Sunday, December 20, 2009

Should I leave the People of Batu Lintang?

I was elected by the people of Batu Lintang and I had served them wholeheartedly. After the seat fell to DAP, Batu Lintang saw many roads had been resealed or upgraded. Street lighting and drainage system had been improved and we could also observe that the grass along the roads were well trimmed. In all, everything in Batu Lintang has improved. DAP has already stamped a good name in Batu Lintang and with my good work in Batu Lintang and also in the Dewan Undangan Negeri, I had expected comrades would return me to the DAP State Committee. To my surprise, I could not even get in the final 15! Why was I being dumped by the comrades? What went wrong?

Later on, I was told words spread around that I wanted the Chairman post from Wong Ho Leng. I never harboured that intention. Who am I to replace Wong Ho Leng. To my opinion, persons who are capable to replace Wong Ho Leng are Sdr. Chong Siew Chiang and his son, Sdr. Chong Chieng Jen. Therefore, to say that I wanted the Chairman post was a very vicious whispering campaign against me. I was unaware of the matter. It was very sad and by the time I knew it, it was too late for me to do anything. Even if I could know about this venom early, I could not also do anything because I do no belong to any team and neither, I wish to be in any team. I prefer to be a loner. To have teams in a Party creates infighting and factional politics could not then be avoided.

To my surprise, the votes of our Chairman, Wong Ho Leng was not better from what his secretary got. My Batu Lintang Chairperson, Sdri. Winnie Kuan, did extremely well to get the highest votes, beating all YBs including Sdr. Chiew Chiu Sing, who normally was top in almost every DAP state elections. Chong Chieng Jen, being an MP and also an ADUN was expected to do well, but, he could not find himself among the top ten. Instead, many little known comrades got good votes. Why? DAP Sarawak should conduct a post-mortem why heavy weights in the Party could not do well in the election. Myself was dumped and was let drown!

After the convention was over, I received many phone calls from the delegates who expressed their shock for my exclusion in the state committee. Many of them disclosed that they were not happy with what was going on in the Party. They said there were many protest votes because of how things were run in the party. Many said they did not back the heavy weights. They also said that there is also no reason why I should not been co-opted into the state committee.

Whatever set back I have in the Party, one thing is clear, I shall still serve the people of Batu Lintang to the best I can like the past. I pray that the people of Batu Lintang will give me strength to move on. Without the people of Batu Lintang, I could not have won Batu Lintang and I shall see that the interest of the people of Batu Lintang be protected at all times. The people of Batu Lintang is above the Party! DAP is nothing without the people! I did not take a break and I had been back to my Batu Lintang constituency to carry on with my work as usual.

To serve the people, my strength in the Party is not important. I believe my political strength lies with the people of Batu Lintang.


Anonymous said...

YB VLS, yes we know that you have been fighting hard for the people of BL. YES, roads have been re-tarred, drains have been properly built, street lights were constructed after u brought these issues in DUN and media. Jln Tengah, Green Road, Jln Stephen Yong, Jln Sg Maong are the proof! Those who read chinese papers especially Sin Chew will know. There are at least two complaints from u a week.

We stay firmly behind u, VLS! We will vote u in with an overwhelming majority next round!

BL Voter

Mata Kuching said...

Well said YB Voon, the people of N11 or Batu Lintang are indeed your true strength and inspirations to continue to shoulder the people's numerous problems. It's not important that you are not in the state committee or you have been perceived to be a "loner" and not aligning yourself with any "top guns" in the party. History will repeat itself and the voters know how to deal with political leaders who are arrogant if some leaders in DAP had already forgotten what had happened to Stephen Yong and Dr Wong Soon Kai, two top leaders, of SUPP.

YB Voon, your records speak for itself and we pray you will be blessed with good health and determinations to continue the already good jobs you had done for the voters of Batu Lintang and you will not be walking alone as the voters of N11 will walk and work with you.

Anonymous said...

YB loner
Dun wori you have taken it on the chin. Others would not know whats its like to hit the canvas. Not easy to fight you on what you have done. maybe we will cross swords hehehe

Nelson Lo said...

Voon, keep up your good record! Don't let the exclusion from state DAP hinder your work!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Voon,

It is a sad, sad story and that is politics people would say. Hardly before one term is over after you have won for DAP, Batu Lintang constituency, you are dumped by your own comrades-in-arms. How disloyal your comrades-in-arms could be, all because of rumours that you wanted to challenge the Chairman. How could you fight against the big guns? I believe you are telling the truth and some of your comrades engineered the whole operations to remove you from your treasurer post and your candidacy from Batu Lintang come next election.

YB, you should go back to your Chairman, the Secretary and the Advisor and tell them to reconsider your case. How could they, your DAP comrades, dumped a YB who had won for DAP Sarawak against a strong SUPP stawart, the formiable Mr. Chan Seng Khai? If not for anything, they owe it to you for toppling Mr. Chan Seng Khai and bringing glory to DAP. In his assessment before the last election, YB Wong Leng Ho did not predict you would defeat Mr. Chan seng Khai. But you did against a strong opponent.

A sad, sad story and unthinkable.

A non-DAP member but a Batu Lintang Resident/Voter.

sahari said...

Carry on with your good work. Be your own man. Though not a voter in your area I vote for DAP in Jepak. Not becoz of the candidate but becos of the party.


I thank you for all your comments. I am only interested in fighting abuses and injustices caused by the BN government, but, I support whatever policies the government did correct and good for the people. We just could not oppose for the sake of opposing and it was because of my stand that there were many things flying here and there against me. I regret many comrades in the party could not understand well the Party's mission, but, instead turned their guns at me and even spread rummors that I wanted to join BN. Now, they even said I wanted the Chairman post. Who am I? What ability and quality I have to take over Chairmanship? Is Ho Leng not good enough? If there are persons capable to take over from Ho Leng, then, it could be none other, but Siew Chiang and his son, Chieng Jen. This lies that I wanted to jump to BN has spread since after the 2006 state election. Maybe they see me as a threat to some people in the Party. Said to say, many comrades had kept themselves away from me since 2006 and I was a loner all these while, not because I wanted it that way, but, because these people could not understand me or they have their own agenda by doing it that way. I have only one gun and my gun could only point and fire at BN government whenever they committed a wrong against the people.

Anonymous said...

Again stay focus. Don't be like Hee Jit Foong or Lim Fui Ming

Catherine Sim said...

YB VLS 痛心和遗憾您为民的勤劳表现切没获得党的肯定。痛心的是某虚伪的领袖为了个人地位,为了争权夺位竟不惜同志情排除异己。向来独来独往初事公正不二有正义之狮称呼的YB,如今会被排除出局仍是意料中的事。精通英语巫语和伊班语的你,在党走进乡区的时刻,间接就会给党的领导地位带来很大的威胁。这是无可否认的事实。再下一位要被排挤的又会是谁呢?YB陈仔橞,黄培根,卢增国,房保德?。。。这些表现突出超越某领袖,对其地位构成威胁者都难逃一窃。这种可悲手段,专业人士见而止步,那又怎能去壮大党的组织和提升党的素质呢?


Anonymous said...

YB VOON,古晋的火箭议员中,我最欣赏您的工作效率,因为每当我们面对问题要投诉时,拨打给你们的电话,只有得到你的即时回应。其他的切不了了之,特别是贵党的女议员。连续拨了数通的电话都不曾回应,这种服务态度真是不敢恭维。