Monday, November 8, 2010


The government should also look into the issue of Third Party Insurance Coverage where many motor vehicle owners could not purchase insurance coverage. Even could purchase, they were subjected to high premium payments plus payments for some other items. This should be made illegal and the insurance companies should be punished with hefty fines and jail terms to its officers. This practice tantamount to licensed robbery by insurance companies and should be stopped.


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Hi YB Voon

The story goes like this. Any motor insurance company will not accept 3rd party insurance coverage for motor vehicles of more than 10 years of age at the old premium rates

For example, for a 1300 cc saloon car of any age in the past, the minimum premium for 3rd risks was RM60 and beginning this year,the association of Insurers in Malaysia are not interested in the RM60 premium anymore but insist that you take out a different 3rd party policy which includes coverage for personal accident for the driver and the passengers, loss due to theft, & damage due to fire. All these items will cost something like RM300 above.

So in order to avoid paying RM300 plus, the other option is to buy the 3rd party coverage from Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool at RM60 provided you have your car tested by Puspakom for road
worthiness and if you are above 65, you need a doctor's medical report to certify you are fit for driving.

BTW, are you standing for re- election in Batu Lintang or any other constituency? Just curious