Monday, November 8, 2010


Batu Lintang Constituency badly needs a government clinic or at least a regular mobile team of medical staff to provide medical services. The Constituency is with growing population and should not be left without a government clinic. The government should understand that government clinics outside the Constituency were always crowded and these clinics no more could accommodate the need of increasing population in Kuching City.

The government should understand that money spent on building the proposed 100-storey skyscraper would be a waste of public money. This huge money should be used for construction of hospitals and medical care facilities. The government should understand that if people are healthy, productivity will increase and there would be less money spent on medical care. In view of this need, it is proposed that a government clinic to be built on the empty piece of land that formerly housed the foodstalls in Tabuan Jaya. If this piece of empty land would not be suitable, I suggest that a plot of land should also be acquired somewhere at Ong Tiang Swee Road for a government clinic to be built in the Constituency.

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