Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have received too many phone calls in the last few days about my candidacy in contesting the Stampin Parliamentary seat. Some even suggest that if the Party will not let me go down, then a decision must be made to have me or other persons working in the Stampin Parliamentary Constituency to contest by using the “Tiger Heads” in certain constituencies including Stampin. This should be avoided at all cost.

In this matter I hereby urge my supporters to stay cool concerning the recent development about the Stampin Parliamentary Seat. Last Sunday, it was again agreed by both the State and Select Committees sitting in Sibu that I had been directed to contest the said Stampin Parliamentary seat. Please do no speculate on the seat as the decision was final. Our State Chairman had in a hand phone short message to me said that there will be no more SC meetings in respect of this Election.

I had contacted a senior member of the CEC and was informed that it was decided that state matters be tackled by state and he believed that the Party Secretary General at HQ should have already sent the authority letter out to our state leaders. I suggest this could be in blank forms signed by the Secretary General. The Secretary General also said that the matter could have already been received by the leaders of the State. This was confirmed by the Party Secretary General to Sdr. Lim Guan Eng just now. Therefore, it is just a matter of time that I receive the Letter of Authority to contest the Stampin Parliamentary seat.

We shall see Sdr. Chong Siew Chiang tonight to be briefed about the latest development in the Party.

I was told the Secretary-General is too busy in Penang to be contactable.

Therefore, again to I plead to you all not to panic and to aggravate the situation to the advantage of our opponents.

I love you and God Bless you all.


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