Monday, May 4, 2009


Contrary to democratic norm, instead being elected, all prime ministers in Malaysia were all appointed from UMNO because there was never an election for Prime Minister and our present Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak is also no exception. Being the President of UMNO Baru, the son of Pahang automatically became the Prime Minister. The Malaysia political reality is that only those from UMNO can become Prime Minister! This surely is contrary to One Malaysia Concept! Therefore, by not being elected, but, appointed, it is not known whether our present prime minister could command the respect of most Malaysians. Being not elected but being appointed to the office of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister tried to make himself acceptable and popular among Malaysians and abroad by promoting his People Come First One Malaysia Concept.

His predecessor Pak Lah, when launching Islam Hadhari at least outlined to Malaysians what that concept was all about. Islam Hadhari was an original concept of Pak Lah of government and administration based on Islamic principles and teachings, but, this Prime Minister only shouted slogan to attract the attention of Malaysians and foreign people, with no original idea at all! The Prime Minister’s idea of a One Malaysia was also sketchy in which he need to explain in clear, simple terms the true concept and meaning behind it. Although not explained, at a glace of the said slogan, unless explained, it could be understood that the Prime Minster’s People Come First One Malaysia Concept was nothing, but, a copy cat of the concept of Malaysian First, People Comes First, by the Democratic Action Party launched in Kuala Lumpur in August 2008 during the Democratic Action Party 15th Triennial Party Congress based on the political vision for a Clean, Accountable and Transparent Government.
Malaysians, especially, Sarawakians, should be wary the direction this Prime Minister would bring us to. It was no more than a move to retain the confidence of East Malaysians in the Barisan Nasional government, but, also an opera mask to win back support of Malaysians caused by the heavy losses of the Barisan Nasional during the recent 12th General Election.

How can there be One Malaysia when UMNO Baru still holds on to race politics where policies implemented were with extreme racial overtones and marginalization of other Malaysian races and also the marginalization of many malays and native people of Sabah and Sarawak? If the Prime Minister is serious to sell his People Come First, One Malaysia Concept, then UMNO Baru should be dissolved or its Constitution changed so that United Malay National Organization should become United Malaysian National Organization where all races can join so that when policies to be implemented by the Barisan Government pushed through by UMNO Baru will have without race as a considered factor and will have a better sense of equality, fairness and justice for all.

To Sarawakians, there is no reason why we should not be wary because all these while UMNO which led Malaysia of which our beloved state is part of it, had been marginalized in terms of financial provisions, developments, ministerial posts in federal cabinet, positions in government linked companies, senior posts in federal government departments and we must understand that UMNO led government had been “siphoning” too much of our state’s oil wealth and revenues collected by federal departments in the state where these money were used to help develop West Malaysia to what it is today and leaving East Malaysia still very much undeveloped.

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Anonymous said...

We in Sarawak have already been a 1 malaysia even before Malaya. Nothing new to us here in Sarawak. We all races ie. chinese, Iban, Bidayuh, Malay, indian or etc. can sitand eat in the same table not as in the west Malaysia. Sarawak is trully 1 Malaysia. Hidup Sarawak! Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.