How working closely with BN to let u lose? Oh for God's sake, why not u said u work closely with BN to let SCH lose?
IF SCH is that close to BN, he wont be sued by Pek Moh already la. In contrary, u the one who sue others left right & centre

thinking said...

Mr Voon,

Firstly, I congratulate you for being nominated to stand in as a DAP candidate in Stampin. I am a first time voter in Stampin constituency and thus, am not so familiar yet with the various stands of the the candidates. I am not affiliated to any political party but I plan to cast my vote for the candidate which I believe is most deserving and most qualified in actions and words to speak up on behalf of Malaysians.

I would be most appreciative if you could take some time to explain in detail the platform from which you are competing. In particular, I would like to know:

1. If you are successfully elected, what are the key issues that you and DAP will be pushing for? In particular, I would like to know what are the specific goals DAP has set for itself and the given deadlines in which to achieve them.

2. DAP has publicly endorsed The People's Declaration (a copy is available at http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/the-peoples-voice-the-peoples-declaration/)
I would like to know if you are willing to publicly state your personal commitment to this declaration?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing your reply soon.

Mr. Family said...
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Mr. Family said...

3-corner fight? Actually it is only2-corner fight; BN vs Opposition. We all know if PKR vs BN, sure PKR will lost. This is from pasted record where when any high-profile BN candidate vs any ‘Mr.2nd-Man’ or ‘Mr.3rd-Man’ of any opposition candidate. The question is lost by how many votes. Look at the record…, no way the PKR’s candidate can win over Yong KS. But if DAP (Mr. Voon) vs BN, there is 50% chance DAP will win (cause Mr Voon is also high-profile with good record opposition leader). I am sure you all agree with this. Now, what PKR do is like separating the vote for oppositions. This will reduce the winning chance for DAP. PKR know sure they will lost, so what more to loose?! But PKR know DAP may win. PKR want DAP to loose like them so that PKR got friend la. Kawan sama-sama… kalah sama-sama… sama-sama tak jadi... sama-sama pergi minum kopi! So to all voters, vote wisely. We all want to sit inside rocket to enjoy the flight. We don’t want to see one-man use rocket to go to space while we all inhale the smoke!

Anonymous said...

The voters in Stampin had openly showned which individual and party they wanted to serve their needs during the last parliamentary election. It was obvious the majority would have liked to see VLS of DAP against the incumbent YKS of SUPP. Despite the uphill task and having no match of BN campaign machinery, goodies and on the spot project awards, VLS of DAP has provened himself to be a dedicated and committed representative of the people and could have won by a slim margin. History being history, I hope both parties in the coalition has wisen up to their follies that handed the seat back to BN. This time around voters will be a lot more decisive and it is a forgone conclusion that SUPP members are silently protesting aginst the senior leaders for overstaying their welcome and for not being sincere in looking after the needs and welfares of Malaysians in Sarawak. Our future has been pawned by the coalition partners in BN for their own selfish benefits. I see DAP capturing all urban and semi-urban seats if contested and that PKR leadership will be wise to cooperate with DAP to rethrone Taib and BN. YB Voon, we know you are a wise leader with strong principle and you have my vote for a Malaysia for all Malaysians.