Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ground Assessment & Visit to Serian DAP District

I and a few comrades from Kuching before Christmas went to Serian to make ground assessment of public support for the Party. The people were poor and needed much help. It was a bleak Christmas for them.

It was also our finding that the people in Serian District were not happy with the BN incumbents in the District. Few months ago I received complaints from villagers in the district that they were not given agricultural subsidies because of their support for the DAP, which, led to my intervention. I was told that a state minister was not happy with them in supporting the DAP. The relevant authorities responded immediately and subsidies were then given to them after some protests made.

Despite having ruled the country since independence, the Alliance (now BN) government has failed to uplift the standard of living of the rural people. The poor had remained poor and in each election, the BN government will just come with subsidies to please the rural people to retain their allegiance to the government The people were at the mercy of the government and if the people remains poor, the BN government will forever able to rule this country.

The support for the DAP was overwhelming and the people asked for change. Sdr. Tay Wee Wee has done a good job in the district and he has good influence among the natives in the district. With just a few phone calls, people came to swarm at us and were pleased at our presence.


Mata Kuching said...

YB VLS, It's heartening to see you doing your level best for the rural poor and those deprived by Taib's politics of developing himself and his cronies. DAP will undoubtedly be welcomed by the rural voters who have access to information and whose children could be working in the cities. I hope all DAP leaders will groom more future leaders to speak out for the deprived, oppressed and attend to the needs of the rural poor and neglected.DAP Kuching should mobilise its operatives in Bau, Sematan,Serian, Sri Aman, Matang and Batu Kawa.

Organise more visits and activities in all these areas. Sibu and Miri regions will do the same for the districts in their respective division. DAP can do very well to attract the right candidates who are committed to serve the rural poor without fear or intimidations from BN friendly agencies.


All these past years,DAP found it hard to penetrate rural areas because of inaccessibility by roads and trips to the rural areas were also very costly. The BN politicians knew the game and so to keep people poor and inaccessible would be to their advantage during elections. There is no reason why progress has been slow although BN government had ruled this country for long. This discriminatory tactic will perpetuate poverty in rural areas.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Mr. Voon!, I shall begin my comment by being very honest with you. I have for many years grew up in a household which has supported BN whole heartedly, however as i grew into the young man that I am now, I have seen with my eyes how my parents have been heart broken by the "snakes" whom they have trusted to defend their native rights.I do not mean to be disrespectful but I do however am pleased to see that you are caring for those who are really in need of their lands to live on, namely the poor farmers (regardless of race of what ever sub categories they are divided to); however by growing up and seeing the things and experiencing the things I have experienced,it has made me very jaded and cautious if not paranoid of the next politician whether BN or Opposition comes striding galantly and claim that they are here to defend me or my people,please excuse my skepticism. I believe I am not the only one with this sentiment, I wish for you to know that after reading your blog i have grown quite fond of your work and writings. And as a dayak,I feel responsible to tell you that the word often used to refer to me or my people, namely "La Kia" is very offensive. I know that it is unfair to say or accuse that many chinese in your community uses this word,but I would wish that you highlighted this matter because such prejudice of dayaks must be stopped. I do not blame some ppl using that word because they have learned it from their parents and their parents have learned it from theirs..and the list will go on. What i believe is that if we educate our young to respect our multiculutral diversity,unity is not far from reach and the first step is to stop the inplanting of prejudice with words as such i mentioned above. I hope that since from what i've read about you,you would take this matter into discussion with your comrades and hope to tell adn educate anyone who uses this term.Please to not take offence with what I've said as I am speaking on behalf of many dayaks who have not been treated with equal respect. keep up the good work. To You and Your party,I wish you good fortune and health for the year 2010.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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