Monday, December 28, 2009

Public Reaction of my Exclusion from the Sarawak DAP State Committee

I seldom failed to visit my Batu Lintang constituency during weekends since elected in 2006. Last Saturday and Sunday, when I was visiting my Batu Lintang constituency inspecting the roads and drains in the Sg. Maong and Poh Kwang Park areas, I was swarmed by people there who showed their concern about my exclusion from the Sarawak DAP State Committee. Without first listening to me, many when they shook hands with me cursed the Party and some party leaders. I felt sad at their outburst without knowing what actually went on in the Party. One group was very aggressive and call names, cursing people in the Party. I am thankful to their reaction and support for me, but, of course, nothing could I tell them and I just had to calm them down. I had to sit down with them in the coffeeshop for about a hour listening to them and trying to cool them down. I told them that Party members and leaders do at times, including myself made mistakes in the past, but, we have to correct our mistakes and leave all bad things behind and move forward to face challenges ahead.

People must understand that in Kuching, the Party will be nothing without the Chong Siew Chiang, Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong and due to my commitments I was in the past just playing a supporting role. In Sibu and northern region, the Party badly needs Wong Ho Leng and company to expand the DAP territories. I was also nothing in the Party without them supporting me all these eleven years in the Party and I appreciate that. The Party’s survival depended on them very much and my exclusion is not at all important because the Party must come first, not leaders in the Party.

I had to tell them to give full support to the Party and Party leaders and should not go out to derail them. I told them, if there are people who wanted to derail me or any party leaders, forgive them. After all, they know not what they are doing. The most important thing is to see that the Party could be part of the next government.


Anonymous said...

YB shining stars are always being shot at and can never be erased from the scene. Check out my article in audie61.

Anonymous said...

Lee Shan,
As a person who has "fallen from grace" (not criminally, of course), my advice to you is

1) Stay focus, Fix your eye on the prize
2) Trust in God
3) Be magnanimous & look at the picture

It's not the end of the world. Hope you won't be like Lim Fui Ming or worst Hee Jit Foong