Friday, December 11, 2009

DAP - Let us focus on Teamwork

I was told our State DAP Chairman, Sdr. Wong Ho Leng, has in the press said that he would not mind if Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen can be the Chairman. It seems that the Chairman has loose steam, which, he should not. To me, whoever is the Chairman, Secretary and so forth, makes no difference.

When I was still playing football, I was a player, captain and coach and even though I held three tasks at the same time in the field, I could not play the game if not for team work. Maradona could not play the game alone! Likewise in politics, the Chairman and Secretary could nto led the party alone, unless, supported by the grassroots. Therefore, a party or an organization is like a football team, and every player has to play their part to make things work. At times, the more experienced player may just lapse and this is where we may need another player to tell him. In a football game, we could not afford to lapse, else our opponent will score a goal against us. We need to stay focused on the game.

In politics, which is like a football game, we have to be very focused against our opponents and we could not afford to lapse and everyone has to play their part to their level best. Of course, not everybody is perfect and for better performance, practice is needed and we also need a good coach, but, a good coach could not work, unless the players give their fullest co-operation for strategies to work. This happened to me as coach many times, because players especially when playing against weaker teams, may try their own strategies to just want to play a flowery game against the opponents instead of concentrating on the game to win. It may be entertaining to the spectators but, in the end it is the results that count.

In whatever situation, DAP is still a team to watch in the coming election and I hope I may be able to play my part well.

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