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DUN Questions 11-20 May 2009

Q. 1 To as YB Minister of Land Development

(i) Give details of land alienated by the state government since 1990, if any, to the past and present Honourable Members of this august House and their immediate family members and also to the companies in which they or their family members are shareholders.

(ii) If there had been such alienations, please state the reasons for the alienations?

(iii) Who are the Honourable Members or companies in which the Honourable Members and their family members have shares still awaiting, if any, the approval of their applications of land from the state government?

(Oral Answers)

Q. 2 To Ask YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak

(i) Give details of government projects undertaken by Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad in the past seven years and how effective the company was in completing the projects in accordance with schedules?

(ii) Give details of complaints of work, if any, of government projects undertaken by Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad since the past seven years and if there were such complaints what steps the state government had undertaken to rectify them to ensure efficiency of services and delivery?

(iii) Name these projects undertaken by Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad and the contract costs of each project?

(iv) There had been comments and interviews in a recent Aljazeera television programme involving the former state secretary and also our Minister of Lands Development which suggested that there seemed there could be lack of transparencies in the awards of government projects to Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad. What has the state government has to say about the Aljazeera interviews?

(v) Please give reasons why the Chief Minister was said had declined to be interviewed to enhance the image or to clear any possible doubts about the operations of Chaya Mata Sarawak Berhad?

(Oral Answers)

Q. 3 To ask the Minister of Environment and Pubic Health

(i) How many patients had died, if any, for each year from 2000 – 2008 during operations and surgeries and also how many had died during after care operations and surgeries in the Sarawak General Hospital, Sri Aman General Hospital, Sibu General Hospital and Miri General Hospital, respectively?

(ii) What were the causes of the failures of the operations or surgeries that led to these deaths and what had the authorities done to rectify the problems and to ensure safer operations and surgeries with the view of reducing these deaths?

(iii) How many patients died in these hospitals during treatment and medical care (not inclusive those who died during and after operations and surgeries) during same period 2000 – 2008?

(iv) Please give details of common sicknesses and the number of patients that had been admitted and also patients receiving out patient treatments in these said hospitals during the same period.

(Oral Answers)

Q. 4 To ask YAB Chief Minister.

(i) In the past ten years how many people were injured, shot dead or killed in the state by the following authorities in pursuit of their arrests and law enforcement and also how many were injured or died during detention by:-

(a) police officers;
(b) Customs officers:
(c) Immigration officers; and,
(d) Prison officers.

(ii) Please give details of each people injured, shot dead or killed by these officers and also please give details of people injured or died during detention by them and also the causes of their deaths during detention.
(Oral Answers)

Q. 5 To ask YB Finance Minister

(i) So much talk about our oil and gas royalties, but, what action had been taken by the state government in the past two years to have the Federal government reviewed to increase these royalties and may the details to be disclosed of the negotiations?

(ii) What will be the strategies of the state government in pursuing the increment of these royalties for the state and how soon the state government going to pursue these strategies?

(iii) How much royalties and other payments, if any, still remained in respect of our oil and gas by the Federal Government and what strategies or planning the state government will pursue to make sure that the federal government pay us in time all these royalties and payments?

(iv) How much oil and gas reserve Sarawak still has at this moment and given the current production how long can our oil and gas last?

(Oral Answers)

Q. 6 To ask the YAB Chief Minister

(i) What steps the government had undertaken and will undertake to ensure a more balance racial representation in the state civil service and also a more balanced racial representation as heads of government departments and also as holders of key posts in the civil service?

(ii) At the present trend most heads of departments and holders of key posts in the civil service were muslims and the number of West Malaysians becoming Heads of Departments had been increasing over the years, why?

(Written Answers)

Q. 7 To ask the Minister of Social Development and Urbanization
(i) Give details of racial breakdown of Sarawakians still living below the poverty line and what programmes, if any, both the state and federal government had undertaken to uplift them from present poverty?

(ii) How effective had the government been in the past ten years in fighting against poverty among the people in both the urban and rural areas?

(Written answers)

Q. 8 To ask the Minister or Social Development and Urbanization

(i) What programmes the state and federal government had to improve further the following popular sports in the state?
a. Football;
b. Badminton;
c. volleyball;
d. basketball; and,
e. athletics

(ii) How successful was the state in the past five years in these sports?

(Written answers)

Q. 9 To ask Minister of Planning and Resource Management

(i) How many leaseholders who applied but are still waiting for the approval of the extension of their land leases and to those who are still waiting how soon the government will clear their applications?

(ii) For those who have applied for the extension of their leases, how many have been rejected, if any? Please give reasons for their rejections?

(iii) For those whose lands have been placed under section 47 notices under the Sarawak Land Code what had the government done so far to ensure speedy decisions to be made on these lands and if no decisions have been made, why the state government still failed, neglected and or refused to uplift these notices?

(iv) How many and where were the lands affected under these section 47 notices of the Sarawak Land Code?

(Written Answers)

Q.10 To ask Minister of Deputy Chief Minister II

(i) During recent floods early this year 2009 how many flood victims in Kuching District had received financial help for the government and how many still, if any, had not received theirs?

(ii) Please give reasons for the delay of the hand-outs of these relief funds.

(iii) What is the amount of stand-by funds for natural relief disaster operations in the State at this moment?

(Written answers)

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