Friday, May 29, 2009

Challenge by Dr. George Chan & SUPP to Opposition to set-up Schools.

The challenge by Dr. George Chan and SUPP to Opposition to set-up schools was like challenging a cow to jump over the moon. Dr. George Chan and SUPP should know despite being in power, SUPP could only get the government to allow to build two Chinese schools, that is, Chung Hua School No.6 in Sg. Maong in Kuching and also another one in Tudan, Miri, in the past 39 years since SUPP was in the government. They should know that these schools were built because of political pressures from the DAP and the Chinese community. Dr. George Chan and SUPP should know that it is the responsibilities of the government to build schools and to challenge DAP and the Opposition to build schools shows how irresponsible they are as leaders of the Party and as leaders of the Chinese community.

In 1978 when DAP and 4238 Chinese guilds and associations throughout Malaysia was fighting for the setting-up of the Merdeka University, SUPP leaders helped UMNO to opposed the move in public. SUPP also did not support the motion in Parliament by the DAP to amend the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 which could have paved the way for the formation of Merdeka University. Why? They were too scared of UMNO!

SUPP also did not sign the Memorandum to the King for the setting-up of the Merdeka University. (ref: South East Asian Studies Vol. 34 No. 2, September 1996 "The Sarawak Chinese Voters and their Support for the Democratic Action Party (DAP)" by James Chin at page 393). DAP and these Chinese guilds and associations had to solicit money from the public to get Mr. Michael Beloff QC., and 10 other lawyers to fight the case in court. The Chinese in Sarawak should still remember and their children should also be informed of the “Merdeka University $1 per head legal fund campaign” launched by DAP Sarawak which collected nearly $280,000-00 (Berita Petang Sarawak 13 June, 1980) to engage Mr. Michael Beloff and legal experts to fight the case in court. Where was SUPP at that time? So do no simply accused DAP of not doing anything!

Although the proponents of the Meredeka University also stressed the use of English and malay in the proposed Merdeka University, the proponents lost their case in the highest court of the land because it was ruled to have conflicted with the national education policy which, by Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, promotes the use of malay language in educational institutions.

Therefore, if SUPP is genuine to help the development of the mother tongue as medium of instructions in schools, SUPP should move a motion in Parliament to get the BN government to amend the Federal Constitution, the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 and also the Education Act 1996. The laws should allow not only primary and secondary schools be built, but, also the building of universities. Without the Federal Constitution and relevant laws being amended, SUPP was challenging DAP and others to jump to the moon. This showed how irresponsible SUPP was to throw such a challenge and to politicize the issue.

Even if the Federal Constitution be amended, which is unlikely, SUPP must also see that permits issued for the setting of these schools should not come with it unnecessary restrictions, incapable of performance by the proponents. The permit should allow not only the use of the mother tongue in these institutions, but, also English and other languages and also should allow participation by foreign universities from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and China possible. If these could be done, I am very confident that many countries and foreign universities will participate to promote education in this country for the benefit not only for the country, but, also for this Asian Pacific region of the world. Parents will then, have no worry to send their children to seek further education somewhere else.

Not only that, SUPP should get the BN government to donate land to set-up schools and these land should be land in the cities and not in the forests away from the people. If PAS government in Kelantan could give land to the Chinese community to take care of their community and their schools, there is no reason why BN government could not do this.

Even if schools could be built, SUPP should also ensure that the BN governments shall give recognition to all academic certificates and graduates that graduated from these schools and universities later on.

So, Dr. George Chan and SUPP do not simply shout and challenge others when you yourself although in the government could not do much. You get the laws be amended first and put everyone on the same level of playing field before you throw challenge at others. You and your Party had failed miserably all these 39 years to help Chinese education and you could only boast 2 schools but even that with the political pressures of the DAP and the Chinese community.

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SUPP are only good at playing Golf and chasing after "chicks" and they also possess a third-class mentality!