Saturday, December 5, 2009

What’s brewing up in Sarawak DAP?

A blog said I am a loner and is fighting my toughest battle to survive. What ever it is, I believe in what I am doing and do the right thing. To me, in the DAP there is no Team A or Team B. Every comrades at whatever level they are, they are the same to me. As long as they do the right thing for the Party, they should be supported. Likewise, I believe that as long as I do the right thing, I believe comrades will support me, but, if I do the wrong thing, they have every right to condemn me. That is my principle and I struggled on the strength of this belief. It was a belief that I had been preaching all these while. The rule of marginalistion and the fear of my own shadow were never always on my mind. Every "big" and "small" people in the Party have a role to play and I am not scared of people following my shadow or people overtaking me in popularity or wanting me replaced. In a war against enemies, we even need "prostitutes" to get our enemies.
I only talked about politics and party matters with few people, but, I listen to as many people as possible before I make a comment.
Maybe this was the reason I was seen as a loner, but, that was the view of the blogger.

To me, politics is just a social work and I had spent much time in it and I know at anytime, I could be replaced and if replaced, I shall have no sore, although, when one day I retire, I may reflect back the many good and stupid things I did in life and in politics. Every person has his own strength and his own weakness and I am no exception. I had been in DAP for quite sometime and had followed the Party since school days, but, I regret that I still could not play a very major role in the Party as expected by many. Given my vast experience in leadership and in the civil service, I was supposed to play a major role in DAP, but, time and money was not with me. Those who have the time and money should fill in the vacuum. It is like football, when a player is weak in a certain position, some one has to work harder and cover him in the team.
So, I just chip in whatever I could and get the Party going. At least, my strategies for DAP Kuching worked in the last three elections. Had we decided not to contest Stampin Parliamentary recently because of the St. Martin issue and that I could not create any impact, DAP Sarawak, could spell danger to retain its bases. (Note: St. Martin issues includes land, the spread of christianity and tresspass to property of a helpless landowner)

I had done my part for the Party and let it be that way and I am not seeking to be remembered by the Party, but, I pray my family will remember me. Yes, I always did things, “MY Way” and I am not distracted by what people say about the coming State Convention in Sibu. Come what may this 13th December 2009 DAP Sarawak still have to survive against the Barisan Nasional. I can be out, but, I don’t’ care. The Party shall not be out!

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