Friday, May 29, 2009

Selamat Gawai Dayak Gayu-Guru Gerai-Nyamai!

Ditu aku ngajih semua kaban belayan enggau semua bangsa dayak ba menoa kitai tu “Selamat Gawai Dayak, gayu-guru, gerai-nyamai!” Endang patut kitai sama ngerami ke ari besai tu enggau ati ti gaga lalu sama sama rindu ke semua bangsa. Aku pun arap semua orang bangsa dayak maju semoa dalam pengidup sida.

The dayaks are the people of this land but the Dayak Day was never been recognized by the rulers in this country until 1962! It was only in 25 September, 1964 that the Dayak Day was gazetted as a public holiday and was first celebrated on 1 June, 1965. Since then, this day had become a symbol of unity, aspiration and hope of the dayak community, but, it is difficult to see a united dayak race fighting along each other against the exploitations of this government against them. The symbol of unity, aspiration and hope, will just remain a dream only.

The dayaks were at one time very united under SNAP, then PBDS and now they are “parked” in obscure corner of the ruling parties and given minor roles to play in the government.

Although dayaks is a major race in the country, they were not collectively recognized as dayaks in the Federal Constitution. They were only known as “natives” and for the purpose of the definition of “natives” in the Federal Constitution, the words “iban” and “bidayuhs” were not used to define these two big ethnic groups of dayaks in Sarawak. Something must be very wrong with this government and the BN government should come up with a reasonable explanation for this.

Why the dayaks when they are to fill in forms from many agencies, they could not find “dayaks” in the many special columns provided in the forms? So, dayaks have no choice, but, consider themselves as “others”. This was not what they wanted and neither was their doings. Are they foreigners in their own land? Definitely, not!

To dayak people, do not give up and you all have to stand up be counted and fight all injustices against you. May this Gawai Dayak bring you closer to each other to realize your dream of a more united race.

Sama sama kitai agi engcelak agi bebatak. To end here, “Selamat Gawai Dayak”. Enggau tu, sekali agi aku ngajih kita “Gayu guru, gerai-nyamai, lantang ngereja semua pengawa.”

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