Saturday, February 16, 2008

KOREA'S INCIDENT - Great South Gate

The recent incident in Korea where an old man burnt down a 600-year-old gate, known as Namdaemun or “Great South Gate” which was constructed in 1398 and designated as Korea’s number one treasure because the old man was angry about inadequate government compensation for redevelopment of his residential area.

If such an incident could happen in Korea, then, there is no reason that this may not happen in Malaysia. We should not forget the ugly incident some years ago in Ulu Niah that cost the lives of some people who protected their property when the BN government was helpless. We also don’t want longhouses such as the longhouse of Rh. Nyawin in Bintulu, being forcefully pulled down by the government without going to court and without providing them alternative shelter.

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